What do Macomb Students Say About Online Learning – Life

I think the biggest advantage to taking online
is just being able to fit it into your schedule, at your convenience. And I have gone out of
town, I’ve gone up north to my mother and taken the computer with me, and it’s just
nice because you can sign on from anywhere, you’re not limited, it makes it much easier. Well that’s the good thing about online classes,
I can get on it at any time of the day. So if I’m on break at work I might log on to
check and see if I have any replies from any other students I need to reply to, any mail
updates from the teacher or things like that. Sometimes if I’m on break at work I will log
on, submit an assignment, or check my email or something from class. So the flexibility
and the convenience of it helps a whole lot. Most people, a lot of people have babies,
so that helps a lot too, so to be able to have online classes, instead of trying to
find a babysitter and coming to campus. I carry my books with me in the truck so if
I’m on a job site and there’s some down time, I’ll open my book, and, you know, start studying,
reading through stuff, practicing problems. One of the times I was actually on a job site,
I knew I wasn’t going to be moving for a while so I had my tablet with me, and I took one
of my quizzes, from the seat of my truck on a job site and got a 90 percent, 9 out of
10 problems correct. I love taking the classes online, you know,
I got up this morning at 5:30. Nobody gets up at my house until 7. I was able to log
in and post on my discussion forums. I was able to check on homework. Check what assignments
I had to do tonight. I got home at 10:30 one night. With the flexibility of online I was
able to have my work done already, for that day, so I was able to work a little bit ahead.
I would have had to missed classes. I have been in to many hours. Different hours
throughout the day and different days of the week. Every day of the week, depending on
what’s going on. It could be lunch time, it could be 12 at night. But don’t forget your
assignments are due before midnight.

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