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as I release new videos each week on Tuesdays. Here we are in a new year 2020 and we’re all off to a great start. We got clarity. I hope you did! If you
didn’t, if you still need to figure out what your goals are, then you can check
my video in the card above. But let’s just say, for the sake of this video, you
are crystal clear. You’ve got your goals figured out and
now it’s ready to go about accomplishing these goals. So how do you actually do
tha? How do you make sure that you are getting what you need to get done in
your da,y especially with the challenges of working from home? so many of us online entrepreneurs are doing… I’m gonna take you into my computer where I have
them all laid out and nice slides. Let’s get started! So here we are with my
little slide presentation of five ways to increase your productivity while
working from home. The first one is make your bed! I know
this sounds a little bit silly, or maybe you’ve heard it before, but making your
bed at the start of the day is going to be — like right at the beginning of the
day — like right after you’re done with whatever you need to do in your bed in
the morning — I meditate in my bed so I do it after that. But the great thing about
this is you have one task done for the day and this is like going to trigger
your whole day into a series of productive tasks that you get done.
Completing a task does trigger dopamine. If you want to know what that
is — that’s like happy making chemicals in your brain that are fired off when you
feel a sense of accomplishment or have just finished something. So it doesn’t
matter if the task is small, then maybe it’s a little bit of dopamine, if the
task is large, maybe it’s more, and you know how that is when you’ve finished a
large task and you’re like “YEAH!” So you have a chance to celebrate and you feel
it in your whole body. Well, the same thing happens no matter
how big the task is. It’s just about getting it done. That is just the number
one tip that I have to start your day on a productive level. And like I said here
your brain loves the feeling of completing tasks so even if you start
with a small one you’re gonna be off to a great start in your day. And, how you
start your day also is how your day is going to continue – I really believe in
that – so having a positive morning is really like a key to having a really
productive day. Number two turn your mobile phone off! I
am sure you’ve probably also heard this one before, but the question is: Are you
actually doing it? And, now I was kind of pretending like I was doing it for a
while so I know how that is, but , no, OFF – It;s off, completely off. It’s my personal
game changer that I’m sharing with you. When you implement this for just one day
you’re gonna notice such a huge difference in how the rest of your day
goes, you’re gonna actually want to do it again. You’re going to want to keep your
phone off when you have other things that you should be doing rather than —you know, I don’t know — looking at random stuff on your phone . So even if you use
your mobile phone in the morning for like a meditation app or to do a morning
exercise routine… I do those things sometimes… That’s totally fine
but the key is don’t look at anything else and then when you’re done with your
meditation, anyway and you should be in a nice peaced-out state, turn your phone
off and leave it outside of the room where you’re working. So that’s also
important and this is also people say: “Oh, I put my phone on airplane mode” – doesn’t work! The phone needs to be off completely off and outside of the room
where you are working. So I hope you got that point! 🙂 But this is a total game-changer for me. I am so much more productive now it’s incredible, and some
days it’s off really the whole day because I don’t need my phone. You don’t
need your phone probably either as much as you think you do. So, I don’t know who
you are watching so maybe you do, but try it for a day and we’ll see what happens. The next one social media is a scheduled
event. So you need to schedule your social media. That can be done in a
various number of ways, but it just needs to be scheduled in your calendar just
like any other kind of event in your in your day. This should be put in your
calendar as event with a set time and also a time-frame. And, I know also that
all many of us online entrepreneurs, we use social media for publishing content
or generating leads, maybe we have some people in a messenger that we’re talking
to… Make it part of your work day. There’s a certain time of the day that you do it
and it’s gonna save you loads of time. It’s going to actually free up loads of
time for doing the real needle-movers in your business. Number four: take breaks. So take a break
every 40 to 50 minutes, if not even in less time. Taking breaks is gonna help
you refresh your mind, get your blood flowing, help you to refocus when you sit
down. A great way to do this is to try to complete a task and then take a break so
that you’re fresh to start a new task when you return, and also, you have that
sense of accomplishment when you stand up. So you’re actually moving through
your tasks and taking breaks and getting refreshed and refocusing. I have some
examples here things you can do for your breaks: stand up, do jumping jacks, take a
dance break, get a glass of water, or a brisk walk around the block. And you
might think: “I don’t have time to do that” but actually these breaks are gonna save
you loads of time because your brain is going to be refreshed it’s gonna
function better and you can just, you simply, you can work better and get more
done. So I highly highly recommend taking breaks to stay productive throughout
your day Breaking up your projects into smaller
task s. If you have a large project and it’s dragging on and you’re having
trouble finishing the best thing to do is to break that project down into small
tasks that you can accomplish in let’s say 25, 30, or 45 minutes. And then what
you can do is you can actually intentionally sit down to finish it the
most prioritized task. Finish it, take your break, you can take a break for five
to ten minutes, and then go sit down and complete the next task that belongs to
that project. Now that I have some wisdom around productivity and learned how to
do thin gs in a more productive way and more effective way, this is amazing! You
need to have tasks that you know you can accomplish in a certain amount of time,
sit down accomplish it, take a break, move on to the next one… Honestly, that
goes back to the dopamine firing off in your brain. So, as you complete those
tasks you’re gonna feel more and more motivated.. You’re actually going to have
refreshed energy, more stamina, more focus and motivation – which, if you don’t know
already, comes from within you. It doesn’t actually come from watching a bunch of
motivational videos. It comes from actually completing a task. And that’s
why you start your day with making your bed, one task done, and then you go
throughout your day completing small doable tasks – but
important ones first – and then you’re going to have such a great feeling of
accomplishment throughout your day and your brains gonna be happy too because
it’s gonna be getting those happy chemicals! Those are my top five
productivity tips for working from home. Now I want to ask you what is your
biggest takeaway from this video? Do you know all these tips? Do you actually
implement them? Is one of them new? Is there something you’re struggling with?
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Well, I’m wishing you a really productive year! I’ll be coming with more like time
management and productivity tips as the year goes on because this is something
that I learned recently which is just really essential when you’re running
your own business and you’re just starting out and you have all these
things you want to do, but you don’t know how to get them done…and, you just find
yourself distracted with things like social media and email and notifications
going off on your computer. Just think of how great it feels when you actually get
this task done! OK, so I hope you enjoyed those productivity tips. If you haven’t done so
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