The Scariest Story on the Internet – Blark and Son

(birds chirping) – As Victor pulled his
gnarled, bloody stumps out of his shoes, he
realized the shoe snake had claimed another victim. S-S-S-Snake-s-s-s-s. – This freaky fettuccine
site is scary, which I’m like totally
down for, by the way. But all these stories
are fake, right? – No, that’s the best part. Zeke told me all
of them are real. (phone buzzes) Oh knuckle rappers, Gene’s
here, later alligator. – See ya Regina. (door creaks) (door closes) My sweet raven of the night. Huh, Clovis La Roche? In 1926 New Orleans, Clovis Clemens was accused
of over 50 counts of murder. He’d snatch
neighborhood children and feed them to
his bloodthirsty
alligator, La Roche. – [Narrator] Clovis
would play his accordion to mask the screams of the
kids being eaten alive. Until one night, he waded
into the swamp himself and fused with La Roche
creating Clovis La Roche. After he gets ya, and he
will, he’ll suck your soul into the reeds of
his squeeze box. And you’ll be another note
in his symphony of screams. Also, he’ll take your fingers and put them in a bindle
slung over his shoulder. And also, he’ll take your hat! (screams) ♪ Son ♪ ♪ Not now Daddy ♪ ♪ Hey son ♪ ♪ Get out ♪ ♪ I love you son ♪ (grunting) (laughing) – Son, your Papa Roach
cooked you some breakfast. – 10 fingers, 10 toes,
10 fingers, 10 toes. – What’s got my child riled? – Oh Dad, it’s Clovis La Roche. He’s gonna get me. – Grover the Coach? – Clovis La Roche! The child eating gator
man from Louisiana. If I hear the wheeze
of his squeeze box, he’ll gobble me up. I’ll be a swamp snack
in his swamp shack. – Whoa, scary, good thing
he only eats kids like you. – F you old man. You think that’s it? After he eats me, he’s
gonna put my cut off fingers in his bindle. – Mm the finger bindle. Seems like a hat on a hat. – Oh, I haven’t even
gotten to the hat part yet. After your dead,
he takes your hat. – Okay, that’s just dumb. Besides, if this bogus
cologne guy did come here why wouldn’t you
just choke him out? – Choke him out? I’m 90% body fat. If all you’re gonna do
is make me feel bad, then you can just leave. 10 fingers, 10 toes,
10 fingers, 10 toes. 10 fingers, 10 toes,
10 fingers, 10 toes. (western music) – The real problem is
Son thinks he’s too weak to keep this Boris McToast
fella from murdering him. – Well, at his age fears
can seem insurmountable. I, for example, used to be
terrified of tight spaces and being buried alive by a
band of psychotic hillbillies. (evil laughing) – Ty Barry you ought leave
your gorgeous face exposed. – One summer, my kid sister Greg taped a bankers box over my head and forced me to lay in a
sprinkler trench for a week. – Sweet Christ,
that’s a grim image. – Maybe if you present
this Clover the Ghost guy to your son in a
friendly manner, he’ll extinguish the
associative fear he has, and provide him with what we
call emotional power over it. – Your brain is almost as
impressive as your cheekbones. – By the way, thanks again for
helping me out with the AC. I really owe you one bud. – Hmm. – Blark, I think the time
we’ve spent crafting this outweighs the monetary
value of fixing my AC. – Shh, you’re beautiful. – Oh, this head mask
is pretty tight. – Just stick to the
script I wrote Stace. My name’s Clovis
and I’m full now. Me and all the dead
kids in my accordion think you’re a cool guy. Hang on, I’ll be right back. – I’m wrestling. (suspense music) – Son, I’ve got a very
dope surprise for you in the living room. – No, no more living rooms. This is my home now. I’m gonna stay in
here and push my lane as my favorite champion
Tryndamere the Barbarian King. – Tryndamere, huh? – [Son] Yup. – You think Tryndamere
would be scared of Clovis? – Pfft, with one swing
of his 10 foot sword, Tryndamere would turn
Clovis into a hot smear. (angelic music) Plus, he can
activate undying rage and become temporarily immortal. – Well for now I’m safe
and sound above the ground. I’m safe and sound
above the ground, safe and sound above the ground, safe and sound above the
ground, safe and sound. – Whew whee, this
one’s still alive. – Good catch Clem. Make sure you bury him alive or dead. (evil laughing)
(Stacey screaming) – Dad, what are you doing? – I’m giving you the
power of Tryingdammer. – His name is Tryndamere, and he isn’t real. – But you’re real. And without you, all
those little blue dudes would beat Tryndamere with
their magic baseball bats. – Crystal wands, but I
get what you’re saying. – [Stacey] Oh God,
what’s happening? – I’m saying, he only
does what you let him. You cast every spell, and you’ve killed every
baseball player sent his way. You are Tryndamere, Son. – [Stacey] Pick me up. I’m still alive. – [Blark] Uh oh,
Stacey, not now. – Screw you La
Roche, undying rage! – Here it comes. (screaming) Holy shh, Son you got
a mean right hook. Just like your Pappy. – Thanks Dad, I
hope Stacey’s okay. – He’s more than okay. I bought 12 of his books to
use as kindling for the winter. A small price to pay to
see you conquer your fear of Corbin the Musical Gator. (Son sighs) Why are your shoes
filled with newspaper? – Shoe snakes Dad, shoe snakes. – (laughing) Shoe snakes, oh? (scary music) Shoe snakes? – I already stuffed
your shoes Dad. – Oh, good, good. All right, love you Son. (door slams) (upbeat music) (crunching) – [Man] Sweet. (cutting) (gun shot)

100 thoughts on “The Scariest Story on the Internet – Blark and Son

  1. I swear this show is probably ok but I just don’t want to actually LOOK at it. It’s like the opposite of aesthetically pleasing.

  2. My sweet raven of the twilight lol I said those exact words when I was a teen. Had a crush on a goth girl lol

  3. Your father has cannibalized his dead friends to survive, killed giant mutant rats and has a purple heart, but you still hate your dad and are scared of monsters

  4. I love these characters and I love puppets
    But these puppets cause my Uncanny Valley gears to get creeped out

  5. I used to be scared of this like every time I watched it I would just feel like they want to kill me lmao

  6. You know you played too much League, when the only thing that comes to your mind is: Report Tryndamere for afk please

  7. This show needs to get rolling already, it would be epic to see 30min episodes and full seasons. This is One of the Funniest sketches I've seen in a long time.

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