Top 15 Scariest Things Found On The Internet

Warning: Certain things on this list may be
too disturbing for certain viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. Number 15. The 4-chan Murder: Unfortunately,
not everyone needs to venture into the Deep Web to find truly grotesque images and disturbed
individuals. On November 4, 2014, a post thread appeared on the popular forum site 4-Chan
with a series of images of a lifeless body of a female. The woman was nude, and showed
discolouration indicating asphyxiation; the latter was made more apparent with a rope
or cord wrapped around the woman’s neck. The original poster added the text “Turns out
it’s way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies.” Initially,
people believed the post was nothing more than a sick joke. Later that night, local
news of Kitsap County, Washington reported on a homicide investigation after 30 year
old Amber Lynn Coplin was found by her 13 year old son strangled to death. People who
had seen the post immediately led authorities to the 4-Chan post after reading about the
murder, and police closed in on Coplin’s boyfriend, David Kalac. The next day, he was arrested
without incident in Portland, Oregon and charged with Coplin’s murder. Kalac is currently awaiting
trial, where he faces first-degree murder charges, and now is facing an attempted murder
charge for trying to kill a fellow inmate. Number 14. The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel:
Born in Leiblfing, West Germany, Anneliese Michel grew up in a strictly Catholic household
with her parents and three sisters. Michel had long suffered from seizures and was frequently
brought into psychiatric care for depression. Michel described how she would have horrific
hallucinations during her prayers, and she would frequently hear voices telling her she
was damned and destined to rot in hell. This worsened her depression, and the stressed
caused her to have more seizures. In 1975, a priest named Ernst Alt met with the Michel
family and stated he believed Michel was possessed by a demonic entity. That September, Father
Arnold Renz was given permission to perform an exorcism, and he made his way to help Michel
and her family. Once or twice a week for the next ten-months, Michel would undergo a four
hour exorcism session, which caused great strain on her phsyical and mental health.
Near the end of the ten months, Michel became obsessed with dying, and eventually refused
to eat; however, the Renz and the Michel family pressed on in an attempt to rid any evil spirits
from her. Sadly, Michel died on July 1, 1976 at age 23 from malnutrition and dehydration.
Michel’s parents and Renz were all charged with negligent homicide, and were later found
guilty of manslaughter, with the court attributing the incident as a result of religious hysteria.
The sessions were recorded for archival reasons, and the recordings have appeared online, presenting
a malicious sounding voice in Michel’s place, which often says derogatory and insulting
comments at Renz. However, skeptics question the recording’s authenticity, and most people
agree it was a result of misidentification of mental illness and negligence on the part
of those involved. Number 13. Cicada 3301: Since January 4, 2012,
a series of complex puzzles have begun appearing online and offline in what has become known
as Cicada 3301, coming from the game’s logo being a cicada. Each year, a new series of
puzzles will commence and end as soon as a person solves the final puzzle is solved.
Nobody has come forward and no organization has claimed to be the masterminds behind Cicada,3301,
but there is speculation it is a recruiting method for either the CIA, NSA, MI6 or even
the Illuminati. The clues to solving each puzzle are found on the internet, by phoning
random numbers, in images and even physical clues left in random locations across the
world. The eeriness behind Cicada 3301 is the lack of information surrounding its origin
and purpose, leading to endless possibilities of what it’s mission actually is, and whether
it has pure or malevolent intentions. Many of those who have solved the annual riddles
have not come revealed their identity, again causing further questions. However, every
year, people wait anxiously for the commencement of the puzzle in order to test their brain
power, and possibly become the newest member of Cicada 3301. Number 12. Death Row: Execution is many countries
last resort when dealing with violent offenders, and remains a highly controversial judicial
practice mainly due to the possibility of executing an innocent person, and with some
countries executing people for minor offenses and even based on a persons religious beliefs
or sexual orientation. Several websites have extensive databases of the final words of
death row inmates before they are executed. The most well-known of these is on the Texas
Department of Criminal Justice official website, and lists a total of 537 last words starting
from the most recent execution. The site even includes information on the offender, from
their name, age, race, place of execution and a summary of the crime. Clearly, the section
is meant for research purposes, but paints a morbid portrait of capital punishment considering
