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(upbeat music) – Ah, “Sword Art Online.” It’s a series you either love or hate, or you loved it and grew to hate it. But here’s the thing, it’s good again. (people gasping) Probably. So I’m here to recapture some
of that season one excitement. So today, I’ll be going
over the whole SAO timeline up to the end of Ordinal Scale. And for those of you
who need to hear this, there will be spoilers in this video, because I’ll be recapping every major plot point for the series. Obviously, it’s a timeline. 2016 to 2018. I’m gonna start this
timeline at a crucial point in all gamer’s development, when Kirito stops being a jock so he can spend more time
playing video games, like me. No, literally, like me. I’m done, I’m no longer a D1 athlete, I just like, play visual novels all day. In 2016, Kirito is eight years old and is tired of being forced to train in the martial art, kendo. His grandfather goes all dance moms on him and gives him a beating for quitting. As a result, Kirito’s
adoptive sister, Suguha, doubles down on her own kendo training to avoid incurring their
grandfather’s wrath. With all that pesky
athleticism out of the way, Kirito’s interest in computers grows. Two years later in 2018, Kirito discovers the
truth of his upbringing, his biological parents
died when he was a baby. He was adopted by his aunt and uncle and Suguha is actually his cousin. His aunt and uncle chose
not to tell him anything about the whole being adopted thing, so when he finally does find
out, he isolates himself, diving deeper into the
escapism of technology. 2020. In 2020, in as yet unrelated plot point, a young girl named Sinon is involved in the infamous post office incident. A robber holds up the building, while Sinon and her mom are inside. Sinon ends up shooting the
robber with his own gun, displaying a hidden
talent for marksmanship. Even though she took out the bad guy, she is ostracized by her peers. She’s traumatized by the experience, and avoids men and guns as a result of it. And given how some of the men in this series behave, who can blame her? 2021. But the whole world is
about to change in 2021, with the debut of a new piece
of tech called NerveGear. It’s a revolutionary
piece of VR technology which promises not only
high-quality graphics but a total linkage of
your nerves to the game. In other words, what
every single one of us has dreamed about at least once. A man named Kayaba Akihiko
developed the tech, but it was mostly funded by the U.S. and Japanese militaries, and just saying, I don’t think connecting nerves in any consumer item can be good. Well, if the military can’t
use it, let’s give it to kids. – [Adrian] I don’t trust Google
with my credit card account. Why am I gonna trust them– – [Both] With my nerves? – Beautiful. I love that. In May of 2022, NerveGear hits the market. For the next few months
everything is working perfectly. Well, except for the fact
that a secret mode exists that prevents users from
removing the NerveGear unless they meet a very specific set of conditions in the game. And if the wearer tries to take
off the NerveGear by force, their brain will get fried. Luckily for NerveGear’s stockholders, no one knows about the mode, and if you’re wondering why Kayaba would have such a mode in the first place? I would have no other answer for you other than it was funded by the military. It’s kind of the thing they do. 2022. In August of 2022, the open beta drops for the NerveGear’s marquee
game, Sword Art Online. Kirito’s isolated himself from
the real world at this point, which apparently makes
him the ideal beta tester for the game, so he dives in. The whole fry your brain problem doesn’t come up until November when everyone logs into
SAO on its true launch day. Kirito and the rest of the players are enjoying exploring the world. Kirito soon encounters Klein, another player who needs a hand getting used to SAO’s mechanics. Kirito gives him some pointers, and the two begin a friendship that will span the rest of the series. Only a few hours later, players discover that
there’s no way to log out and they’re trapped in the game. The players in-game
appearances revert back to what they look in real
life, and that can’t be good. I mean imagine seeing an anime girl, and then all of a sudden, it is my face. That’s scary. Oh, you’re a black guy! Oh!
