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  1. SIR! You're amazing, Im so happy that I subscribed to your channel.. and now I get to learn Physics and Biology EASILY!!! keep posting more intellectual videos!

  2. Where were teachers like this when I was growing up? Thanks for posting. If you ever intend to do online classes or make full lenght videos let me know. You make difficult concepts seem like child's play.

  3. whenever I have a science topic I'm stuck at I always search to see if you have it on your channel and when you do have it I get so excited!!! Even if the topic is not as amusing like this one I somehow overcome the unamusingness and come to love it because you explain it so much better than anyone else that has ever tried to teach me! :DDDDD I cannot thank you enough! THANK YOU !!!

  4. Brilliant explanations and graphics  –  these should become classics.  Any chance you can work on the noisy 'aaams'  You are confident,  why does your tongue race ahead of your brain?  Interesting eh?

  5. Thanks! Awesome video. Just a note: you have Transverse spelled incorrectly as the label at minute 1. 🙂 (forgot the s)

  6. The speed of sound is 340.29 m/s, and the speed of light (i.e. c), is – 299,792,458 m/s. Since these are constants, how is it possible for refraction to change the speed of either?

  7. Thank you for your videos, they are always so helpful! I was able to go from a raw score of 76 on my mechanical waves quiz to raw score of 100 on my test (in addition to outside studying). Subscriber gained!

  8. A little confusing all together. He should make two or three separate videos so its not thrown at you all at once.

  9. Thank you sir .this video helped me a lot to understand waves.especially the portion where u taught the concepts of frequency and amplitude under consideration of no end,loose end,fixed end position.the one question which strikes me a little is how the matter is not transported when a wave moves.please elaborate my point.

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