Write Your Vision And Mission For Your Online Coaching Business

– Hey, what’s up? Its Lucas and in today’s video, I’ll be helping you create
your powerful vision and your mission statements, to help you move your online
coaching business forward. To give you a fire and a
motivation and a flame inside that cannot die. And not only that, I’ll be showing you how to
share that vision, mission, so you can attract your tribe,
you can attract your clients and you can attract the people who are really gonna share your stuff and help you move your vision
and your mission forward. If that interests you, stay
tuned and let’s get into it. (upbeat music) So I don’t know when this
whole get a job, nine to five, play it safe, think small
and hopefully someday retire with enough time to maybe chase my dreams. It may seem okay, but for people like you and me it’s not. I’m Lucas Rubix and welcome
to the Coaching Channel where I continue my mission
of setting human beings free. All right, so vision and mission. You’ve probably heard this before. Maybe even been given the advice of create your vision statement, create your mission statement, but what do you do with it? And how do you exactly do it? That’s what this video
is really gonna be about. Now before we get into it,
you wanna explain one thing. Is first things first, your vision. Think of your vision as
that big, beautiful picture, you gotta paint of everything
you want for yourself, and for the people you serve. What is that big, beautiful,
way you gonna change the world or change your community, change your life and your clients’ lives at the same time. That’s your vision. And then your mission is
really the actionable thing. How are you going to execute on it? What’s the step by step? Because a vision without a mission is just this crazy dream that
people are gonna be like, hey, that’s awesome. But when they realize
you’re not doing anything to come closer to it, when there’s no mission
when there’s no vehicle attached to it, you really
just a crazy person. And there’s been a lot
of people in history maybe you know some. They always had these big
goals, these big dreams, but they don’t do anything with it. They have no plan for it. And then a mission without
a vision kinda falls flat. It’s like, great, that’s
what you’re doing. But people wanna know your big vision. And that’s what I’m really
gonna be helping you create. So first things first. What is your big vision? It’s okay to think about
yourself but it’s not enough. We also have to think bigger. So in your personal
life, what can that be? Money, time, meaning? How much money do you wanna make? What do you want your
day to day to look like? What do you want your
business to look like? What do you want your team to look like? What do you want your
content to look like? What do you want your
empire really looking like, really feeling like? What kinda impact do you
wanna be creating with it? What kinda meaning do
you want in your life? Get really creative,
we’ll polish this later. Right now, just lay it all out. What does that look like for yourself? Maybe your family right? In your relationships? What’s your relationship
look like, why not? Let’s have fun with this. Let’s think in all aspects of life. Relationships, maybe with
your significant other, or maybe that’s just relationships
with the podcast guests or with the professional type of network that you’re building. With people in your
business, with your team with people that are helping
you, with the contractors. What does that look like? What are the relationships in your life on a day to day look like? In your business, professional life? What do you wanna create? What does that look like? What’s that big juicy thing
that you wanna create? How is your business
gonna change the world? How is it gonna change lives? How is it gonna maybe
change your industry? How is it gonna change
your clients’ lives? How is it gonna change the world? And I like to think about that is, how are you changing the world? For example, I oftentimes
think of a podcast. The Coaches Corner Podcast inspires me because I know it can
create such a massive change for clients. It can help them build a freedom
fueled, a passion filled, a money making online coaching business. That inspires me, that
wakes me up every single day to create even better content. When I think of the Infinite Podcast helping set human beings free, helping them unleash their full potential. We have so much potential, but sometimes we let it fall flat. I’m always looking at what
is the vision for that? How am I gonna set human beings free? What does that look like? By the way, if you want access into the Online Coaching
Business Crash Course where within that you’ll get access to absolutely everything we create. The best of the best, plus
a step by step video course on how to create your