– Uh-oh. – But not as big as a bummer as when they’re told that
if they die in the game, they’ll die in real life. On the first day alone, hundreds of people die trying
to take their headsets off. Kayaba announces that all
living players will be freed if they reach the 100th floor
of Aincrad, a floating castle. Even in the month-long beta,
Kirito and the other players only ever reach the 10th floor. There’s one small silver lining, if players remain in town,
they can’t be killed. Meaning the task of reaching
the 100th floor of Aincrad will probably fall to a few
elite, and very brave players. That same day, the Japanese government establishes a group to research and assist victims of the SAO incident, appointing Seijirou Kikuoka as its leader. One of the group’s responsibilities is caring for the real-world
bodies of the players trapped in the game so they don’t, you know, die of starvation. By December, over 2,000 players have died, including many of the beta testers. But the remaining players have managed to create a relatively stable society. A ton of stuff happens around this time, most of it’s in the
“Progressive Light” novels if you’re curious. Most importantly, Kirito meets Asuna. Later, the beta testers call a meeting which is quickly interrupted
by another player who accuses the beta testers
of hoarding information about how to beat the game. Kirito takes responsibility
for the beta testers role in the accusations, and
labels himself a beater, which means beta tester cheater. All right, let me do that seriously ’cause that’s such a terrible name. Pah! He’s a beater. At the start of 2023, a
company known as RECT Inc. takes over management of SAO’s servers. RECT happens to be Asuna’s father, who clearly has a special
interest in the SAO crisis. In February, Yuuki Konno is the
first to test the Medicuboid which uses the same FullDive
technology as NerveGear. The Medicuboid is specially designed to give terminally ill
patients a more normal life. Remember Yuuki’s name for later,
it’s going to be important. Back in SAO, by March, the 25th
floor of Aincrad is cleared, but the guild responsible for the victory is decimated and retreats. A new guild known as the
Knights of the Blood forms and steps up to the plate. A player named Heathcliff, who is Kayaba in
disguise, is their leader. But the guild has a ton of badass members, most notably, Asuna. In April, Kirito joins a low-level guild, the Moonlit Black Cats, hiding
his high level from them so they won’t realize he’s a beater. May brings the launch of
yet another FullDive system, the AmuSphere. What is this, the Ouya? The Ouya? Yeah, what is that, tell me. – [Adrian] You don’t
know what the Ouya is? – Was it from… – [Adrian] It’s that gaming
system that was like, we’re gonna bring Android
games to the big TV. – Oh no, I don’t know about that. I’m glad I don’t.
– Oh good. It was a terrible idea. – Its biggest game, ALFheim Online, is set to debut in November. And really I’m just confused why anyone would wanna mess with the same technology that caused the deaths
of thousands of people. Like, all right, thank you, capitalism. We really that oppressed? Y’all really want money. A few months later in June, Kirito’s negligence gets the
Moonlit Black Cats killed. Kirito blames himself,
and honestly, he should. But it only pushes him deeper
into his self-isolation. And, oh, later in October, a young girl named Yuna
gets killed on the front. Trust me, it’s important. 2024. By January of 2024, a year
and a half after the whole getting trapped in the
game incident happened, the 50th floor’s boss is cleared. Kirito unlocks his really
cool dual-wielding ability, and a guild of literal murderers, Laughing Coffin, is formed. Back in the real world, that same month, Kirito’s adoptive sister,
Suguha joins ALFheim Online. On February 23rd, Kirito
saves Silica a beast tamer, from a bunch of aggressive
apes in the forest. Around the same time, he
meets Asuna yet again, and she starts forcing him to
interact with other humans. Unfortunately. Kirito duels Kuradeel and wins, and he refuses to join Asuna’s guild because he’s too busy
feeling his sad boy oats. (laughs) I like that. Over the following months,
Kirito and Asuna’s relationship becomes increasingly romantic. In June, Kirito assists
Lisbeth, and in thanks, she makes him a second
sword, Dark Repulser. Kirito joins the Knights
of the Blood on the 20th. At this point, Kirito
is comfortable enough to explain his trauma to Asuna. On the 23rd, he kills a
member of Laughing Coffin that infiltrated the high
ranks of the Knights’. – [Adrian] Which was Kuradeel! – Which was Kuradeel, by the
way, he’s an (metal bangs). And then literally that
night he proposes to Asuna, and they soon move in
together on the 22nd floor; he’s 16 at the time. Which is (groans) (laughs). Ah, bro, I get the gamer
loneliness, but dear God. A week later, they adopt a small lost girl named Yui as their daughter. Too bad she turns out
to be a computer program and gets erased two days later. (both laughing) Good! (laughs) – [Adrian] Sorry, daddy. – This AI program calling you daddy. Still, they already love her, and Kirito manages to save a
copy of her to his NerveGear, because that made sense. On November 7th, the two
lovebirds end their honeymoon after their child died, and
travel to the 75th, I’m sorry. On November 7th, the two
lovebirds end their honeymoon and travel to the 75th floor
with the rest of the guild. Kirito reveals that Heathcliff is Kayaba, forcing Kayaba to put his
plan into action early. The two duel, and as Heathcliff is about to deal a fatal
blow, Asuna gets in his way. Following Asuna’s sacrifice, Kirito wins, ending the death game and
freeing all remaining players. All right, I just gotta say,
dude, that was so stupid. Like Asuna jumps, he’s about to stab him. Kirito’s already down and out, right? Stab Asuna, she jumps in the way. If I’m Heath, I’m like,
okay, (sword clashes). How simple would that have been? And then he turned on his hack powers and he stabbed him back. I was like, what the hell? This made zero sense! Give it a reason, even if
it’s a terrible reason, just any reason at this point. Standard’s aren’t high. Unfortunately, that
includes the murderers. Kayaba spares Asuna
because he feels like it, and with everyone free from SAO, it shuts down, killing Kayaba as it does. At the same time, some
players, like Asuna, are intentionally, I’m sorry (laughs). I’m laughing because I keep
thinking how stupid it is. I’m like, doesn’t he come back again? – As a ghost.
