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hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA online guide where today we’re gonna be taking a look at the thruster jetpack hunted as part of the doomsday heist dlc in GTA online and Wow does it feel weird saying that anyways let’s get to the guide so to obtain a thruster jetpack you first need to own a doomsday heist facility I have a short video briefly explaining the basics of facilities if you don’t already have one anyways once you’re on a facility you’ll be able to buy this thing for three point seven million undiscounted once delivered to your facility you’ll find it in the middle of the storage area and once you climb in and strap on you’ll have the ability to customise and upgrade the thing like any other aircraft it’s basically like a Smuggler’s Run aircraft you have all the usual visual and performance upgrades but also have the ability to get the thing out with weapons and countermeasures you can have machine guns or rockets as your offensive capability and have chapel flares as your countermeasures strangely they’ve not added the ability to mount smoke trails to the thing but to be fair I never really saw anyone use those anyways in smugglers run anyways once we have the thing modded to the max let’s take it out for a spin so on the most part the thrusters handling is very similar to that of a helicopter you can just imagine it as an incredibly small VTOL aircraft because that’s all it is it’s got very good maneuverability which will allow you to do some pretty complex maneuvers and it also travels at a pretty decent speed though you won’t be able to outrun most of the aircraft so it’ll be something that you’ll need to keep in mind shooting at people is a little more difficult than I first thought it would be the game’s camera isn’t very cooperative especially when you need to fight in a pinch it’s zoomed into your character much closer than any other aircraft and it makes keeping tabs on your opponent and yourself a little tricky at times a good workaround to this is to use first-person view when attacking using the thruster as it will allow you to always see your aiming reticule and lock-on a little easier the missile firing speed is exactly the same as out of the Buzzard you can fire two missiles away but will then have to wait like six seconds to be able to fire it again as for defensive capabilities that too is also similar to a smugglers run aircraft to explosive sniper shots and it will still work fine but more and it’s a gonner it’ll also take just one humming rocket to take the thing down so keep those countermeasures in mind over all the thruster is basically just a novel way of getting around and blowing people up I guess would I recommend that you buy this thing hmm I personally wouldn’t to be honest for the price tag as an offensive piece of hardware it just doesn’t hold up but as a personal runaround it’s pretty fun I kind of like it of course I only bought the thing because I wanted to make a video on it but if I wasn’t a GTA youtuber then I don’t think I would have bought this thing maybe wait till you’ve unlocked the discounted price if you’re planning on buying this thing anyways I hope you enjoyed this short video about the thruster if you did make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the pyro gaming channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon see you around everyone

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