Top 10 Scariest Videos On The Internet You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

I really hope you’re with someone right
now because those clips are just a small taste of what’s to come in this video. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video. If you’re like me and you love to watch
scary content on youtube, then head on over to top 5 scary videos. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. So, the
internet has an endless supply of creepy and disturbing videos that are all capable of
scaring the shit out of us. It was hard to only pick 10 videos but here
are the top 10 scariest videos on the internet that you shouldn’t watch alone. Starting this list off in at number 10 with
a car commercial. Did you guys read the title before clicking
on this video? These are the top 10 scariest videos on the
internet that you shouldn’t watch alone. So hopefully you are with someone because
things are about to go down. Let’s dive right into this list with an
“innocent” car commercial. Enjoy. Sorry to do that to you guys, but I warned
you. Oh and also RIP to those of you who are wearing
headphones. I really hope you weren’t watching that
in class… Moving on in at number 9 with Little Baby’s
Ice Cream. After watching this creepy video, you’re
probably going to feel really uncomfortable and you’ll probably want to cry. So let’s take a look. what the hell did we just watch? I don’t know if I should be laughing or
screaming. And did you guys notice that he didn’t even
blink once? Is he even human? Honestly, this video makes my worst nightmares
look pleasant. All I have to say is that I’m never going
to eat little baby’s ice cream and I hope that I never have to watch this video ever
again. Moving into number 8 with the Meat Sleep Videos. There’s a really strange and creepy YouTube
channel called Meat Sleeps and they used to upload bizarre videos that made us all wonder
whether these videos were actually clips shot by a murderer, kidnapper, cannibal or all
of the above. I still don’t know what to think so I’ll
let you be the judge. Well lucky for us, the creator deleted all
of his disturbing videos but he uploaded one last video called “No more.” In this video it tells us that this channel
was operated by several people across multiple locations. This kind of makes me feel even more afraid. What if one of the uploaders lives in my area Coming into number 7 we have a coffin buried
in a backyard. A man thought it would be a great idea to
bury his dead great grandma in his backyard and that’s because he gets pleasure out
of digging up her grave and opening her casket. I’m only going to show you that small clip
because the rest of the video is highly disturbing and to be honest, it’s really hard to watch. At the end of the video he kisses her all
over her face and he seems to enjoy it just a little bit too much. What about letting her rest in peace? Number 6 we have a short horror film called
Lights Out. This creepy short film can be found on Youtube,
but trust me – if you’re going to watch this film, you should be watching it in broad
daylight and you should also know that you might have problems falling asleep tonight
if you watch it. ok seriously, how many times do you have to
flicker the light on and off? If I saw a scary looking demon lurking in
my halls I would run out of there faster than Usain Bolt. Nooooooooo. That face will haunt me forever. I Feel Fantastic takes us to number 5 I don’t
know about you guys, but I definitely DO NOT feel fantastic. Actually I feel like my soul is being violated
or something. This robot mannequin is creepy as fuck. It looks like this person bought a Taylor
Swift mannequin off of the dark web or something. Someone needs to break this thing apart, burn
it and then bury the ashes in 10 separate locations. Who else thinks that they are going to have
a tough time sleeping tonight? I don’t feel fantastic about this video
being 2:31. It’s making me feel uneasy so let’s move
on. Real Demons Caught On Tape and this brings
us to number 4. Is this what happens when someone tries to
give you a high five but you leave them hanging? Well I for sure will never leave someone hanging
ever again. Or it’s like when you open up a snack at
school and all of the other kids want some. Even though this video is clearly fake and
they used special effects, it’s still really terrifying. The person who edited this did a really good
job because I’m pretty scared. Especially after watching the last couple
seconds of this video. I warned you guys. I literally jumped out of my chair when I
first watched this clip. A real life psychopath brings us to number
3. I don’t think this next video needs a lot
of explaining, just prepare yourselves because this next video is super creepy. Nope, I’m definitely not wondering what
you’re doing! I’m actually trying to forget that this
video even exists. But I know you guys are curious so let’s
listen All I can say is what the actual fuck? This guy has definitely kidnapped some real
people. I think the police need to search his house
because I’m sure that they are going to find bodies in his crawl space and buried
in his backyard. I couldn’t even finish watching the entire
clip because he gives me the creeps. Bobby Yeah climbs up this list in at number
2. I think I can confidentially say that after
watching this video, you’ll never be the same. I don’t even know how to describe this video. All I know is that I’m not okay. This is some pretty disturbing stuff. I think this video belongs to the dark side
of YouTube and I’m sorry that I uncovered it. I just want to crawl into my bed and hide
underneath the covers and forget that this video exists. All I can say to the person who created this
video is thanks for the nightmares I’m about to have tonight. Things get even scarier in at number 1 with
Robert Helpmann videos. Before I show you guys a clip, let me give
you the backstory. These disturbing videos are of a serial killer
who enjoys doing things to dead corpses like feeding them ice cream and moving them around
the house. Sounds creepy as fuck and I feel like we don’t
even need to see a clip, but here we go ) In all of his videos you see a bagged corpse
named Daisy who appears to be dead but she’s not alone. In some parts of the video we see a masked
serial killer who seems totally insane. People are saying that these videos are fake,
but what if this serial killer is real? What if he just has a house full of bagged
up corpses and he enjoys posting them onto YouTube? I kinda want to do some more investigating
but I don’t want to be his next victim either… Well there you guys have it…

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  2. Omfg that first one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I seen it soooo many timmeess πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ same with the ice cream one… and mayybbbeee others

  3. I'm was with my dog. He was watching the video too but he started shaking so he went on my bed until I was done

  4. I'm watching with my friendly ghost ….he got damm scared though 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

  5. Landon : "…that are all capable of scarring the S#&@ out of us."
    Me : Thinking I'm in the Luu(Toilet) so I'm covered continue watching.

  6. Things I questioned while watching this video

    What if Number 4 was real……
    What if Lights out was based off of True Events……
    What if Demons are real…
    What if the World is a hologram….

  7. Fun fact:
    When watching this video alone, you don't feel so alone…

    …Because the comment section is always here to keep you safe!

    Also there's a dude staring at you from behind

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  9. #theend

    Ive actually seen a few of these before. Haha but still enjoyed watching the rest of them. Im down for another like this.

  10. I actually know the real story behind the "i feel fantastic" video. So this one animatronics and android maker wanted to have a career in music, so he had decided to make a singing android that he made a music video for. When it zooms in on the backyard, alot of people believed it was the grave of the woman the doll supposedly resembled, and that the maker felt so guilty that he made an android to relieve his distress. He actually made the doll just for music. The backyard was to put in that typical "nature peace" type mood. The theory being it is honestly nerve wracking, but once the maker of the video explained it, it all came to rest.

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