Week 1: Introduction to ‘Sur’ | Chandrani’s Online Music Class

First of all, I would like to welcome all of you to my, as in, Chandrani’s Online Music Class. Before I start, I would like to tell you a bit about myself, and why I started these Online Classes. I have performed in ZeeTV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016. I gave the opening act in the Finale Episode of Dance Singapore Dance (2016) and I have performed with Ali Zafar and Mika Singh in their Singapore concerts Currently I do events in India and abroad as a professional singer I have done several YouTube Covers which you can check out from my YouTube channel If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Instagram or through my Facebook page Now the second point, why I am starting these Online Classes. I got emails, queries from a lot of followers. Many of them wish to learn Music either they don’t have a Music school near their place or they can’t afford it. So I thought, whatever I have learnt so far I will try to convey to you in a easy way. So that there is a bit more Music in everyone’s life! A Classical Music base is very important for singing. Even basic knowledge of Sur (Notes) and Taal (Beat) can improve your existing singing style, be it Bollywood singing, Sufi or Ghazal. If you already have an Instrument, like Harmonium or Tanpura or electronic Tanpura that’s very good. It will help you a lot in these Classes. If you don’t have any Instrument, then also it’s fine because I have structured these Classes in such a way that if you only have your phone and some data plan you can follow my Classes and learn to be a singer. So starting today, I will upload a video every Saturday for the next 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, you will be able to sing better. it can be a Bollywood song or a Sargam in it. You will be able to understand Music better. For e.g., What are Scales? C, C#, Kaali Ek or what are the different types of Beats (Taal) What are Saptak or Alankaars? I will introduce you to some Basic Raags Like Raag Bhupali or Raag Yaman At the end of each video I will either share a Music tip or a personal experience or I will give a Homework. but don’t worry, the Homework will be fun For e.g., a Quiz which we can all discuss in the YouTube discussion section. or I will ask you to shoot a music video of yourself. So let’s start Week 1 guys! All over the World, Music comprises of 7 basic notes In Indian Music, there notations are These 7 ‘Pure’ notes make up a ‘Saptak’. Now those of you who don’t have an instrument Download this app. Now I will show you how, on a Harmonium or Piano these 7 notes are played, through this app You will see this once you have downloaded the app Now we will play the Saptak from ‘C4’ note That is the C scale, which I will explain in next class For now, we learn to play the ‘Saptak’. Now you must have noticed, that in this Saptak, there are 5 more notes, denoted by the black keys. These are called ‘Vikrit’ notes So as you saw, apart from these 7 ‘Pure’ notes, there are 5 other notes. These are: Flat Re which comes between Sa & Re Flat Ga which comes between Re & Ga Sharp Ma which comes between Ma & Pa Flat Dha which comes between Pa & Dha and Flat Ni which comes between Ni & Dha These 5 notes make up the Vikrit Notes. ‘Komal’ is synonymous with ‘Flat’ in Western music and ‘Teevra’ is synonymous with ‘Sharp’ in Western music All the World’s music is composed from these 12 notes. In today’s class we will focus on the Pure notes. We will do all classes from Safed ek (of Harmonium), which is also called C scale in Western music. What this means, I will explain in detail in future classes. So now let’s all sing the ‘Saptak’ together. To grasp this better, we will sing this way. So this week, you will practice singing and playing the Saptak But make sure you’re using an instrument or Piano app while singing so that your notes are correct. In the next class, we will learn what are beats and we will take examples of Bollywood songs. Whenever we wake up in the morning, our head feels a bit heavy and nose blocked. Hence, I inhale steam and do breathing exercises. first thing in the morning, for 15 minutes. Breathing exercises: Kapalbhaati and Anulom Vilom for 5 minutes each. The heaviness disappears, and if someone’s voice is very nasal, that can also be corrected. I have a Udemy course specifically on this topic. The link for which is in the description below. If you want you can check that out as well. So before going, don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel, Like and Comment on this video and you can put any doubt regarding this video in the comment section I will definitely answer is ASAP.

