What has customer service learned from a year of Ting Internet support? | Ting Ask

So we’ve been supporting Internet for about a year and we’ve learned a lot from supporting that process, and we’re kind of bringing that to life inside the organization. First and foremost, owning our network is huge because we have direct visibility to everything that’s going on between us and the customer. With mobile, we don’t have that same visibility. At a certain point, we’ve got to ask our partners, “Hey, what’s going on with that tower?” or
“Is there construction going on in that area?” With Internet, we know what construction is going on what areas and what the light levels are on the line going into the house, and what’s going on with the equipment in the house. So there’s a lot more information available to us, which means that we can build a support process that’s a lot more comprehensive, and a lot more thorough, and allows us to hand off much later to a third party than we would normally. So the quality of support that we can deliver with Internet, I think exceeds the potential quality that we can deliver with mobile. That’s that’s really exciting. I don’t think we’re there yet. I think we’ve got a lot of work to do. That’s a long path ahead of us. It’s an exciting path though, and one that I’m certainly looking forward to.

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