What Is a VPN & How Does It Work? (Explained in 80 Seconds)

Ok let’s talk VPNs. Yeah, uh… what exactly is a VPN? VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’.
It’s a clever piece of software that helps you access the internet without restrictions,
keeping you safe from tracking and hacking. A VPN works on virtually any device, and takes
seconds to set up. Great, but, why do I need it? Well, you can keep all your online activity
private from internet providers, governments and hackers – even on unsecure public Wi-Fi. You can stream your favorite movies and TV
shows from anywhere in the world and unblock popular websites and apps that may be censored
where you are. Ok, but how does it work? Surely my internet
provider can see my activity? Well, that’s the thing. Normally on the net
a connection will route web traffic from your device through your internet provider and
on to the website you’re visiting, leaving your data exposed. But with a VPN there’s an extra step. It routes
your connection via a remote server before taking you to the website. Imagine your data
traveling through a secure tunnel that encrypts all your information, which means to onlookers
and even your internet provider your information is private and your true location is hidden. Find your perfect VPN today.

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  1. We hope you found this video to be a good introduction to the basics. Got any questions about the specifics? Just ask in the comments and we'll be happy to help.

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