YouTube TV Review | Is YouTube TV Good or Bad?

Today we’re talking about YouTube TV.
This is a really interesting case because, you and I, we all use YouTube all
the time. They’re fantastic at delivering streaming content to us. So, why not
streaming TV? Well, let’s look at some of the details. Let’s dive into YouTube TV. Now, when it comes to the strengths of
YouTube TV, there are a lot, and we’ll go through a lot of those here. First on my
list is local channels. There’s a reason that YouTube TV is so good at local
channels, and I’ll get into that in just a moment, but they’re second only to
maybe Hulu as far as sheer number of local channels available. And they’re
fantastic at making sure that they’re available for as many people as possible.
Again we’ll talk more about local channels in just a moment, but another
thing I love about YouTube TV is the simplicity involved in their pricing
structure. In fact, there is no structure. There are no tiers. There’s just one plan.
There’s only one version of YouTube TV at this point; so you don’t need to
figure out which plan is right for you or something, it’s if the service looks
good to you there’s only one version of it—that’s fantastic in my book. When it
comes to video quality, again, this is YouTube. YouTube knows how to stream
video. They have the infrastructure for it; they’ve been doing it for years. And
so when it comes to YouTube TV, yes it looks fantastic, and that’s a strength, a
point in its favor. Same goes for the interface; they’ve spent years making
sure that the YouTube interface is exactly the way that is gonna be best
for delivering video to you. YouTube TV is gonna feel very familiar if you’re
used to using YouTube at all. And everybody does use YouTube. This is a
testament to that, I suppose. The other thing: search is especially good. This is
a Google engine and so the search is fantastic. Something that has been
lacking from some other streaming services. DVR is another big strength
here. Its unlimited DVR that comes with your package, end of story, sort of. There
is one thing to be aware of. There’s a nine month storage limit, so once you do
record something, it’s only going to show up in that DVR for nine months. Something to be aware of, but other than that, unlimited amount of DVR recordings is a pretty good deal now. As for the kind of average features,
something I would put neither as a strength nor a weakness, I’m gonna go
with price on this one. YouTube TV actually just raised their price from 35
to 40 bucks, but either way, $35 or $40 that’s gonna be
right in line with its competitors, and so neither strength nor weakness. You
should be aware the reason it was raised from $35 to $40 is because they’ve just
added a whole bunch more channels, including a lot of the Turner Network. So,
things like TBS, Cartoon Network, that sort of thing. You can also
get MLB network and NBA TV now. So you get a lot more options but that price did come up from $35 to $40. Now, for weaknesses, there is one that I would put right at the top, and that’s availability. YouTube TV had a very, a remarkably I would say, slow rollout last year. As of right now they’re available in 83 markets nationwide. Now that sounds like a lot, but there are actually 210 markets nationwide. But the good news is that 80% of the population of the U.S. is covered So, they’ve got their large metro areas covered. And I assume they’re gonna keep expanding to more of the population as well. But as for right now, they’re one
of the less available nationwide compared to the other services. Now the
good news is that that expansion is pretty slow because they’re
concentrating on local channels. I told you I’d come back to local channels. So,
the reason they’re expanding slow is because every time they add a new market
they want to get as many local channels they’re available as possible, as they
expand. So, if YouTube TV is available in your area, the good news is that there’s
a great chance that your local channels will be available there. It’s not
guaranteed. That’s not a blanket statement so you’ll want to make
sure that you check their channel listings before you subscribe, but that
is good news as far as I’m concerned. Now, as for the channel count the total
channel count it’s not bad like I said they did just add a bunch more, but I’d
say it’s probably not as good as services that we’re already used to like
PlayStation Vue or DIRECTV NOW, which have fantastic channel
counts. So that’s something to be aware of. And the other thing that I’ll mention
here on the weaknesses section is the devices. You can get youtube TV on your
Apple TV or your Roku, but it is missing a few of the major players. Hopefully,
they’re adding those all the time. So, make sure, again, make sure you look it up before you sign up for youtube TV that you’re gonna be able to use it on the
device you want. So, do we recommend YouTube TV?
As far as I’m concerned, if you can get it, go for it! This is definitely in the top tier of
streaming TV services. I think it’s got a lot going for it, and the weaknesses that
I mentioned… these are things that hopefully will become strengths
over time. Especially if you’re a heavy YouTube user already, this is a great
idea. You add YouTube TV on top of that. I think you’re gonna have a great
experience with it. If you love unlimited DVR, you just want to keep all your shows
recorded and watch them a few times, this is again, a great option for you. Once
more, I’ll just mention before you sign up check the device availability.
Whatever you’re watching your streaming TV on, make sure that YouTube TV is
available on that device. Anyway, I want to know what you guys think. So, on your
way down to the comments—after you like and subscribe—of course, let us know what you think. Do you like YouTube TV? Is it something
you’re thinking about signing up for, or have you already signed up for it? I want to know what your experience has been. So, go hit the comments below and we’ll see you for the next video.

