45 thoughts on “THE EU WANTS TO RUIN THE INTERNET: Stop the EUCD in the parliament!

  1. The EU equals fascism and hopefully we all follow the UK and LEAVE
    Besides this smells of MSM trying to get rid of the competition . Again : fascism

  2. Unfortunately, Swexit wouldn't do much in cases like these, I'm all for a free trade union (having the same standards when it comes to production/construction is also good) within the EU region but these overarching and heavy-handed regulations are becoming ridiculous. They really need to take a step back.

  3. Hittade i.a.f. EU parlamentets agenda för de närmsta dagarna 10 -13 feb.

    Kanske inte tillräcklig framförhållning dock

  4. funny how its the communists who usually we see as people who oppose copyright stuff and call this copyright system capitalistic yet they seem to be voting for more cencorship and more copyright.

  5. A prediction; this will be voted down but will come back in some bureaucratic form within a couple months of being ‘defeated’ that cannot be circumvented.

  6. This is really scary. The #EU was a great experiment in peace and cooperation that degraded to a dictatorship of non-elected. #fixit or #swexit

  7. I've heard the UK Government state that they will NOT be bringing this Article into law. If that is the case, we in the UK are already benefitting hugely from BREXIT. One fewer attack on freedom of speech. Of course, whether the average remoaner will keep the same cheap flights to his Tuscan villa is less clear. #bless #realsuffering

  8. Great video this one. You inspired me to make a simular video when you first released this one. So i did😎. So in a way you could say you made this video..

  9. you would think that in these Brexit days, the powers down in Brussels would try to do things that people actually like to improve the popularity rate of the EU in the mind of common people. but apparently not.

  10. You can leave Sweden. We’ve finally done it so can you. Just don’t put any remainers in parliament to begin with.

  11. At last I see someone talking about this. Apart from a few local youtubers, concerned about the ability to maintain their source of income, I haven't heard anyone talking about this in over a year. This can be the start of a true censorial structure. These idiots are playing with fire.

  12. Thank you for bringing attention to this.

    I'm also glad I'm not the only one who reacts to the obnoxious habit of online papers to first smack you with a full-page ad and then following it up with a paywall.

    I'm fine with either the ad or the paywall, not both.

  13. Article 13, now 17 is good for all musicians though! We will finally get a decent pay out from the freeloaders.
    No matter if it is a big label or a independent music creator. https://www.article13.org/article-13

  14. Creating laws that force internet users to pay a fine to the very companies they are giving FREE advertising to with their links is stupidity on a whole new level!

  15. It had to be DE this time also. Mind you there is a team of lawyers based in DE who handle cases of stolen media and torrents.
    This team of lawyers is funded by Hollywood and DE obeys their orders. (Anybody remember thepiratebay trials)
    I would not be surprised if the same group of people is behind this also.

  16. Hope you guys n gals manage to sort the EU's EUCD , Their quest for more and more power and impose regulations on EVERYTHING is a dark looming future. Remember the EEC started as economic trading community. Its wow morphed into the EC then the EU, becoming about building an European empire (with its own army) and the people in power want to strip your rights away. Including the right to leave it.
    from Guy Verhofstadts twitter
    "#Brexit is a failure of the Union. There is a lesson to learn from it: to deeply reform the Union. To make it into a real Union, a Union without opt-in, without opt-outs, without rebates, without exceptions. Only then we can defend our interests and defend our values."

    They despise democracy look how they ignored votes in other EU member countries.

    "Our interests" = The peoples who run it interests

    Remember the UK tried to get the EU to "reform" so we could continue to be a member, but they refused & were hell bent on pushing forward the way they wanted
    what verhofstadt calls "reform" is to continue pushing forward how they want

    I hope you manage to either correct from what the EU is becoming or manage to escape while you can.

    Good Luck

  17. There's so much shit on YouTube from every country, in every language – it was very fortuitous to have come across this one… thanks for letting us know what's going on over there. (watching from Massachusetts, USA).

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