Women Of Color Surfing As A Powerful Form Of Resistance [Insights]

-My presence in the water is so
important. It’s showing other women of
color that this is not a “white
man’s playground.” This is our playground. This is
everyone’s playground. I was born and raised in the
Bronx, and for some reason — when I was around, like, I
think it was 6 or 7 — this weird obsession with, like,
the water and surfing started. But I think I was just born to
be in the sea. When I moved to California, I
was 1) the only person of color
and 2) the only female at a lot of
the breaks that I would surf at, which made me really
uncomfortable. And that’s when my involvement
with Brown Girl Surf started. -Morning. How are you? -We are…
[Chanting] Brown Girl Surf. We are…
[Chanting] Brown Girl Surf. -Brown Girl Surf is a
community-based social movement around connecting girls and
women of color to the ocean. Our mission is to create a more
diverse, joyful, and environmentally reverent women’s
surf culture. -Then always placing the back
foot first. And then putting —
like this. -Surf lessons can sometimes be
intimidating, and so we try to
create familiar, welcoming
territory. -There are a lot of emotions
that come up, and fear is one
thing that comes up a lot. And a lot of women in their own
way work through that fear. Being a black woman in America
today is learning how to defy
odds in almost every single
aspect of your life. The water is a safe space for
women of color because the water
is honest. The things that our society has
kind of created to hold me back
don’t exist in the water. -Definitely not a good time in
America to be a woman of color, and it’s a wakeup call to see
women organizing, standing up, and being in solidarity with
each other. I definitely see what Brown Girl
Surf does as a really powerful
form of resistance. -The water is our space, too. Don’t fall into the traps of the
stereotypes that you hear about
black women in the water, or things that you see, don’t
let those hold you back. Get in
a wetsuit and get out there.

74 thoughts on “Women Of Color Surfing As A Powerful Form Of Resistance [Insights]

  1. I don't understand, Please explain how anything that is stopping women . I just want to understand , you do say what you just say something is .

  2. For sure this has to be the corniest SJW orginization I've seen (I'm wouldn't be surprised if there were sillier movements, but none come to mind). I mean this has to be the most obscure place to try to find racism and fight against the evil White man… The irony is that this truly highlights exactly how good these women actually have it, and just how far the have to search to find discrimination. It would appear they've just resorted to deluding themselves into thinking they've found discrimination so that they can give themselves a pat on the back for fighting against it. I mean it could have been almost anything, but she liked surfing so that's where she chose to find injustice to fight against. And in this context fighting against injustice in surfing… equates to surfing…

    edit: I'm unsubbing btw, if that wasn't obvious. And I encourage those who find this equally embarresing to do the same.

  3. Lol who said it was wtf, hate dumb shit like this y’all act like white people claimed that sport and said no other race allowed, don’t worry we understand people of color can do the same thing

  4. This hyperfocus on race is disgusting and racist. King Jr would be disappointed. Oh, and ED, that makes you a race-baiter.

  5. Women of color? last time I checked I wasnt seethrough or transparent, with a crayon I color in Peach not a white crayon. Im the color peach. What the fuck is with this new term for darker skinned people as people of color and somehow I have no color or what!?!?!

  6. I always wanted to surf, hopefully there's something like this on the East Coast

    And lol, are white men really crying because of this simple, informational video?? 😂

  7. Why not a womens surf club? or do white girls have to make their own?.. White girls surf.. yah that would be loved by everyone..

  8. As a surfer this was confusing first thought wtf man we don't give a shit about color. Now I see what the point is, to expose more people of color to the awesomeness that is surf freedom I get it poor phrasing, cool idea

  9. I love this because it really teaches people to not be racists and it really changes the lives of her community and also it is revolutionizing society. The fact that she specifically only teaches and finds people that are dark skinned instead of people in general is really great.

    The ‘resistance’ is great wow, people said you couldn’t do it but you did it which is great. Keep it up.

  10. Wow what a retarded title. She was uncomfortable going surfing with men and white dudes? Now that y'all are pushing white hate I guess you would be proud of that you fucking racists.
    That dumb ass said "not a good time for brown women in America." How is that exactly? You blame everyone else for your problems and get everything handed to you. You bitch about everything including things that done exist. How is it not a good time? Because all of the myths that you make up about white ppl and America are just that, Myths.
    You are the racists. By the way I wonder what would happen if I created a group in my home state of California that was called white dudes surf.