– Yeah, what the (bell dings). Ah, okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. At the same time, some
players, like Asuna, are intentionally diverted to appear in ALFheim instead of waking up. This leave’s Asuna trapped in
a cage on top of a world tree. Because the one thing you need to do with everyone’s favorite
female lead in your show is lock her up and have a dude do weird stuff with her in a tree, but we’ll get to that. And that’s how the Aincrad arc ends. That was the good one. 2025. In the year 2025, early in
January, Kirito’s in therapy like most SAO survivors; they all have to
re-acclimate their bodies. Kirito learns Asuna’s
real name from Kayaba after defeating him, so he
visits her in the hospital. There, he meets Nobuyuki Sugou, who, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, is an unrepentant piece of garbage, and also a literal rapist that taunts Kirito by
saying he’ll marry Asuna. See, Asuna’s dad has selected
Sugou to be Asuna’s suiter, even though Asuna’s not having it. Literally, she’s in a coma, so. Sugou’s also Kayaba’s rival, and that becomes pretty important later. But for now, he’s in
charge of a task force run by the Japanese government that’s helping SAO’s
victims with their recovery. They’re also doing some
shadowy work with the military. Because why not? A few weeks later, Kirito
learns about ALFheim and sees photos of Asuna perched atop the in-game World Tree. So, it’s time for him to
dive back into the VR game, not three months after
escaping the trauma of SAO. Once in ALFheim, he meets Leafa, a girl whose voice sounds
mysteriously similar to Suguha’s. Of course, Kirito doesn’t
immediately notice. In ALFheim, Kirito meets several people, including the leaders
of the various races. Because Kirito’s an anime protagonist, he and Leafa quickly end up becoming near-legendary
figures in the game. Meanwhile, Sugou, who is the
Fairy King Oberon in the game, torments Asuna. And by torment, I mean assaults. By the 22nd, Kirito and Leafa
finally recognize each other. Okay, I get how Kirito didn’t
pick up on it immediately, but Suguha, girl, look
at him, like come on. Suguha comes to terms with
what Kirito has gone through, and Kirito recognizes how he alienated her through his self-isolation. It’s a very heartfelt
reunion between siblings. You know, they’re like
doing some weird shit. They’re like, so we didn’t
talk about how she was, all right. (both laughing) They travel to the top of the World Tree while avoiding Sugou’s goons. Kirito reunites with Asuna, and defeats Sugou in the game
with some help from Kayaba. See, Kayaba developed a
thing called the Seed, non-proprietary software which can control FullDive
worlds and players. A computerized memory of Kayaba which is basically a
computer ghost of Kayaba gives the Seed to Kirito. Because computer ghosts are real. And since ALFheim Online
was created using the Seed, Kayaba can give Kirito
god-like admin powers, which allows him to defeat
Sugou once and for all. Later, back in real life, Kirito narrowly avoids getting stabbed by Sugou on his way to the
hospital where Asuna is staying. Sugou goes to prison, while ALFheim gets temporarily
suspended and then sold off. Asuna’s father is forced to
step down as the head of RECT and honestly that seems
fair considering everyone just keeps exploiting FullDive technology. And Kirito makes the Seed opensource, so anyone who wants to develop
for FullDive can do so. They really are making him Jesus, huh? Yeah, yeah. In March of 2025, Kirito
meets with Rinko Koujiro, Kayaba’s former girlfriend,
to discuss the late developer. In spite of everything that’s happened, Kirito seems to respect
him for some reason. In April, the SAO Survivor
School opens its doors to students from across the nation. Thanks to the SAO incident, it’s been three years since
they’ve been to school, so it’s time for them to
finish what they started. Around the same time, ALO is
officially re-established. It now includes the world of New Aincrad and other SAO features, like Sword Skills and player data, all made possible by the Seed. Other, VRMMO games start cropping up using the same technology,
like Gun Gale Online. In May, New Aincrad officially opens, and Kirito’s gang, alongside
both SAO vets and new players, begin challenging the Floors once again. But this time, they don’t have to worry about actually dying. Well, at least until the
Phantom Bullet arc kicks off. In June, Kyouji Shinkawa
meets Shinon Asada and introduces her to GGO, you know the one who shot the bank robber! She starts using the game as a way to deal with her gun phobia. In July, Kirito and friends take Yui to go see a whale and fight a Kraken. – Hold on a minute.