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  1. Hi chandrani mam thank you for the video 😘
    Actually Mai afraid thi ki class kese kru mujhe gane ka bahut soukh h. Bachpan se gati hu pr kavi sikhne ka mouka ni mila financial problems ki wazah se.. Aj Mai apki class dekhi Bht pasand aai. Itna krti hu fr kuch din bad next video dekhungi thank you so much

  2. Hello.. teacher ji..mera naam kipa chuku hai..or mein india se hu..Arunachal pradesh…☺…mere voice kabi high or clear nahi hote..kya ap muje kuch tips sikayenge plsea…..apke hr homwork ko mene sineh se laga raka hai ..uski ap bikul b chintit na ho.mein apka faithful student rahunga.or mein aisa college mein prta hu jaha geet ki bhot competition chlte hai..pr koi sikata nahi…God bless u😇😇😇….ur faithful student kipa☺

  3. Hy
    Mera naam arijit nd me Rajasthan Ke bhilwara District Se hu Mere Liye aap Ek guru maa Ke tarh ho
    Muje Gaana gaana to aata hai Log kahte h Yeh unka pyaar hai Par muje sach btau To aapse jaane se pahle Sangeet Ke baare m Koi gyan nhi tha bt Ab shayd thoda Bohat hai
    Thnks So much Aapko

  4. Ma'am apke sath sath practice krna h kya
    And one thing more ki aap jo last me btayi ki Bollywood songs me iska help kaise liya jata h wo next week pe practice krna h ya Abhi hi

  5. Ab to m pkka Sikh jaunga mem ,ese to m party show m singing krta hu but only karaoke p ,ab mujhe sur sikhne h Muje uska bilkul gyan ni h so I m happy because your class is start to biggners😊😊

  6. Thank you so much Ma'am… 💐💐I am very grateful to you… 🙏… Your teachings are simple and graceful and can be easily understood… Nice thoughts ma'am… May God bless you 🙏

  7. First of all thank you so much for this opportunity and appreciate your hard work… Have a query, Is there any "sur" or "taal" difference between boys and girls singing or is it same..?

  8. You r awesome.. i loved your class so much
    I wanted to learn singing so badly but there is no classes near me so im so happy to death when i saw you
    Thank you so much… lots of love

  9. Loved your first music lesson Chandrani. 😘 This is Amala from. N.J. Originally from Maharashtra. 🇮🇳🙏🏽🇱🇷

  10. Mam I used to be a good Singer but situation of my life was not good n responsibilities didn't allowed to sing and also have a bad habbit smoking…
    Can I get back as Singer…???

  11. thankyou mam mujhe bahut achha lagta h singing karna lekin awaj sahi nahi niklta h aap ka vedio dekh ke bahut achha laga

  12. Mam mujhe singing ka buht shonk hai bt mere grhvale mujhe sikhne ni dete plz mam mujhe singing sikhna hai plz plz mujhe sikha do plz 😑😑 buht jada sonk hai mujhe mn bta ni skti apko kitna shonk hai mujhe plz sikha do….

  13. miss chandrani I now your students and I want to learn complete control on rythem I play organ and sing any song my life singer is mohammad rafi I have two or three ;piano and dholak i am teacher of my own you send me whatsup number I will add you and weekly i will take lession from yuo I have no voice or vocal problem I have problem tha is I like most JAI AAP KEHAN JAIAN GE YE NAZAR LOT KE PER AYE GEE THE SURE OF ALLAP I WANT TO KNOW AAA AAAA AAAA AAAAA THAN MUSIC AND NEXT LINE YOU TELL US THE SURGAM OF THIS VOICE AND ITS ALLANKAR I WILL REWARD YOU BUT FOR THETIME BEING TAKING OUT A BUSINESS DIRECTORY BUT I SING ON KAROAKAIMUSIC FROM YOU I HAVE DEVELOPED 90 PERFECT UNDERSTAND THE RYTHEM MY CELL NO YOU CAN SPEAK TO ME 03082169959 YOU MUST RESPONDENT TO MY LETTER THANKS AND REGARDS

  14. Tysm mam. Hnare yha school k koi issue nhi h bt family mallow nbi h music cls jana bt apki vjh s ab hm ghr p bina kisi ko pta chle seekh skte h tysm mam.bless uh😊

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