Upgrading to Lexar 512GB MicroSD – Nintendo Switch

Hello and welcome back So what we’re going to today on this video is we’re going to replace or upgrade the Mirco SD Card of this Nintendo Switch I’m currently using 128GB and we’re going to upgrade to 512GB the brand is Lexar I purchased this on Shopee Infinity Gadgets (Seller) this is their card or thank you card or paper, whatever this is called… I’ll also show you the test to see if this Micro SD card from Infinity Gadget is legit I’ll just flash it on screen ok so before we start, I’ll just help my friend promote her newly opened online dealer shop here is the FB or Facebook Page Please like and follow her page Miles Organics there… and her products are from Human Nature I’ll just include the link to her Facebook page on the description box below so please follow and like her facebook page so we can help her so let’s start with this video so let me show you first the test to check if this Micro SD card is legit from infinity gadgets I did not use the h2test2 program because the card reader I have here is slow and it somehow affects the speed of the SD card so here’s the test screenshots there are two test sample, one is for this 64GB there… this is the SanDisk Ultra and… 512GB Lexar which we will use as replacement or upgrade The reason I’ve included this 64GB on the test is to check if the if the android application that I’ve downloaded from google playstore works the one on the left is the Lexar and the other one on the right is the 64GB It shows the sequential read and write speed on the left side the Lexard Brand Max is 71 mbps and before we swap the memory card we’ll just explain for those new owners of nintendo switch or those who are net yet familiar with Micro SD or SD cards if you are thinking on what SD Card you should purchase or the capacity and type I’m going to show you screenshots so you’ll have an idea what those numbers and letters on the SD Card means. and before I start with this one Let me just say that I’m not in any way expert when it comes to SD Card I just researched the information that I’m about to say so I can share it to the viewers so those numbers on the SD card, this determines the price of the card that number 10 inside the letter C or maybe that’s a circle? and the V30 and that U3 or UHS Class 3 that’s the Speed Class of the Micro SD and the SDXC since it says SDXC, the capacity of these types of car ranges from 64GB up to 2TB but I don’t think there’s a 2TB here in the Philippines yet and next is the 633 or 633x this is equal to 95mbps read speed So companies do put read speed of up to 100mbps but the switch only reads up to 95mbps so even if the SD card exceeds that speed it has very little effect on the loading of the games it may be 2 to 3 seconds faster… it has also been tested by others and I won’t go into details with that since testing that is very tedious SanDisk also has this Micro SD Card that has Nintendo Switch Tag or Brand but this one is a bit pricey compared to the normal SanDisk 128b and it also has a U3 Tagging like this one I will now show you the requirements or recommended Micro SD from Nintendo website so can find this from the official website of Nintendo it says there that the requirement is UHS1 or U1 and the transfer speed should be 60 to 95mbps Write speed practically has no effect on nintendo switch aside from downloading and updating of games which will still depend on you internet speed but if it has, it’s very minimal when it comes to the game data saving nintendo switch saves its game data on its internal memory so it almost has no effect with MicroSD or the MicroSD speed has no effect when saving a game data no matter how fast the write speed of the MicroSD is When buying a micro SD, you should check the Read Speed instead since it affects the loading time of the games and the limit usually for almost all MicroSD is 100mbps I’m not sure if there are higher than that but, since it is written on Nintendo’s website that the required is 60 to 95mbps I don’t think using an SD card with speed higher than 95mbps has an effect so now let’s test this let’s insert this SD card to this Nintendo Switch I’ll not copy the game data of the old SD card yet let’s turn this off now so of course the game won’t start since the data is not yet copied and it’s still on the other sd card here’s the space let’s first format this on PC and copy the data from 128gb to the 512gb but before we do that let me just remind to use exFat when formatting SD card for Nintendo Switch So let me first format this Ok Formatting and Copying Done, it took a while though it took almost an hour Since the card reader is slow and the files that I transferred was large, maybe about 90GB or 80GB since I removed some files So let’s try to insert this but let me first safely remove it… by the way, if you’re going to transfer the data from one SD card to another Do not cut the files just copy everything from SD Card to your PC then paste it to the other SD Card Do not cut the files, the reason is… the files might get corrupted when being transferred to the other SD Card it’s a waste when all your files get corrupted and you will have to redownload everything specially if you do not have fast internet connection so there it’s now safely removed the free space is 382? am I reading this correctly? Yes, I think it’s 382GB earlier it was 362GB I wonder why, but it’s 382gb I will try downloading Demo Games and if ever there’s a problem, i’ll just update it on the description box so you’ll know if the seller infinity gadget is a good seller but I think it’s legit But of course it’s best if I test it first So when buying a Micro SD, is it worth purchasing those with the best speed but too pricey? for me it’s not since it has been tested and there’s almost no difference when it comes to loading those micro SD that exceeds transfer speed of 100 mbps or read speed if there is a difference it’s only about… 3 to 5 seconds but that 5 seconds is not worth it for a pricey SD Card So if you’re gonna buy an SD Card Pick a larger Capacity like 512GB if you love downloading games and just follow the requirement from the official website which is up to 95 mpbs only and another common question from the some facebook groups they are asking if it is worth it to purchase a large capacity SD Card for Nintendo Switch the answer will always depend on the preference of the user if you’re a collector of physical games you mostly purchase physical games I suggest a 128gb micro SD If you love buying games on eShop I suggest a larger capacity for those eShop buyers I suggest a 512gb not that with too much speed since it has little to no difference you money will be wasted if you’re gonna purchase that and nintendo switch can’t read that full speed so that’s it for our test and quick review for this Lexar High Performance 633x MicroSDXC UHS1 512 gb I will give update on the comment section or video description if there will be issues with this so you’ll know if there a problem with this and you’ll know if you will purchase from the same shop where I purchased this thanks for watching and please subscribe if you haven’t already and to those who are already subscribed… thank you so that’s it, thank you and bye.

20 thoughts on “Upgrading to Lexar 512GB MicroSD – Nintendo Switch

  1. I've downloaded Demo Games to test if the games will still work, and so far, I've used up 329GB out of 486GB and everything works well.

  2. Nice one tol. I'l keep this brand in mind. Napaparami na kasi digital purchases ko haha. Grabe kasi kapag sale, mauubos talaga yung memory. Great quality upload as always. Thumbs up pare!

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