What is Customer Service? It’s All About Customer Experience

Believe it or not, your customers’ needs
are also your business’s needs. Great customer service ensures customers are so happy, they’ll
come back for more and pay your business the greatest of dividends: Good word-of-mouth. And the benefits of customer service go way
beyond its dictionary definition. It can help you understand who your customers are and
how they interact with your product or service. And that can drive solutions to help other
customers. So, in a nutshell, customer service is much
more than just solving customer issues — it’s about creating the overall experience your
business wants to give its customers. That’s called Customer Experience, and it
encapsulates every interaction a customer has with a business, from seeing an advertisement
for a product, to actually using the product, to reaching out to a company for help. How do you use customer service to create
an outstanding customer experience? 1) Make customers feel important — Hear
them out, respond in a timely fashion, acknowledge them, and follow up with them. Do this well
and they’ll want to stick around. 2) Empathize with them — Understand why
they need your product or service, and why their issue is an obstacle. Empathy is critical
for solving customer issues. 3) Take their feedback to heart — Good or
bad, when customers have something to say, be sure to listen. They often suggest solutions
you never would have thought of that can unleash your business’s potential. Customer service is the lens that helps you
see how you’re doing with customers and what they think of your business. Great service
is what earns your customers’ trust and creates a winning experience that keeps them
coming back.

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