100 thoughts on “YouTube TV Review | Is YouTube TV Good or Bad?

  1. Any help with TV guide? I am using on an iPhone 8 and when on the YouTube TV app I can’t see what will be on later in the day. It just displays the current live tv programming. Thanks YOUTUBERS!

  2. it costs way to much about three times as much as it should cost…and its supporting the democratic communist globalist new world order

  3. My issue the lack of a future timeline. I often want to see what is happening in an hour or possibly six hours later. Sorry, can't do it. Only gives whats playing now. I emailed them and the totally blew off my compaint. I will likely switch when something better comes along because of this. They also just advertised that their app is on AppleTV and SamsungTV. I ahve both and its not there even after firmware update. Sad.

  4. I love YouTube TV it has everything but BET. Once they get that they will be #1, it works great through your internet without any hiccups. No issues during rain, snow or sleet like regular Direct-TV. Please check it out!

  5. I really thought about getting this service until I realized YoutubeTV didn't have any African American channels. TVOne, Aspire, Bounce and the handful of BET channels were omitted.

  6. Is it possible to stream the YouTube TV video and audio content into your own DVR system instead of the YouTube cloud DVR, so you can skip all the recorded TV commercials for all programs and channels?

    The inability to skip TV commercials would make YouTube TV unwatchable. We’ve been skipping TV commercials for a decade, never watching live TV, never watching TV commercials.

  7. I was going to sign up with it to get TV for $35 a month, but now that they've changed their prices, I will be signing up with Hulu TV, AND I SUGGEST EVERYONE ELSE DO THE SAME!

  8. I like the looks of youtube tv. I will eventually add it. They carry NESN which is great for sports especially Redsox games here in New England. This looks to be a solid deal for 40 bucks a month. Beats some of the big cable companies who want over 100 bucks a month.

  9. $40.000 is great compared to what I get with direct's lowest package. How can I find out more information about YTubes TV packages, programming etc ?

  10. If Google can add Filipino channels like GMA and TFC, I would jump on this. DirecTV is the only one I know of that has these channels.

  11. I'm thinking about giving it a shot. How the fuck does Showtime think it's still worth $11/mo in this day and age.

  12. I hate that YouTubeTV doesn't have a phone line for customer service. I found a phone number for them, but you have to press this number, then that number, then another number and you can't ever get an actual human to talk to. I've reported my problem several times and it keeps coming back. After watching my shows they keep coming back on my lineup as shows to watch and I can't seem to get rid of them, I'VE ALREADY WATCHED THEM! I'm really starting to hate YouTubeTV. I've never had those troubles with cable or satellite TV. I'm really thinking about going back to them.

  13. I was just about to subscribe and looking at the list of offerings they listed NCIS 4 times and called Colbert "News", If it was $25 and they had Fox News instead of Rachal Maddow I wouldn't ave thought it was aimed only at liberal's and I would do it.

