Woman continues fight for rural internet access

SUSAN — A SMALL WIN IN THE BATTLE FOR BETTER INTERNET… SUSAN — LEAH LINSCHEID JOINS US NOW. WITH A CALL FOR ACTION SUCCESS STORY… BUT LEAH, THERE’S STILL A LONG WAY TO GO. IN THE QUEST FOR A DECENT CONNECTION. LEAH — WE FIRST INTRODUCED YOU TO LINDA MC-ISAAC — A COUPLE WEEKS AGO… SHE RUNS HER OWN BUSINESS OUT OF HER COUNTRY-HOME — WHERE SHE CAN’T GET INTERNET. SINCE HER STORY AIRED – THE EMAILS STARTED POURING IN – MORE THAN A DOZEN FROM PEOPLE IN OUR AREA WITH THE SAME PROBLEM… IT’S OBVIOUSLY A WIDESPREAD ISSUE – BUT CURRENTLY – NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE A SOLUTION. It’s not rocket science – when you make a mistake – offer a solution. 1 SOTW1 44 LINDA “totally frustrated we couldn’t get the service.” 2 VO TRACK That’s all Linda McIsaac asked for – after paying thousands for internet from Frontier – that was never reliable. She took the company to small claims court – and won – but never got reimbursed – until she called us. 2 SOTW3 43 LINDA “We received a check in the mail – from Frontier. yes we have a check – but we still don’t have any internet service.” 3 SOTW4 43 BEN “Nobody can get
any broadband service in my subdivison.” 4 VO TRACK Ben August is in the same boat – no working internet is even offered in his rural Dane-County community – so, he has to rely on his work wifi inside a U-W lab. 4 SOTW6 44 BEN “Now it’s become a necessity of everyday life. That we don’t have.” 1 VO TRACK Still – companies are awarded taxpayer money to build up their rural-broadband-service. For example – Froniter secured millions of dollars in federal funding to do just that – 30-million of it for *Wisconsin* residents – but Ben nor Linda have benefitted from reliable – or even real – internet. 1 SOTW8 46 LINDA “It’s pretty frustrating to have found out that Frontier received tens of millions of dollars without providing the service it was intended for.” 3 SOTW9 43 BEN “I’ve called every single provider – including – Frontier – Charter and ATT U-Verse 14 – I’ve had engineers come out and look at it…” 2 VO TRACK Ben *works* in science – his whole job revolves around solving problems – so, he can’t see why companies can’t do the same thing here. 2 SOTW11 43 BEN “They simply say, ‘Sorry – we can’t provide you with internet here.’ They haven’t offered any solutions whatsoever. LEAH — GOVERNOR WALKER HAS

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  1. This is unacceptable that us rural people cant get high speed internet… Me myself, I live only a quarter of a mile from the nearest highway and only 2 miles from most neighborhoods in my town. My town isnt really small though, we live in a town where an interstate crosses through and have TONS of stores and places to eat and still no High Speed internet where I live… I dont want some dumb provider like HughesNet, we deserve what everybody else gets, Im talking Verizon and others like Xfinity… I even get 3 bars of 4gLTE and still nothing… I really dont consider where I live "rural" because im so close to town😢😢😢

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