The Essence of Surf | Gota d’ Água Surf & Cercima Montijo

Peter, are you ready? Yes! always Hey, can you make me look gorgeous? That’s a question everybody asks.. is surfing hard? or how long does it take to learn how to surf Do you remember, for example, the event we did last year… with Cercima de Montijo That´s a good example why surf is for everybody It made me think a little bit.. about why we all start this. Do you remember the kids with those genuine smiles Because of the contact with the ocean The sharing… That moment is what surf lifestyle looks like, and is all about Like a life experience We stop thinking of it as a sport and becomes a moment of fun then you realize, that in the end everybody can feel it, because everybody came to experience it and share. Maybe because im older now, or because i have 2 kids.. because we have had a group from a long time now You start to understand that when you are a kid you care about the tricks and the technique and to be really good and surf a lot At this moment for us surf is a spiritual state, the sharing with the friends a good sunset Being in contact with nature, that is surf for us Sometimes we were having sessions and we didn’t have any waves But we were there together, and that was important, The discovering it was all those experiences that, for us, surf was about

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