  14. 15.99 all the way to down under, maybe. 15.99 for CANADA ??? "ERIE" is a 'Lake' not my pocket. we share Niagara, Michigan, etc. But why try to wash ashore inflated costs. FREE – ? Distribute For same price. /Canada

  15. So it doesn't have Viacom channels such as MTV and Comedy Central? If I can't watch Ridiculousness marathons then it's a no for me.

  16. Missed the free 30 day trial… Caught a 5 day free trial, then couple days later I see an ad for a 15 day trail…. I think if I would have had the time to experience it more I would have purchased it for me and my family….

  17. I like it I tried the free trial version it is good and easy to use but they don’t have HBO which which I need at the moment to stream Game Of Throne which they had it

  18. The fact that they keep yttv separate from ytp is a deal breaker for me. Just another nickel& dime you to death comp. if you pay for the yttv it should be all inclusive. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  19. is afraid to tell the truth about what they really think. I don't blame them, their channel might disappear or something.

  20. I have the best internet speed available and only have problems streaming YouTube tv. Why's that ? No problems with YouTube premium.

  21. Why the heck doesn't YouTube TV carry staples like Bloomberg TV? (After all, Sling does; so does DirecTV. Not clear to me how they pick and choose the lineup. Isn't the goal… "ALL CHANNELS"?)

  22. Does the party stop when your ISP decides you've exceeded your monthly bandwidth allotment? Seems like this streaming firehose might comes with some caveats.

  23. What I want is a good, old fashioned "channel up, channel down" just like cable tv. Sling didn't have that simple feature and I couldn't deal with going back to a menu to select the next channel. I hope YouTube TV has it.

  24. The funny thing about it is most videos I watch are on YouTube and Netflix. But in all honesty I watch YouTube more than Netflix πŸ˜‚

  25. Seriously? what a bunch a stupid people, so you need to pay for "youtubecraptv" and Internet service, right?, This guy (have no idea how much money receive from YT for this "review') but he said in some places you can't get local channels, I just paid for fast internet service (got SPECTRUM), I have not TVs, just got my COMPUTER ( I watch MOVIES, NEWS, CARTOONS, MUSIC VIDEOS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!) don't need local channels (everything can watch in on the INTERNET FREE), I am not an STUPID wasting $1k for an iPhone, or plasma tv, use my cell phone for calls and text messages), but if you wanna waste your money is your choice. BTW if you wanna have a LiveStream show YOU NEED A FAST INTERNET SERVICE, think about it.

  26. Why wouldn't it be available nation wide if it's available wirelessly and on both the site and on an app interface similar to Netflix? This is confusing.

  27. What I don't get is my tv has Coax in… how do I hook that up without Spectrum's Citgo box? And how do I lay in bed 1/2 awake and scroll through channels? What do you use for a remote? This review covered only a portion of what I wanted to know.

  28. Did you read the comments specifically the ones about not being able to fast-forward through commercials, and also about not finding the episode you want because when something errors multiple times all of them are recorded and it is difficult to find the one you want. What has been your experience with these two things?

  29. Did you read the comments above specifically the ones about not being able to fast-forward through commercials, and also about not finding the episode you want because when something errors multiple times all of them are recorded and it is difficult to find the one you want. What has been your experience with these two things?

  30. what the hell is wrong with you rub tv ? I tunning in to warch the Phila. Bears game on nbc and the game is in Spanish. This is bs. And there is no one that you can talk to, What a bunch of crap !

  31. Channel availability shortcomings … No public TV channels; no Weather channel; no History, Science, Discovery or TLC.

  32. Just signed up for it I absolutely love YouTube red for over a year now so I decided to try out the TV version so far I think I like it I'm trying to get the family to check it out and see what they think only because I think it's a lil to pricey for just me to use but it we all use it I'll definitely keep my subscription

  33. I hate COX guys, I wish the company went bankrupt. They are very monopolistic and squeeze out all the money from customers.

  34. YouTube TV quality looks like shit. Even at 1080p. Very dissapointed. Im running it through my 65" Vizio P Series TV. anyone else have a gripe with video quality?

  35. Thanks for the review. Can I watch content streaming via cellular on my iPad, but connected to a big screen TV via Apple’s HDMI adapter?