online coaching business. And if you want that completely free, that’s at https://LucasRubix.com/oca. I’ll leave the link around here somehwere. That’s also part of my vision is even if I’m helping people for free. What’s the best thing that I can create to help them for free? That wakes me up. I want you to do the same. How much money do you wanna make? I like talking about this one. Think bigger than you initially think. How much money do you want in the bank? How much do you wanna at the year? How much do you wanna
be making per quarter? How many sales do you wanna be making? How much are you taking home? How much are you paying yourself? And if your first thought is
like $2,000 or $5,000 a month, I’m gonna challenge you right
now to think 10 times bigger. And if you feel comfortable
being like well, I wanna make 20 grand a month,
let’s think even bigger. The times in my life where
I saw the biggest progress was when I would tell someone my goal. Tell a mentor or a coach,
my vision, my mission, how much money I wanna make, and they were like you’re
thinking too small. And I get a little bit offended at first. (Lucas mumbles) I’m thinking big here, I wanna
make like 25 grand a month. Back in the day that was
like a dream come true. If I could do that, my
entire life was changed. And when I get pushed to hey think bigger. What about 250 grand a month? What could that look like? It inspires me to take more action and more action obviously
leads to bigger results. Now, we are being self
centered or self focused, when you talk about money, but not really. Because what could you
do with those resources? What could you do with that money? How could you use that money
and use those resources to help fuel your vision even further. And so money is an amazing tool. It’s an amazing resource and as long as we have a
poor relationship with money, as long as we have a hard time stating what we’d like to make and I challenge you drop
in the comments below, what do you want to make per month? Per quarter, per year? What does that look like per day? What does your money vision,
your money goals look like? And beyond that, what is
the vision for the world? How do you wanna change the world? That has to be your primary motive, or all of this is gonna fall flat. You’re gonna lose steam,
you gonna lose motivation. And ultimately, you’re gonna
give up on your business. And I don’t want that for you. Moving on, search your vision. Right now, it’s a rough draft,
it’s all over the place, it’s cool. Take five or 10 minutes and
really create your vision. Now, how are you going to get there? This is really important. How are you gonna get there? How are you gonna get
there is your mission. How are you gonna execute? So, think if you were
always telling people, your big goals and how
much money you gonna make and how much impact you’re gonna create and what kinda business
you’re gonna create, but you never did anything or
you had no plan to achieve it, you eventually that message
would fall on deaf ears and unfortunately for a lot of coaches, and a lot of people try to
build an online business or do anything in life,
it falls on deaf ears because they have no mission. And so I hope you create your mission here but what is the step by step? What is the actionable steps? What are the steps, the
daily courses of action. What are the daily things you have to do? And more so than that, if you
could break down your vision, let’s say it’s a five year vision, what are the things you’re
gonna have to do every year? Every month? And have fun with this. Grab a piece of paper
and really lay this out. Great, I wanna business
that looks like this. That creates this much change,
that creates this much impact that creates this much income, and here’s what I’d have to do get it. Now, you may not be
crystal clear on that yet. It’s cool. Dive into our resources,
subscribe to this channel. We’re constantly listening
to what you have to say. Use the comments to communicate because I’m always creating videos and resources to help you. And if you wanna take this a step further, https://LucasRubix.com/oca, grab your Online Coaching
Business Crash Course where we really break this
stuff down step by step, help you build a sales
funnel, lead generation, a sales machine and
everything else in between, plus the fundamentals
to help you get there. Why are you executing on this vision? Why do you want this
vision to become a reality? Ultimately, why are we doing
this in the first place? It’s such a powerful fuel for
your vision, for your mission. Why are we doing this in the first place? And really find your real why. Not the fluffy why, not the like, well, I kinda wanna do it because I wanna live a life of freedom. That’s great, let’s go deeper. Dean Graziosi has a thing where
he goes seven layers deep. I think he got it from his
mentor Jim Rohn or something. Seven layers deep. If I’m working with clients, and I’m like, why do you wanna do this? They’re like, well I
wanna make more money. Okay, why do you wanna make more money? Well, it’s for my family. Why is it for your family? And we keep going deeper to the real why. I know because they usually
get teary eyed or emotional. That’s when I know we’re onto something. Anything else is not powerful enough. Who can you share your
