Welcome to UCD Online

University College Dublin, ranked among the
top 1% of universities worldwide, is now offering fully accredited courses through online learning.
With over 150 years of expertise in teaching and research, UCD is committed to delivering
the highest quality undergraduate and postgraduate education.
And now a selection of UCD courses are available wherever you are based.
You can access lectures and course material on-demand through our dedicated e-learning
portal. UCD’s world class academics specially design
the course material and deliver the lectures. They build in on-going coursework and assessment….helping
to ensure your progress while learning in your own time
A mix of scheduled online tutorials, online access to experienced personal tutors and
forums with your classmates also gives you support and feedback
And with the same qualifications as our campus-based students, you can look forward to an internationally
recognised UCD qualification. As a UCD student, you can enjoy all of the
campus resources, like libraries, clubs, societies and sports.
So whether you’re seek to expand your existing knowledge, gain new expertise to change your
career, or study for a professionally recognised qualification, now you can achieve your goal
in a way that suits you, with all the reassurance of UCD expertise.
To find out more about how a UCD qualification through flexible online learning could suit
you, visit ucd.ie/online UCD. A world of expertise.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to UCD Online

  1. why is this not captioned? Your own department of equality studies would have a few pointers about the importance of including people who may be interested in applying for a place on the online course, but to me this ad tells me that there is a high chance that online material that is audiovisual in nature may NOT be subtitled. Youtube's automatic captions are a joke. To see what I mean, turn off the sound and click on the automatic captions. there are sections that I have to rely on guesswork.

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