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  1. Hates off.. These days people get their instagram account verified because of tiktok and I hate it… I respect you πŸ™πŸ˜Š.. Love from India

  2. I think, you make more conscious decisions in daily life than more people out in the world
    which makes you in super control over your actions

    I'm also following that shit like yours

  3. great video like always!

    A person who truly loves what they do wont sacrifice quality for quantity. they'll offer both and smile while doing it!

  4. Gary, do you have an opinion based on this, on the book 'Blockbusters' by Anita Elberse. It seems like her point of view is opposite, quality vs quantity. Go big or go home with creative projects. Not quantity. How do you think her perspective goes with what you're saying.

  5. "What if a loved one died…" that is nuts! I've been using that same thinking to put things into perspective lately…thank you for once again articulating things perfectly, Gary!

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  7. "we're completely not in control of anything, which kind of weirdly makes me feel in control of everything" that's my quote for today. thank you, means a lot personally right now for me. love your "positive dna"

  8. I grew one of the largest social marketing companies in southwest Florida – FIVE YEARS AGO – using volume … and literally there was NO ONE who understood what I was doing or how I was doing it. I preached it then, I still preach it … because it matters. Good vid man.

  9. Hey Gary,
    How does it work if I work for a company on LinkedIn? I have my current employer as my present position on my profile. I like to keep myself on the market for new Oppertunities. I'm connected with supervisors and co workers at my job on LinkedIn. I have thoughs I would like to post but, how could that affect my current job if people I work with see my post? Can I get fired if my employer were to see post I put out and not like what im talking about? I need my job right now. I'm not in a position to go fulltime in my own business. Do I need to create a second profile? Should I remove my current employer from my current position? What's your thoughts or a work around when I'm not my own business fulltime but I want to do my own side thing with the LinkedIn platform?

  10. If you put it into the context of lets say a restaurant, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. "Well let's make as many steaks as we can it doesn't matter if it's half cooked, who cares if it has too much salt, just make as many as you can." He can sit there and say that "quality doesn't matter" when he's being filmed by a professional videographer, with a wireless mic attached and he's lit properly in every scene. The simple answer to all of your problems is if you make good QUALITY material, people will come.

  11. so what I understand from this is quantity wins- because it helps you generate quality. The question is how does one take their product, and develop a way to turn it into a format that you can generate quantity from?
    If you are a musician, it takes time to make new music, so how do you create mass quantity? create bad songs that only take a day to make? live loop and improv? maybe interview local musicians? Vlog about the process of making music? The same for other industries; what about a chef, or a money manager, or a visual effects artist, or a game developer? what are ways to find creative solutions to produce work quickly, that still provides value? what about the process is worth exploring? can you create a platform where others can express their creations,- generate value, by helping others generate value?
    The hard part isn't creating, as much as it seems to be finding a way to delegate the creation process. seems like the leg work is in making contact and letting others do the creative work for you- let someone "ask you the questions" then all you have to do is provide the answer.

  12. Quantity gives the opportunity to raise the level of the quality over the long-term. How many people decide they shouldn't continue because the one video they made wasn't as high quality as they wanted it to be?

  13. DEADLINES. That one word drives it all. Figure out your quantity goal, whatever it is, maybe 3 pieces per week or 7 or whatever it is. Then produce the best quality you can and HIT THOSE DEADLINES. Polish and craft your production on every iteration and eventually you will be delivering high quality at a high rate.

  14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The internet is about communication. The more content you have, the more feedback you get. Leveraging quantity to find out what your customers want.

  15. qualities and quantities are both important
    quality are not quantity, nor quantity are quality
    the world won't change if there is good quality but bad quantity
    nor it will change if there is good quantity but bad quality
    remember, a person by itself can't change the world
    nor if we are all badly disabled and can't move a muscle
    It is best if they are keep balanced NOT equal
    quality and quantities always have to work together to make a good thing.

    Ex: You can't live if there is A LOT of water but it is DIRTY,
    nor if you have a CLEAN water but you only have A LITTLE,
    but you can if you have ENOUGH CLEAN water.

    Hey last week an old lady asked me to check her balance,
    so I push her over…

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