100 thoughts on “What is Smurfing? The Weird Story Behind Online Gaming’s Secret Accounts

  1. I played on my normal account in league and i tried playing with noobie friends ( IM SILVER SO THEY ARE REALLY BAD) as an adc with my friend im going 1v2 , and i think that my supp friend helps me….well he dont, cuz he has 1000! Gold! And 50% hp omg he is low af so he recalls and meanwhile i scream for help XDDDDDD. Second game with another bad friend i play kassadin mid. I told him to go top but he says that he must helps me and be on my lane so he will not int ( veigar with glacial augment but when i explained what runes are veigars normally using he used them so i wasnt so dumb XD ) i completely stomp enemy team ( 50/2 lol) and….it was pretty funny 😀 but when i play with players what are worse than me…it dont makes me happy cuz they do mistakes..a lot of mistakes that i can see as a silver player xd

  2. So I'm terrible at league and my brother created an account and he was like "can you get me some champs I want to play?" so me being a good sister I decided to grind for some blue essence, and playing with those people stomping them with support champs going 20/1 for the first time in my life I said "is this considered smurfing?"

  3. Just because you are level 24, doesn't mean you will get nothing but lvl 24's in your game, in theory the system does it's BEST to match similar statistics on players. When those aren't met and they never are, it'll auto match the rest, You may be lvl zero first time ever playing, that doesn't mean you will get VS all level zero that are brand new…

    And again you're only thinking about YOURSELF and WINNING and doing overly good or want to quit…

    EVEN if you DID get all matched to your level/rank/stats and you lose hard you'll find SOMETHING to fucking cry about…

    League= Level 12 "Im new" and say for example another level 12 was GROUPED with their friend level 234 Gold top player. try hard. You'd WISH he would of Smurfed then because it favors YOU. (In theory)

    War thunder, tank all vehicles battle rating 1.8 you're STILL match maked and Versus higher level opponents You're fucked always going against higher level players no matter what.

    Apex Legends literally just released rank, so literally NO ONE has rank point so the elite high godly try hard players are the same rank as you still infinity better and you stand no chance. Until they rape you enough to rank out, and that rank shifts and youll see those players again.

  4. Dota 2 is ruined. I just uninstalled. About 50% of the games are won by a single player (smurf). Only online where there is anonymity could smurfing take place. Its the product of amoral kids with no honor. In REAL sports you couldn't sign up for a golf tournament with a fake name and fake handicap. You would be called out. But when your anonymous and there are no social norms……people sink to their lowest acceptable morality.

  5. I love when people call me a smurfer in paladins. Lol I dont smurf I just come from overwatch so it was a easy transition so it's easy for me to dominate… so everytime someone says "reported for smurfing" I laugh and say thank you for the complement but I dont smurf. Same when people say "aimbotter" I dont aimbot so the fact that my aim is good enough that they think I do??? Massive compliment.

  6. I always thought it was called "smurf" because there size is misleading, just how someone's rank can be missleading in games

  7. As a person who is trying to learn the game to have to suddenly be placed against people who are higher lvl than you and is really good at the game, it sucks. Rito's matchmaking system sucks so bad that I'm playing against people that are lvl 100 and higher, while I'm only lvl 32. I complain about it and people call me names or just talk shit. I dont mind the higher lvl players that actually are nice and helpful.

    Having to deal with toxic teammates and smurfs while trying to just have fun is just discouraging. That's why I can only play 2 or 3 games of LOL or OW, I rather play Warframe since at least the higher lvl players are actually nice and helpful.

  8. In ml there are time when i sorta can't get back to my main account till my new account reach level 8 or something. So it kinda feel bad since i don't have any intention to smurf whenever i uninstall and install ml again for nostalgia. Thankfully i still have a really low rank of master so a real smurf player can stomp me easily, real newbie on the other hand…
    In case you don't play ml here is the rank progression
    Warrior — Elite — Master — Grandmaster — Epic — Legend — Mythic

  9. I hate smurf accounts, they’re all so goddamn annoying to go up against, tbh, to me it brings a bad influence on some games, people make these stupid ass accounts because on their main accounts they can’t find anyone to sweat their asses off with so they make another account and queue into lobbies with possible new players, it honestly ruins some games

  10. I ask as someone who's more casually into gaming ,and I play video games few times a month because I have a life ,and I have to ask why is this allowed? It has ruined certain games for me.

