Hello guys! My Name is Christine. You can call me Joseph. My name is Ivan and this is our vlog! Hi guys! It’s Ivan again, back with another episode! Today I wanna show you my computer science universe here at KIT around my campus. The university, I chose it because at the time, and I think it still is, one of the best universities to study informatics in the whole of Europe. And today we are here because I want to show you my campus. So, let’s start with the library. I am currently in the library. This is my favorite place for studying. The thing about me is that I can really not concentrate at home. The library is so huge. It’s amazing. There’re so many spaces. It’s so quiet. So, I just finished my burger in the ‘Mensa’ (university canteen). And to be honest, it was actually pretty nice. The ‘Mensa’ (university canteen) in general is a pretty nice space where students can save money and save time. Now I’m gonna show you the informatics building where I have all my programming tutorials and software development tutorials. So, let’s go so we can see the building. All my studies are in German. Nearly all my friends are German. My roommates are German. So, I try to mainly speak German. Obviously, programming languages are mostly English. So that’s easier for me to understand. We are now in the informatics building. This is the place where I spend most of my time on my tutorials. For example, ‘Algorithmen’ (algorithms), ‘Software-Entwicklung’ (software development), ‘Rechner-Organisation’ (computer organization), ‘Datenbanken’ (data bases)… . So, this is where I had my tutorial today in the morning. But sadly, all the rooms are occupied now, and I cannot show you any of them. So, let’s go to the ‘Mathegebäude’ (mathematics building). This building is actually pretty new, it’s pretty nice. There are also some ‘Seminarräume’ (seminar rooms) where people can study. Or there are tutorials held there. I sometimes do my homework there. So, this is ‘Audimax’ (main auditorium), or as some students like to call it, the ‘Big Daddy’! This is one of the biggest ‘Hörsäle’ (auditoriums) on campus. And this is also the place where I have most of my ‘Vorlesungen’ (lectures). This is also the first building I actually saw from my university, and the first building I actually got in. Because the welcoming part was held in this ‘Hörsaal’ (auditorium). I got to meet all my professors here. I got to meet all the people that I was going to do my studies with. So I have some pretty nice memories, and my opinion still hasn’t changed. It’s still one of my favorite places in the university! So guys, I hope you had a pretty good look at my campus. Of course, I had some troubles with some exams. And it was also hard for me to learn some stuff. But, of course, everything in life is a challenge. And you have to face your fears and get it over with. I really hope you liked this episode. I hope you got a pretty good idea of my computer science universe. I would love to show you some more of my studying life, but I’m actually working on one of my personal apps right now. For now, I can only tell you, sadly, that it’s kind of marketing connected. I just don’t wanna share my idea with the world yet. But, yeah, thank you guys for sticking with me through this episode. I hope to see you guys in my next one. Till then, see you. Bye!

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