  11. This video means so much to me.

    As a black, curvy, female, newbie surfer in Honolulu I've often felt awkward and out of place on my board. Some people stare at me, definitely not in a nice way, and it takes a lot of willpower not to let it distract me. To focus instead on my love of the water.

    Some days its hard to work up the courage to go back out there. Knowing that you guys are out there, doing what you do, helps. So thanks for that.

  12. I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, I love surfing and the beauty of it and therefore hope that more people get to experience it. On the other hand, however, I feel like making an organization JUST for women of color would make others just feel excluded. Like what if a man of color wanted to join, or a white woman? To me, organizations like this would be like if I were to search "equality" into google, but then set the search filter to only include results from a certain group of people.

  13. Resisting what? The obstacles this woman faces are HER OWN limiting beliefs. No one but her thought she shouldn't be surfing. No one made her feel uncomfortable being the only black woman surfer, except her. The only one focusing on race and sex is her.

    It's disgusting people limit themselves based on their own limiting beliefs they blame on everyone else. It takes maturity to admit you've overcome your own limiting beliefs and conquered your own fears. This woman remains an emotional child because she doesn't understand the emotional fight she's having is with herself.

  14. I for one am happy to see these women of color confronting Posiedon and his patriarchal racist/fascist reign of the ocean.

  15. Theres actually acute racism when being involved the surfing hobby, just people who look at you like "why are you here blackgirl" ive gotten statements like that but honestly it doesnt bother me anymore, what matters is being immersed in the ocean its one of the best feelings in the world to me

  16. It shuold be woman that's it not brown. Not yellow , not white. Not red. Just surfing and having fun. I whish the world to grow up. Do your thing regardless of what other says , looks like or gender.

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  18. Fake enemy, anyone who actually surfs realizes that no one gives a shit and that shes fabricating this entire thing in her head, sure it might be awkward being the only black woman out in the water but wouldn’t it be awkward being the only white guy on a basketball court of black guys, learn to rip and not be a kook and no one will care, learn to ball out and not be a scrub and no one will care.

  19. This is more racist because of the intention, surfing is about passion not about putting a stamp on things to show what a race can do

  20. in the video she deff not a good time to be a woman of color……GIRL STOP GIRL PLEASE EVERY FLUFFN DAY,IS A GREAT TIME TO BE A WOMAN OF COLOR AND DO WAT EVER….WE WANA DO!!!!#BLACK POWER!!

  21. 10 maybe 15 years ago gorgeous woman of color surfing Blacks beach sandiego… never see her anymore… beauty and diversity wanted and needed.keep charging ladies!!!

  22. black women don't surf and don't wanna have anything to do with water 'cause they don't wanna get their hairs nappy

  23. 2:13 it's a not a good time to be a black women in america she says this and yet she's not black. dark skinned black women love to put the light skinned or racially ambiguous women in the forefront in the black community. they're taught white supremacist colorism at a young age white and light is beautiful and black is ugly

  24. this organization is a joke black women don't excise so they would not wanna do a active activity outside in water

  25. Uh I’ve surfed before with my bf and I’m black…Americans make such a big deal out of being black and doing something. Can’t she just get recognition for doing what she did and not have it be about her being black or a woman 🤦🏽‍♀️

  26. Many of our ancestors were from coastal west Africa…and the ocean/water was and remains a part of daily life, for travel, work and play.

  27. Most all people in America appreciate brown/black women and give them their due respect …this is the truth ! And, they deserve it .

  28. 'of color' is such a lame term. They're dark, they're brown, and black,… Europids are lighter colored for the most part and with all the colors: brown, blue, green, white, blonde, red, pink, black, tan,…..

  29. Not new…I had a boyfriend in the 80's who was a very good surfer…black man…also another almost boyfriend, black as well…..we just need to broaden our horizons and do something fun…it doesn't have to always be a 'movement' or a 'statement'…I dance flamenco…it's not a statement..just something I like to do, and I'm fairly good at..best cardio ever!…peace!

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