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– [Stasu] Being a
meteorologist you usually start at a very young age. I really wanted to have an
influence on the community, the world, make a difference. (electric piano music) Weather Routing Incorporated
about five year ago, decided to branch out and provide Maritime weather information
to the building of Wind Farms. Green energy such as Wind
Farms is the wave of the future and we can contribute
by letting them know, what areas offshore are
conducive for this wind. Then we also help them build by providing weather
information to supply vessels and then eventually we provide
the weather information that lets the power companies know how much energy output would be generated. – [Mark] WRI Energy runs
very sophisticated modeling at various altitudes. We spice up the atmosphere
in 10 meter intervals and we can run very high
resolution forecasting data at that altitude as well as
climatological information. So this really allows
for accurate predictions. – [Ashley] We offer that man machine mix, which is really critical
for success in projects. Just pure data forecasting
really under does a lot of the conditions
in both winds and seas or completely overdoes them. We offer weather risk reports
for weather down time, which can help with costs
for a lot of projects. We just recently updated
our new website display. We made everything much more
modernized, easier to read. In this dashboard, it
will highlight conditions, hourly data that you can
expect for winds, seas, swell, visibility, information
about the turbine itself. – [Mark] The modeling is
run four times a day and it goes out 84-96 hours. Then we have other sources
of model information that we can produce weather
forecast at five, seven, 10 days so that helps the project
managers and operators for longterm planning. – [Matthew] The advantage
to our models is we break them down into
much higher resolution. With this we can fine tune, really get the localized effects. Having a meteorology background
is extremely helpful on the IT side. I’m able to bridge the
gap between the Directors, the other meteorologists and IT world. – [Mark] WRI Energy’s
goals is really to offset the cost to the developer or operator. We believe that our long
term weather risk reports, site forecasting and our
online website can really provide proper planning for the developer, for any type of weather concern. – [Ashley] To know I’m helping clients is just a really good feeling. Forecasting is interesting in itself but to be able to help people,
based on doing something that I love is just even better. – [Stasu] The same weather information that you get over land
does not necessarily mean the same weather information that you would get over the water and Weather Routing
Incorporated prides herself in knowing what these conditions are like. Not only are we able to
help energy producers know where to put the windmills
but we are able to help them build them and provide
a offshore wind farm that would be the best location
to produce this energy. The idea that we will have
fossil fuels for infinity is not possible, so to be part
of this wave of technology of looking at alternative
fuels is something that WRI Energy looks to be continue doing for many more years to decades. (electric piano music)

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