the number of people listed with detailed information. Curious viewers can really sink
into the mind of an individual during their last minutes through the phrases, and can
find quotes that are sickening and even heartbreaking. Another website is Goodbye Warden, and is
more of a presentation in which viewers are guided through each quote by navigating with
arrows. The About section states its purpose is to place yourself into the mindset of an
executed individual, and states the choice of Texas as the focus being that out of 1390
people to have been executed in the US since the death penalty was reestablished in 40
years ago, 534 were in Texas. It is left up to the readers to decide whether or not capital
punishment is right or wrong, and it’s certainly something people will question during and
after viewing these sites. Number 11. Skyway Bridge: Founded in 1998,
The Skyway Bridge is a website which lists the reports of the suicides to have taken
place on the bridge. Located in central Florida, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge connects St. Petersburg
to Terra Ceia; tragically, it has been the site of around 207 suicides since its opening
in 1987. The site claims it is a place to discuss, commentate and frame an opinion on
the matter, while at the same time not condoning the actions of the people who have decided
to take their own life. The site is even connected to the bridge’s still-shot cameras, should
anyone for any reason want to check in for any potential activity. Users are also encouraged
to post suspected suicides or near suicides in their forums. On a light side of the site,
it does have an extensive page detailing what to do if a person is feeling suicidal, including
a list of hotlines and medical centres located around Florida. There is also a section dedicated
to jump survivor stories, and even suggestions of creating a prevention rail in order to
curtail further tragedy. Regardless, the idea of dedicating an entire site to the number
of suicides in a location leaves it in the dark side of the internet, and it is certainly
not a place to visit should you be faint of heart, suffer from depressive disorders or
are susceptible to emotional distress. Number 10. Edarem: Edward Robert Muscare was
an American man who became an internet celebrity through youtube between 2006 and 2009. Most
of his videos had him displaying bizarre antics and lipsynching to various songs. Within months
of beginning to post videos, he gained over a hundred thousands views, and people shared
his videos globally. People noted his creepy behaviour and even his unsettling appearance,
but what truly makes his fame scary lies in his past. In 1986, Muscare was charged and
found guilty of having sexual contact with a 14 year old male, leading to an 18 month
prison sentence followed by 10 years probation. Thankfully, he never offended again, and after
his status as a sex offender was discovered and spread by viewers, he stated he would
never offend again, but also said “we can’t help but sin. We’re all human beings.” Authorities
placed Muscare on a further five-year probation for posting videos as it broke his conditions
of owning a computer without permission. He continued to post videos through a friend,
and was rearrested for this and sentenced to 5 years in prison for probation violations
as a result. Muscare died of lung cancer on January 8, 2012. His notoriety is still discussed
today, and there are people who condemn him for his previous actions, and those who defend
him, saying he had been rehabilitated fairly, and his new prison sentence was unjust. Regardless,
the idea of a former sex offender releasing videos of his strange mannerisms, whether
real or acted, sends a chill down a persons spine, and even make his videos hard to watch
without feeling uneasy. Number 9. Creepypasta: An absolute haven for
creepy stories, Creepypasta has an endless number of Creepypastas in full for people
to read and enjoy. The website has compiled possibly the largest collection of creepypasta
and horror stories in general. All the famous stories, from Jeff the Killer to Slender Man
are listed on the site in full; apart from this, it also includes lesser known stories
and has helped them to gain recognition. What makes this site scary is self explanatory,
and it is almost guaranteed a person will be sleeping with the lights on should they
decide to brave the site’s content. continues to grow, and diversify, from the
odd, to eerie, to the terrifying, and even just downright disgusting. If you think you’re
brave enough to venture into the depths of Creepypasta lore, then we dare you to check
it out for yourself, then try to sleep with the lights off. Number 8. Jim Jones’ Final Sermon: The People’s
Temple was a Christian church which used mixed Christianity with socialist ideology, and
had congregations in Indiana and California starting 1955. Founded by Reverend Jim Jones,
the temple had a peak of 5,000 members by the 1970s. The People’s Temple leased a large
amount of land in Guyana, which was christened Jonestown. Things on the compound became tense
after members found Jones’ security were acting more as enforcers of his teachings rather
than protection from outside threats. California Congressman Leo Ryan and several of his officials