vision and your mission? That’s really powerful, is
sometimes we’re a little bit afraid to share our big
goals, our big vision, our big mission because we
think people are gonna judge us, people will say something,
people will laugh at us. We’ve gotta get over that. If we can’t think big, if we
can’t think at that level, if we’re not willing to share
our mission, our vision, what we wanna create with the world, if we’re gonna keep it inside, you’re not only doing
yourself a massive disservice, but you’re doing the world
a massive disservice. Now, I’m not saying that
just by sharing this, you gonna have everyone supporting you. But the people who actually
matter, your perfect clients, your potential clients,
and anyone who actually resonates with your vision, your mission will support you and will
support you on such a deep level when you become okay and confident looking someone in the eye and saying, this is what I’m creating. I have a vision, a mission, this is it. This is do or die, I will
do this at all costs. This is why I’m here on this planet. You’ll get the support you need and you’ll get more
support than you ask for. Trust me, I speak from experience
and working with clients. This is always the case when we’re tapped into our true vision and mission. So don’t just fluff this
off and brush this off as a little exercise. This is fundamental. If you could really
hone this and tune this and do the work on it, you’ll see progress, you’ll see momentum, you’ll see support, and
you’re gonna find ways to tap into resources you
never thought you could. So don’t do this alone. Don’t do this alone. Now, I do wanna make a
small little comment here is be selective with who you share it to. As in, if you have family, or
friends or people close to you who are just always putting
you down or doubting you, always have something to say, it’s best to sometimes not
share it with those people, because they’re always
gonna have something to say. And although you can be super confident, and going after your dreams
are going after your goals, sometimes those voices
will impact you or help or force you to lose some momentum. And at the end of the day,
those people aren’t your people. And so if you find that there
is someone in your life, who always has something to say, have a conversation with them, and either let them know,
hey, this is not okay. Or just stop sharing this with them. When they ask you how you
doing, how’s the business? The business is great. And flip the conversation
on to them is you will, if there is someone in your life who’s always beating you down over this, either let them go and if you can’t, because they’re a friend
or a family member that is a different dynamic and you wanna keep that relationship going but not in a professional level then just don’t share this. But for the rest of the
world, on your social media, on your websites, craft a well polish, take that whole mission
and create a paragraph. What is the vision? And then what is the mission? How are you executing on that? What’s the vision? We wanna create this
kinda change the world, change the community, change
the world in this way, and we’re doing it by
and that is your mission. The simpler you can create it, I want you to have
pages filled with notes. But then I want you to start
scratching out the stuff that actually doesn’t matter,
that actually won’t resonate, get to the root of it,
get to the core of it and then get to the root
reason why you’re doing this. Dean Graziosi, look up the seven layers. I know he’s got a blog posts on this, but goes seven layers deep on your why, and you’ll be impressed. You’ll be surprised
with what you can create in a very short period of time. That being said, I wanna
ask you a question. What is your vision? I’m holding you accountable to doing this. You can use the comments below or use our Facebook group to do this. But what is your vision
and what’s the mission that’s gonna help fuel that vision. Once you have that created
and you feel it’s great, use your website, use your Instagram, use your social media profiles, in your videos you can
share it here in there. Hey, here’s my vision, here’s the mission. Here’s what we’re creating and together we can create real change. Awesome, got it, good. Again, check out
http://LucasRubix.com/oca, we go like 1,000 layers deeper inside the Online Coaching
Business Crash Course. It’s a free video program
but just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s not value packed in it. We’re gonna be not only
doing your vision mission, but really tapping into your why. Showing you how you can turn your story into an online coaching business, breaking down the financial, the models, the business model and
everything else in between. Again, http://LucasRubix.com/oca, I’ll leave the link around here somewhere. Truly hope this served you and I’ll see you in the Online
Coach Business Crash Course. (upbeat music)

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