  11. Could have a bot that insta-lofts accounts up the ladder once killstreak/DPS hits a certain level against current level. Basically let people skip a grade if they're so much better than their peers.

  12. Smurf
    -Ruins other players
    -can be accidentaly accused of cheating
    -decreases the number of players

    -You can enjoy yourself
    -can help yourself to adjust to the mechanics of the game
    -can pull up other lower-tier players to higher rank
    -can be a test acc
    -play with your low tier friends

    My oppinion:Smurfing is not illegal it has advantages and dis advantage smurfing help other players adjust to higher rank or helping them reach the higher rank also it challanges players to make their best to get stronger and pull up their own ranks

    and its not illegal its just for fun

  13. OOOH Thats what a smurf is.I though that was some kind of insult.Once one dude called me smurf (im not) and i got pissed and called him an asshole…i apologise to that person.

  14. While I don’t think it’s cheating per sey in certain cases, it’s effectively just used to grief & that shouldn’t be tolerated I don’t think.

  15. And this is how I never continued playing LoL or Dota 2, I wanna atleast learn to play profesionally so I can join tournaments, now I'm playing CS:GO with friends

  16. I play apex and I'm pretty good. I have 10k kills with wraith. I only smurf when my confidence is slipping. Ik it's wrong but yeah. And sometimes I do it to see how many gold stuff I can get from Apex packs. Since at my level you can't get them

  17. When I see smurfing in fortnite now I will watch you to the very end if I see you building or acting like a outstanding player that you know you are I will report you as smurfing noobs I did it the other day and I'll do it again watched that dude start editing and building like a pro player with his 16 kills I reported him and just before he went to shoot the last little bitty noob cowering under a ramp fortnite dropped a little bomb hammer on him and poof he disappeared leaving the noob bewildered that she was still alive. And the winner. Report these dumbasses and that will solve it that's what I'm going to do after I'm killed I'm going to watch and if you see that little eye watching you be ready to be reported by me . enjoy your smurfing and your Banning. Signed a noob

  18. Whenever i'm smurfing believe me 90% of the time, the enemies will smurf too so i guess it's just a normal high ranked games for me.

  19. I really hope that online game would force us to submit an image of our citizen ID card. This can ensure that 1 person can only use 1 account and the account which did not have verification will have to face to risk, it is normal MM with unverified account. Moreover, you can make sure the game is played by the one who is old enough, and sometimes, the company can help the police track down the dudes who violate the law. However, this have some risk, your personal data could be leaked but wait, we did online cash transfering and our credit barely got stolen. So yeah, I hope big company force us to have it. I will be the first one who submit.

  20. Imagine being a player of a DOTA 2 TI Team and you smurfed with other players from TI without all of you knowing it.

  21. Man I've been encountered smurf player in csgo last week and that person's rank is like about rank 3 or something and he/she got good guns, glove and a knife skins better than mine (especially knife which is mine is butterfly knife.) and he/she is better than us and when we approached that smurf player that he/she is obviously smurfing, He/she kept saying in chat "no" and when he/she using mic it is clearly that he/she's using Voice Changer. It so irritating if you think about it and then we ended up report and kick the player for not being cooperate and communicating. We hope our team that the smurf player got banned.

  22. if you don't play with high level players you don't git gud anyways. When I started multiplayer games we had to go to cafes for good lan matches so we always had to play against high level players be it counter strike or Dota

  23. I want to add in my two cents. My old UPLAY account was inaccessible due to me losing my gaming mail password and my "hard-reset" phone (that had recovery codes as well as the authenticator). So I could not play rainbow six siege game. However, I loved the game so I had to buy a new account. With the new account, initially I would get very easy players in the matchmaking due to my K/D and W/L not being established yet. I was always called out a smurf but I knew I couldn't sit everyone down either and tell them my story. So I would practice silence and just keep playing. I felt it would eventually smooth out for me.

    Initially, my statistics were very high. I had a high K/D and W/L. This led to me being matchmaked against other "smurfs" who were very good ranked players. So it became challenging. This smoothed my stats back to the normal K/D and W/L that I was in my older account.

