The Making of Ragnarok: Ep 6 | The Premiere of Ragnarok

We’re sneaking a peek. -Hey, beautiful!
-Hello. -You’re so handsome. Mashallah!
-Thank you. Jesus fucking Christ! Today? I think we’re doing… It’s promo stuff
for social media, I think. -Want some moisturizer?
-Yeah. …each other, how was it back then? Alright, so, sound please. -You were so cute!
-Oh, look at that cutie pie. I am not a god! I wonder if they will laugh
when they’re supposed to. -That’s what I’m wondering.
-If not, they won’t laugh at anything. -If they don’t laugh, then it’s like…
-We try to be funny, and… not a sound. These are the poses I will be doing
at the premiere tomorrow, like this… I’ll come in all casual and then turn
and just, “oh, a camera!” I’m guessing Jonas will do
hands in his pockets. I think one button will be closed,
hands in his pockets, and be like… Make sure you don’t look into the camera,
pretend you know someone in the back. Did you ask the others what they think
I’ll do? What did they say? Then I’ll have to mix it up tomorrow,
do something unorthodox! Like this… Tani-Punani. How’s it going? Look into my camera. He’s an awesome guy. Adam Price. Or Adam Price. He is the boss. The writer. I’m stealing salt and pepper. He’s the type of guy who walks into a room
and opens his mouth, and people just… -No matter what.
-The biggest smile. Yeah, he’s so loveable
and so dominant as well. Great guy, he’s so nice.
And he’s such a good cook. “Eating with Price.” His cooking show. No, I was just thinking about it. The Walking Dead,
that’s another TV show. -Hey, Adam.
-Trine. Nice to meet you. -Hey, I’m Signe-Marie. Congratulations!
-Thank you. There are a lot of people today,
not least young people, who think the world is big and scary,
and on the brink of an apocalypse. So, I figured that people in this world
need something to put their faith in. -Oh, right.
-There is a need for a tale of a hero. And in our little world of Edda,
there’s a hero who comes along. We’re so happy and grateful that the show
has generated such a big interest. So we’re trying to talk about the story
in a way that doesn’t reveal anything. Hey! I’m Lukas from The Rain.
I’m about to meet the cast of Ragnarok, the new Norwegian Netflix Original Series. Afterwards I’m joining them for the
premiere screening. I’m really excited! It’ll be awesome, so yeah! So your character is basically the… -…like, the clever version of mine.
-Really?! -My character’s just…
-Your big brother. Basically, my character’s just like… “I’m so mad right now! And now I don’t
care what you think, I’ll kill this guy!” -You know the scene where you punch the…
-Oh yeah, the glass? -Really good. I loved that.
-Thanks. -And thanks for watching! Bye.
-Bye. -Bring it in, buddy, that was so nice.
-Yeah, so nice. -This guy!
-This guy! -Best friends already.
-My buddy, right here! Are you kidding me? Are we allowed to wait outside? Or are you afraid of paparazzi?
Because they are crazy about me! -The Mercedes upfront.
-Yes. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Because I am. -I’ve always dreamt of this, you know?
-Yeah. I’ve always dreamt of walking
the red carpet, be it in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, whatever.
Just a red carpet. -That’s the dream?
-On the bucket list. I was told that if you’re nervous,
try and turn it into… -The feeling of nervousness…
-Imagine people naked? That too, but it’s a bit too simple,
a bit too stupid. Try and turn your feeling of nervousness
into excitement. It’s a similar emotion,
you can trick yourself. -Excitement is fun…
-Then feeling excited isn’t any better. -Well, actually not.
-Not at all. -It doesn’t matter what you call it.
-“Now I’m excited, but I feel the same!” -There’s Mom and Dad!
-Oh, that’s so nice. -Here we come.
-Awesome. -He’s my favorite!
-He’s so cool! Scooch! This will be exciting,
from Odda to Colosseum. I’ve never done this, anything this big. Standing shoulder to shoulder
with these… It feels really safe having
them around right now. -Here, look at her!
-I want one with the boys, too. Oh yeah! The pose, what did you do? Ladies and gentlemen, a quick recap. -I actually did that.
-You did? I bet you did the casual pose. That’s exactly what I did, all the way! We know each other so well now. David Stakston, Jonas Strand Gravli, Herman Tømmeraas, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø. A personal question
that links to the story: How far can you actually throw a hammer? Not so far. I mean, I haven’t tried though. You’ll see, you’ll see in a while. Well, walking over here
to the wonderful Herman Tømmeraas. You’re already a household name, and… Would you call your own part
a good guy or a bad guy? -In the show?
-Yeah. -We’ll do the personal stuff later.
-Alright, yeah. Well, in the show…
Probably somewhat a bad guy, but it’s more about the transformation
from a bad guy to something else. Coming over to you Terese, we’ve… We have established that the men in
this show are big, strong and beautiful. -Yeah.
-How are the women? Well, even better. I think the series
portrays a variety of female characters with complex qualities, which is
really important in film, I think. And very strong female characters,
as well. -Both physically and mentally strong.
-Yes. The most exciting thing for me was that
I was able to sync a scene with my music. Let’s go to the after party. That was so much fun.
Crazy to watch it on a big screen. That was crazy, I never imagined…
Colosseum is so big, we walked on stage, and when we saw the audience
we were like, “oh shit”. I just stood there and said the F word.
It was totally crazy.

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