100 thoughts on “Top 10 Target Black Friday 2019 Deals

  1. Oh Matt !!! Please pick me for the iPhone give away …… I really need something good in my life now…..love your videos !!!!! Thanks for all you do and your updates for saving us money !!!!!

  2. Help is TCL any good???
    I want to get at TV at Target because I have the Red Card. I've never dared get a TV on Black Friday but it's what my husband wants. He's a gamer so I hesitate to get a brand I don't know but I can't spend anymore than $400. What's best?

  3. Matt my IPhone 5S is dying so I need a new phone. I’m on a fixed income (66 years old) so I need a recommendation for a good deal on a new IPhone. Please help! Thank you!

  4. I was in Best Buy about a month ago and the prices on the 55" LG and Sony 4K TV's were exactly the same as the so called Black Friday deals at $1499. Best Buy is full of it. Black Friday is becoming more and more of a state of mind than a true savings opportunity. Keep up the good work, Matt, this is in no way your fault!

  5. I want a cannon g7 mark Ii there are several one is just the camera one is almost 100 less with a bundle what is the deal here please help

  6. Why the people buy stuffs when don't needs them ? I've seen a lot of people getting 5 TVs!!!!! Mens getting Michael Kors like bananas ..like ten each arm!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 that makes me sick!!

  7. Too many Black Fridays this year, too many people have lost everything in fires. Bushfires keep on burning everything and there is only blackness and soot. Please help us to survive. Can anyone donate a dollar to help the farmers who have lost everything in all the Black Friday fires this year.

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