What’s New on the new Ecotech Radion Pro and Radion G3?

Today on BRStv we have a quick product spotlight
on the Radion Gen 3. The Radion has been a staple in the aquarium industry for years
and one of the first companies that really nailed form and function with the module design,
unique LED clusters and I think the easiest to use programing software. Because of all
that you probably won’t be surprised to see Radion’s running on a majority of the tanks
here at BRS. In this video we are going to hit on the handful
of things upgraded for the third generation of this product and a quick overview of the
things we have always liked about this product. The first thing everyone will notice with
the gen three models is the Radion now includes 7 different color LED’s on 6 different channels
with Cool White, Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Hyper Red, Indigo and UV. The color mix really has
some impressive results better yet both models come at a lower cost per LED and even better
value than when the gen two first launched. The G3 Radion Pro ups the game a bit by offering
higher efficiency LED types and bins to maximize PAR, two additional deep blues and adding
something a bit different with the addition of yellow LED’s. Net Result is a module with
a well-rounded spectrum and bit more PAR or punch for those deeper tanks. So, which one is right for you? The Radion
gen 3 is more than enough for any tank under 24 inches and what I would recommend tanks
less than two feet tall. However if you have a deeper tank, really want those yellow LED’s
or just have to have the best available spend the extra hundred bucks and go with the pro,
simple as that. A couple of the other big upgrades that come
with both gen three models are the new tactile buttons. The older buttons were kind of hard
to use and easy to touch inadvertently. These new buttons are sweet and much easier to use.
Honestly an upgrade every Radion owner will appreciate. They also upgraded the fan which now not only
has a really sleek molded look but is also now waterproof and runs super quiet, all of
which are nice upgrades. And even though it was already arguably the
easiest to use before, the software and user interface is constantly getting upgrades as
well. The new optional reef link makes it super easy to program your light from anywhere.
This single reef link controls a whole slow of tanks here at the office. All you need
to do is long in via your internet browser and you are able to program your light which
is a significant upgrade over doing it via USB cable. Other than that, we have always been impressed
with the aesthetics of the modules, they will make basically any tank loop sharper. The
internal color blending the LED pucks provide has always been amongst the best in the industry,
the build quality is obvious the moment you touch one. In a couple weeks we will be giving a complete
overview of the new EcoTech live program and the reef link so keep an eye out for that.
If you have experience some of the new gen 3’s and want to share them with other reefers
or have a question of your own checkout the comments area down below. If this is your
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