decided to visit Jonestown to check on the well-being of the American citizens living
there, which had reached over 900 in population. Ryan and his group were met with hostility
by Jones and several members as intruders, but there were many who either directly or
secretly told Ryan they wished to return to the United States. On November 18, 1978, Ryan,
the officials and several members were about to board a flight back to California from
a nearby airfield when gunmen opened fire on them, killing 5 including Ryan, and injuring
11 others. Back in Jonestown, Jones held a final sermon in which he declared they had
been “betrayed,” all while his henchmen were mixing KoolAid with poison for the entire
congregation to drink. A total of 909 people either willingly drank the concoction or were
forced to do so, and died. Among the dead was Jones, who either shot himself in the
head or had a body guard do so for him. The final sermon was recorded and is now available
for all to listen. The atmosphere within the recording
is absolutely haunting, since most people who will now hear it know almost everyone
heard in recording did not survive the following hour after it was made. Number 7. The Candle Cove Screaming Episode:
Candle Cove is a popular Creepypasta about several people discussing the fictional titular
children’s show. As the posts continue, it is later revealed to have possibly never existed,
after someone posts his mother recalled how he used to watch static for 20-minutes. Fans
of the story have added to its lore, and a group got together to make a short film based
on the infamous Screaming Episode; lasting only a few minutes, in consisted of drastic
cuts and the characters acting strangely, as the audio was only screams, and the main
character crying over the noise. Several clones are available on Youtube, with several massing
over 100,000 views. Commenters have continued to add to the lore, with many saying the video
contained nothing but static. While it is no doubt quickly seen as a hoax by many, people
can’t help but feel psyched out at the possibility the majority are only seeing static, while
a select few actually see the disturbing images. The idea even viewers can become so immersed
into a Creepypasta story proves how well they are written, and adds to the terrifying addictiveness
these stories have. Number 6. R/Let’sNotMeet: On par with r/Creepy
and r/NoSleep, r/Let’sNotMeet is a subreddit containing user-submitted stories of personal
scary encounters with individuals. The subreddit has over 150,000 subscribers as of May 2016,
and the count continues to grow. Much like it’s sister subreddits, r/Let’sNotMeet’s stories
vary from creepy to downright terrifying, which is intensified with the fact the stories
are true. What makes this subreddit so compelling is the common fear people have of strange
encounters, since everyone is bound to have one at some point in their life. It is also
a hub for people to share common experiences, acting as a safe haven to tell their story
and discuss other people’s experiences. The forum has become so popular that it is beginning
to inspire filmmakers; a short titled 2AM – based on the post The Smiling Man – was
posted back in July 2013 and has been seen by over 4 million people on Youtube. There
is even a popular book of the best stories from the subreddit, which has recently published
its second volume. As long as these encounters continue to happen, r/Let’sNotMeet will continue
to grow, stories will be shared, and many will now continue to frequently check over
their shoulder when walking home alone at night. Number 5. Rotten: Shock sites are not always
reserved for the Deep Web, and many can be found by a quick search. One such site is
Rotten, a shock slash alternative news site launched in 1997. Rotten proudly describes
itself as “An archive of disturbing illustration,” and is dedicated to providing images and videos
of grotesque nature. Its content includes acts of violence, autopsy photos, crime scenes,
bizarre fetishes, and deformities in humans and animals. Furthermore, the site encourages
community involvement through editorial and commentary archive titled The Gaping Maw,
and a game called The Dead Pool; participants in the game list ten people they believe will
die within a year and receive a point per person who ends up dying on their list. Rotten’s
nature has landed it in trouble, and there have been many civil suits either threatened
or filed against the site’s owners, many of whom are cease and desist citations. The main
controversy behind the site is the disrespect towards family of the deceased displayed on
there. The United States government even ordered Rotten to remove the F**k of the Moth section
of the site. The site is also accused of being a source for people spamming offensive images
for revenge. Rotten is still up and running, but not many updates have been made in recent
years, and it’s popularity has dropped since its peak traffic in the early to mid-2000s. Number 4. The Magnotta Tapes: Back in May
2012, Canadians were shocked when a severed foot was delivered to Conservative Party Headquarters
in Ottawa; the same day, police intercepted a package addressed to the Liberal Party headquarters
, and it was revealed to contain a severed hand. Immediately, and investigation was set