    So for a short-period it is quite annoying but the stats would smooth out for you if you are not in a situation like me. But the real problem is that how easy it is to create smurf account for gaming. For me it was an unexpected exception but many out there make these secondary accounts for short periods of fun or feeling good.

    PS: I have also encountered accounts in Six Siege with very bad "ranking" or 0.1 K/D but who play so good that it is questionable. These are the kind of players who actually buy these low K/D accounts and to match against weaker players and "feel good about themselves".

  24. Even if those two hadn't done it in Warcraft 2 I can guarantee it would've happened anyway. Here's a fun little anecdote from before I even knew that smurfing was a thing:

    When I was in school someone brought in Critical Strike Portable (a bad CSS knockoff) on a USB and uploaded it, and everyone in my class spent a few days playing it before it was deleted by the system admins. I was basically the only person in the class who had played FPS games on PC so I had a natural advantage over everyone else, and I just kept destroying everyone just because nobody else knew how to play properly.

    It got to the point where they started kicking me when I connected to the game, so I made a new username.

    I made a few usernames, with the most memorable one being "a_skeleton". I'll never forget the moment someone asked "Who's a_skeleton?". They'd always catch on eventually and it didn't help that we were all in the same room, so somebody would notice and shout my username so I'd get kicked quicker.

    It was a fun experience though, and one of them actually started playing CSGO because of it. I spent 2016 playing CS with him and some other people from school, it was actually a really great time. Then everyone stopped playing CS, I finished school, and I had no idea what to do with my life.

    So yeah, even if they hadn't done that back then it would've still happened for one reason or another and caught on, likely under a different name. As long as games exist and one person is better, smurfs will also exist

  25. I think smurfing is the way for the Gods and Goddesses came from the Realm of the Gods to bless us with their holy power.

  26. Smurfing is only done by people who got carried to ranks where they do bad and so, instead of risking their rank and in term their feelings, they bully bronze players for the rest of the season. Using alts is fine, but intentionally going down to low ranks so that you can "wreck noobs" is just pathetic.

  27. The only time smurfing bothers me is when someone does it in a competitive setting. For instance, way back in the day, I used to be a "pub stomper" in COD games. Half of my time was playing competitive matches (MLG rules stuff, can't remember the site that facilitated it ten years gone), and the other half was just having fun in public matches.

    Fast forward and my go-to game at the moment is Apex Legends. Apex Legends has a built in MMR system in their general matchmaking that makes most regular matches play like ranked. That sucks and isn't fun at all. If I want to play ranked, I'll play ranked. So, instead, I make smurf accounts so I can just have fun and play different legends outside of the competitive meta. 57 people in every single lobby is going to lose no matter what, so I don't see the issue with creating new accounts to have fun with the game instead of playing against high level players constantly even in the general play mode.

    Building in competitive MMR systems into non-competitive modes drives smurfing more than anything else. General modes should be a full blown free for all. Competitive modes should be competitive. Full stop.

  28. Smurfs are fuucking anoying. Im a new LOL Player with lvl11 and all other Players in my match are smurfs.. i have no Chance and no fun.

  29. i have 3 steam acc's all with csgo on and the 2 smurfs are only one and two ranks below my main because i use them to play with friends.

  30. And cause of this i got ranked in sv1 and had to Fight litterly gold Nova and Shit or Hackers with bot teammates or Hack v hack

  31. I see smurfing as the equivalent of an adult having a boxing match with a toddler. Sure everyone knows you're going to beat them, but no one's impressed and you end up looking like an ass

  32. When playing lol I see many god players who destroy me and I ask them if they are smudging. They always say that they lost their acc. Liars they are complex as fakkkkkk

  33. Well in TF2 you really cannot smurf, the matchmaking system either gives you complete new players while other times it gives you pro players like B4nny.

  34. I admit of raging out on lower ranked players, not in chat however…

    Like yeah, Silver game, that's their skill level. Why am I so angry….

    This video reminded me of patience…

    Btw, I have a lower ranked 2nd account so I could duo with my friends.

  35. Its kinda unfair though for the new player that just start to understand and learn the game.. They would just be frustrated and stop playing.. although i do smurfing too..

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