  36. No Motor Trend Channel or Discovery Channel. WTF, No wonder Hulu is Better, πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

  37. No History channel. I would have already canceled my Xfinity TV service if Youtube TV had History, Discovery and Animal Planet.

  38. Before you dump cable or satellite TV be mindful of your wifi connection bundled with it. 4G can barely handle streaming TV and 5G won't be available 24/7 without some sort of usage penalty.

  39. love it. for whatever reason, live tv never worked with hulu and others. with yttv, its perfect. guess they know something about buffering. no more pixelation.

  40. I have one question: the DVR how many channels can I record at the same time, my Directv box lets me record 5 at the same time?

  41. terrible review. you failed to even mention the 2 most important details. YouTube tv is by far the best streaming service for sports fans and local channels. I am a sports fan and I cannot use an antenna to get local channels which is huge for sports fans. excepting the NFL channel YouTube tv carries every other sports channel. I cut the cord a year ago and went right to YouTube tv. love it and I believe it is more stable than the other services. oh yeah, that's another thing you didn't even mention, reliability. more than terrible, this review sucks. you didn't do your homework, you spent half the video ridiculing the name. it's not brain surgery, duh, YouTube tv is tv, even Trump supporters could figure that out. wait, maybe not…lol I'm done.

  42. We are considering YouTube TV to replace FiOS after they raise us . Considering getting Roku to stream…we HAVE Netflix, Amazon also. I wish YouTube had Animal Planet, Lifetime and maybe two others though

  43. It looks to me like they took AMC out of the package because they forgot how hot of a channel it is because of TWD . They figured with the millions of faithful TWD and FTWD followers , they could get a extra $ 5.00 dollars a month . It does look like they are leaving the Sports channels in the package without being a add-on . Mark my words , that will change , just like sling did . It's just another greedy company that hasn't gotten their " Greed " scheme in line just yet , but they will . Just like Sling did . The only downside for PC users is , you still have to pay for internet service from someone . Why in the HELL can't a company be compassionate enough towards hard working and the less fortunate people alike and come up with something like this that includes the internet service and keep everything around $ 70.00 dollars a month ?? AND LEAVE THE PRICE ALONE !!

  44. there are a lot of channels missing from youtube tv:
    hbo and cinemax
    the hallmark channels
    A&e and Lifetime channels
    the viacom channels (which includes many of the Nickelodeon channels, mtv,tvland,etc)
    additional local channels (metv, laff, thistv. etc)
    and many others

  45. you should be allowed to get above 9 months when it comes to unlimited cloud recording
    maybe like say the full 12 months of the year
    then any earlier Unwatched recordings can rollover into the New cycle
    and when i say New cycle, i mean, that Next year's worth of Recording

  46. This is Donald from my own point perspective how I feel I think YouTube TV is bad it sucks it's crap it's horrible they're killing and destroying everything they're ruining YouTube Google because you're adding so many advertisements and ads not even five minutes into the video and you got 25 million advertise and it's it's stupid 2 minutes worth of video it's terrible you don't get to see the whole video because they cut the end off and they interfere with the end of the video which I do not like one bit…I do not care for what Google is doing to YouTube they're killing you too I'm sick and tired of these streaming both pushing it on you pushing it on you I'm sick of it they would have just left YouTube the way it was it was fun you can chat with friends it was a lot easier you can share videos sure, men should do all that fun stuff now they either take it away or they hide it from you and I think it's a dirty rotten shame what Google is doing I don't care how many facilities or how many people they got working with they don't know what they're doing but pissing everything down the damn toilet they're going to destroy the world and they're going to kill everything with your damn crap I'm tired of what Google is doing ain't no damn good.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  47. Availability of local channels is of little value when you can easily get them with an antenna..

    What I would like to know of YouTubeTV and other TV streaming services is if there is a means to easily select various data rates. With data limits on Internet plans it sometimes becomes necessary to reduce resolution to stay under you Internet data limits. On Netflix I have set up a seperate profile that is configured at a lower data rate which uses about a tenth the data. I only use it when I am getting close to busting my Internet data limit. That method is not ideal, but it works when you need to use it.