up to determine the origin of the limbs and a motive, and they were linked to a dismembered
torso found in a suitcase behind a Montreal apartment building. The investigation further
led to a video that surfaced on the Best Gore website titled 1 Lunatic 1 Pickaxe, which
allegedly depicted the murder and dismemberment of a male individual. After extensive research,
police named 29 year old Luka Magnotta as the prime suspect, and an international arrest
warrant was issued by Interpol. On June 4, Magnotta was spotted at an internet café
by a patron and reported to police. When he was arrested, he was found looking up new
articles about his murders and the manhunt. He was returned to Canadian authorities and
recently given a life sentence for first-degree murder, as well as being found guilty of publishing
and mailing obscene material. The video 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick had previously been noticed
by concerned viewers, and a Montana attorney attempted to have it taken down, but the case
was dismissed due to the question of its authenticity. While most of the copies on the web have been
removed, there are still copies out there people actively seek. For those curious enough
to have found and watched the video have no doubt had the horrible feeling of regret linger
over them for a long time. The crime remains one of Canada’s most notorious, and the video
will continue to haunt the internet for the foreseeable future. Number 3. PlaneCrashInfo: For anyone looking
for info on the communications aboard crashed airlines, there is a site which allows one
to do so. PlaneCrashInfo has an extensive list of the details of airliners that have
crashed. The site’s sections include a full database, the 100 Worst, a map listing aircraft
disasters and even a section which reveals the last words from the cockpits before impact.
While gaining notoriety for its content, the site’s owners have stated in their disclaimer
the site is used for “general interest information”, and condemns its usage for any malicious intent.
The database is so extensive, it lists nearly every crash from 1920 to the current year,
and the operators constantly update the site in order to add or correct information. The
Guestbook section has mostly positive comments about the site, with many crediting it as
a reliable place for information, and for sticking to facts as opposed to commentary
on the incidents covered; however, the idea of having an extensive database of this magnitude
does create a rather negative feeling of remorse for those lost, and many of the details and
last words can stick in someones head long after they turn off the computer. Number 2. Dnepropetrovsk maniacs: An appropriate
name for these two individuals, the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs were Ukrainian serial killers Viktor
Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuk. The duo would embark on several different crimes, including
robbery and animal cruelty. Between June 25 and July 16, 2007, Sayenko and Suprunyuk murdered
a total of 21 people. The two would take photos of their crimes, and many of them appeared
on the internet for unsuspecting people to find. Videos even appeared of the murders,
with one showing the two desecrating a corpse of a man they had just murdered. Thankfully,
the duo was apprehended by Ukrainian police on July 23, along with an accomplice and all
three were charged with 21 counts of first-degree murder and several armed robbery charges.
As a sort of poetic justice, the prosecution used the photos and videos posted online as
evidence to convict the duo of their guilt, and they are now bother serving life in prison
with no possibility of parole; the third was only charged in robbery as he was found to
have not partaken in the murders. Sadly, many of the sick images and videos are still available
online, waiting to be viewed. This leaves a tragic legacy for the Dnepropetrovsk area
that will not soon be forgotten. Number 1. Bestgore: By far the most controversial
subject on this list, Bestgore is a shock site advocating anti-censorship and has been
accused of being a hate site. Founded by Canadian Mark Marek in 2008, the site shows news, photos
and videos dedicated to showing death and other disturbing imagery. The site gained
wide notoriety after it was discovered the video of Canadian murderer Luka Magnotta killing,
dismembering and performing necrophilia on exchange student Lin Jun appeared on the site
in full. As a result, Marek was arrested by Canadian authorities and charged for breaking
obscenity laws and corruption of public morals. The resulting bail conditions have strictly
restricted his computer and cell phone use, temporarily and possibly permanently ceasing
his administration of the site. Despite the controversy, the site sees 10 to 15 million
page views per month, and is still active. It is currently the largest shock site, and
has also become a haven for conspiracy theorists and holocaust deniers. Despite the sites popularity,
the controversy is even larger, and as of the upload of this video, Marek is still awaiting
a verdict in his court case, the ruling of which could lead to the extinction of Best

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