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Yolo fellow kids. Michael Stevens here. And That’s right. Checking the day of the week is a DONG, something you can do online now guys. Come with me to the Deepest site created by Borjomi mineral water the site’s basically an ad but it does a superlative job of showing just how deep the Earth is. Instead of climbing or digging straight down, this site lets you scroll down in real time. I’ve been scrolling for about five minutes
now. This is where I am, and this is where they draw their water about 8 km below the surface of the Earth. Hey! I’m already about 2% of the way there which means I only have about 4 hours and ten minutes to go. Unless I’m somehow able to scroll faster
than 60 cm/second. Up here is a constantly updating depth gauge showing how far you’ve reached and underneath is the time you’ve spent. No one is below me right now because
I’m a heck of a scroller but if someone’s at the same depth as you or deeper than you, you’ll see how many here. You have to go through sandstone, volcanic
rock, and many other layers before you reach the destination. If you’re getting fed up with Earth and
its seemingly endless depth make it explode This is just a sweet little Earth gently turning in a peaceful cloudscape of wonder…oh no. It’s erupting into fiery fragments of planet!!!! But that’s okay because I did that on purpose. Click on any part of the Earth like here and
here and here. If you’re in the mood for complete destruction
you can do that too. But if you regret your actions no worries because it eventually collects itself back together so you can leave to check out DEVX Experiments. On this site developers from around the world
submitted pixel themed digital experiments for you to look at and interact with. Scroll through to see your options. The creator is shown here with their name,
country they’re from, and facts like whether or not they eat poutine. Check them out and marvel at cool designs
like this or this. Once you’ve had your fill swing on over to Double Pendulum which features…a double
pendulum…swinging in a single ally. Look at how it operates by default. Then manipulate factors like their angles and masses here. Speaking of masses, the masses certainly are entertained by celebrities. Well The Oracle of Bacon connects them all. A website where you can type in any actor
or actress and find their connection Sometimes they’ll be short and sometimes
not but they will be linked somehow. You can also change the way they are linked. But if you can make connections like this site you’re reading to test your intelligence with Quizshow. It requires a smartphone and once you type
in the given code you’ll be connected. The questions shows up on the computer but
use the phone to buzz in your answer. You’ll be awarded points with each correct
response and keep in mind this is a multiplayer trivia quiz so be quick and don’t monkey
around because that’s for Rhythm. An awesome interactive music maker with two
cute little monkeys. Select from the three sounds on each of these
lines. The bottom two are the drums that the left
monkey plays and the triangle at the top is the right monkey’s instrument. Once you’ve figured out a pattern you like
press play to listen. Now that your ears are filled with music
fill your mind with challenges on This site where the goal of the game is
to select the designated number of squares in each column and row. The tutorial gives you a feel for the game
but after this it can get difficult. For this one you can knock out any column or row that needs 5 because it’s the only way to fill them in It helps to think step by step because if
you can eliminate the possibility of any square it will narrow your options down. It times you too but don’t flip out if it
takes you a while. Instead Flip bottles on this Vertical Bottle Flip Challenge, the DONG version of something that is really fun and not at all old. Looks easy. Let me try. Nope. Nope. *gasp* Nah. Links to every DONG mentioned in this episode can be found down below in the description. There’s also a playlist you can click on to watch other episodes of DONG. But if you’re looking for something you can do offline now guys…a DONG. Well check out the Curiosity Box, a subscription box full of science experiments and tools and toys curated by myself and Jake and Kevin. There’s even exclusive Vsauce items you can’t get anywhere else. Pretty sweet right? Check that out. Check out the DONGs in this episode subscribe to DONG and as always, thanks for watching. ttyl. brb. Am I cool yet?

100 thoughts on “The Deepest Site On The Internet!

  1. If you're scrolling your heart out and you think you can't carry on…you can. I'm supporting you and I believe in you.

  2. YOU DONT NEED TO SCROLL DOWN just do F12 then do console and type >>javascript:RE_INIT(7999) (copy and paste it) and you at bottom done no need for scrolling

  3. 0.0 Touch screen? *Scrolls 1000 cm per second* **doesn't
    make any progress** … *goes to another D.O.N.G*

  4. to get to the bottom of that scrolling website, just type: javascript:RE_INIT(7998); into the the console in the dev options

  5. Michael, of coarse you are cool. never doubt your level of coolness. you are a googolplex times cooler than anyone i now.

  6. That website gets everything wrong, first it’s dirt, then stone, then bedrock, then the void. DO 👏🏻 YOUR 👏🏻 RESEARCH

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