  48. I am considering this service, but it is now $50 which is considerably less than UVERSE. Thanks for this information

  49. When a service such as YouTube tv increases cost. Do they increase the cost of current subscribers as well.

  50. They want 40 fucking dollars a month for 70 fucking channels???? PLUS, you have to pay for internet!! OR you have to pay for a cellphone, cell service, and pay for data!!!!! WITH CABLE TV YOU CAN GET 150 CHANNELS OR MORE FOR THE SAME PRICE AND ALL YOU NEED IS A TV TO ACCESS IT. ALSO, MOST CABLE PROVIDERS HAVE WEBSITES ON WHICH YOU CAN WATCH TELEVISION ON ANY DEVICE!!!
    They are out of their fucking minds.

  51. Trying to decide if fire stick and youtube is the right choice for us ? Where can I look and see if able to get youtube in our area? We have DirecTV satellite for many years.

  52. fire stick all day and i got to app black panther and the terrarium app and can watch any movie or tv show and on the fire stick you can watch any sports why would i pay 40 dollars a mo for you tube when you can pay 25 or 35 dollars for a one time payment with the fire stick you tubs tv is so wack i would never ever get that and i only need one more fire stick and i will be cutting cord real soon by by cable

  53. I think this video is pretty old, but I just have one question here.

    So, I live in an apartment building that expressly uses Century link and mediacom. I have mediacom now, but it's absolute crap and CenturyLink seems to only be trying their very best to be worse. As such, I really want to try youtube tv. I understand I need a roku player rather than the TiVo I already have rented from mediacom, but can actually get youtube tv? Will my landlord allow it? Should I even inquire? Can they do anything about it if I do successfully get youtube? I live in a pretty rural area, but from what I understand, youtube tv is available here.

    Most of all, is youtube tv good? How does it all work actually? This is my first time not going with z more traditional isp/cable provider, and I should note I plan on keeping my mediacom internet and just cutting the cable. I really have no other choice around here unless I want dial-up, because that's about the best internet up here. I currently have dsl.

  54. This does not feel like a review at all. This is an advertisement. No one would think youtube tv is better than Hulu and not mention Netflix. Also seeing as how the price is five times the price of every other streaming service available. I can get Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV+ for $35 for all of these services, still $15 less than youtube so I can ass HBO.

  55. I'd say if you buy you tube tv for your family or spouse watch your credit card charges. It costs $49.99/mo! We were double charged even after my husband downloaded the app and put me on as a family member. Support is absolutely terrible. Nobody can tell you how a family member can watch it on another device as a family member. Half of help can't understand english. They are not trained. They wll you they credited your account but the money never comes back into the checking account.
    Another thing i see is that after a couple months on you tube tv there are no new movies. The same stuff. Plus the series never start at the beginning. If there are 10 seadons, only season 10 is available. Some series have one episode then nothing.
    Plus too many sports amd mews networks! Nestly half. We are leaving because our bank was scammed from the service.

  56. Don't bother with Youtube television they fill most of the time with commercials all the time. STAY AWAY you will REGRET IT. If you just want to watch commercials 24/7 be my guest that's all you will watch on YouTube television.

  57. Youtube TV layout is horrible, it's over simplified, lots of options missings. For example if you want to find new shows, it's a nightmare. They suggest you "search for it" but finding new shows, you don't know what to search for. The layout is oversized, so count on a whole lot of scrolling, going into and out of selections. Browsing is awful experience, too much promo space, not enough content per page. Want to record only new episodes so you can track what you've watched? you'll be out of luck as it gives you old shows too so you'll have to find that newest episode among old shows that take up precious screen space. I was going to switch from hulu with enhanced DVR to youtube, but after discovering weaknesses, it's a no go, I cancelled my cancellation with hulu and cancelled my Youtube TV. It reminds me of MS of feeding you what they want you to see instead of being a useful tool for TV watchers, and I watch a lot of TV.

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