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Hey Pavan! How are you? hey your phone is receiving more net what do you think about this phone? its 4G phone! its not like your tukuda phone this will not come in my phone? it will not come in your phone that is tukuda phone i will say one thing you just listen take 10000 rupees buy 4G phone idea, airtel, jio.. there are super offers you will have full signal it is not coming i will ask my mother go.. mom i want 10000 rupees 10000 why? i will buy 4G phone you will give it to a girl? not girl its 4G phone i want to buy 4Gphone you want to marry a girl? not girl. i will not marry i will speak on phone oh you will give 10000 to a girl and want to marry her? i will not give 10000 to a girl i will buy phone.. 4G phone you will give 10000 rupees to a girl how dare you are? not girl i want to buy 4G phone mom.. where do i have money? i am sweeping the floor and i will beat with this broom what do you think of yourself? you just give me 10000 rupees i will buy a phone you want to marry a girl by taking 10000 from me not girl its 4Gphone you want to buy a phone? you want to give it to a girl? why would i give it to a girl? i don’t want any phone or anything. i’m just going.. never come again and if you… pavan, what are you doing? nothing, everyone said jio signal jio signal there is no jio signal anywhere so i have taken idea and watching what i want once on the hotspot what do you want to do? i want to see what’s app messages once what do you want guys? please on the hotspot.. please,please.. i have daily 1GB only if i on hotspot for you then what would remain for me? please give some MBs from it hey its not coming.. now the battery is dead you would have charged your phone hello.. hello, who is there? hello sir, is it raju? we are speaking from press we want to write an article about you is it! thank you sir thank you.. so mail your single and group photo to us i will send a message. send your photos in half an hour definitely i will send sir i will surely send sir bro once give your phone who is that? i should send a mail ok take it but jio signal will not be there not even little? no.. no signal will be there raju..! here signal will not be found climb our building and go to that last corner and send the mail our building.. go,go..go fast.. i have to send mail in 10 minutes but there is no signal go to the shed of mallesh. there will be full signal ok bro i will go he is calling once again hello! hello sir! hello… hello sir.. hello hello sir.. there is break in your voice sir there is voice break over sir sir there is voice break bro! there is no signal anywhere the mail should be sent urgently you just do one thing take the apachi bike.. go to mallial go fastly does the signal available? no.. there is no signal thank god! mail has been sent hello sir! i have sent the mail now its no use. time has been completed we will see next time okay friends how is this video? isn’t it super? i think its not good its good! if you like this video please press the like button share the video and also.. My Village Show.. Subscribe “My Village Show” bro you made fun of me, who said my dubbing? why bro.? they knew it everyone should laugh that’s all okay please subscribe thanks for watching this video! i have forgotten there will be weekly two videos from now tuesday and friday! tuesday and friday.. evening time tueday evening.. friday evening! maximum we will try we may not upload sometimes because as you know there is internet problem in the village

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