– What? – Hold on.
– What? Hey, internet child, we’re gonna go see a
whale and fight a Kraken. It’s gonna be a great weekend. More importantly, Kirito
meets another member of the SAO Victims Rescue
Force, Seijirou Kikuoka, who grills him to find
out more info about SAO. He then recruits Kirito to help out with yet another VRMMORPG that has turned deadly, GGO. Or Gun Gale Online for those of you who don’t know what GGO means. In August, Karen Ko-hi-ruimaki,
better known as Llenn, begins to play GGO. Alongside her friend Pitohui, she quickly becomes a legendary player. Because GGO randomly assigns avatars, her in game character
looks drastically different than her real-life body. This is from the side thing, right? – [Adrian] Yeah. – On November 9th, a
mysterious masked figure known as Death Gun
kills Tamotsu Shigemura, a controversial but well-known
figure in the GGO community. The murder happens in-game,
so everyone freaks out, thinking the Amusphere is
not as safe as they thought. After a second killing later in the month, Kiku-oka asks Kirito to investigate. Kirito heads into GGO, meets Sinon, and the two become partners. He doesn’t know how to use guns, which is kind of a handicap
in Gun Gale Online, especially when you’re about to take part in the third Bullet of Bullets tournament. So instead, in natural SAO fashion, he picks up a sword, a laser sword. But he doesn’t have to
worry, Sinon has his back; they’re able to bond over
how they’ve both been forced to kill people in self-defense. Death Gun murders another player while the tournament’s
going on, which is strange. How could he have killed somebody when he’s seemingly
participating in the tournament? Nonetheless, Kirito and Sinon
end up in the final three with the other remaining
contestant, Sterben. This guy moves exactly like
a member of Laughing Coffin that Kirito once fought so
Kirito uses his knowledge from the first time he trounced him. Kirito and Shinon defeat him, sharing the top spot in the tournament. In the outside world,
it turns out Death Gun is run by two former
Laughing Coffin members. One of their brothers
had been killing people by going to their apartments and giving them lethal
injections while they’re diving. The IRL murderer is
actually Shino’s friend, Kyouji Shinkawa, the one who introduced her
to GGO in the first place. Because this is SAO we’re talking about, he tries to rape Shino in real life. I hope that isn’t taken
like a joke when I do that. I just don’t, I just wanted to be calm ’cause I’m not trying to,
like a really strong word and we’re in a workspace right now, so. There’s a lot of that in this series and I don’t appreciate it. So, ugh.
– Please, editor, please keep that in. Because this is actually serious. – No, like seriously, I’m
just trying to keep it down. But people always say, I think what I’m saying
comes off as a joke. I just don’t wanna talk about it. But all right, we keep going. Luckily, Kirito stops him. Side note, the brothers get arrested, but the third member of
their group goes free. At the end of the arc, Shino meets the rest of Kirito’s buddies. She also meets the person
she helped save back at the post office incident, which helps her finally
make peace with her past. Shortly after Christmas,
Kirito and the gang decide to pursue one of AOL’s, I always wanna do AOL Online. Shortly after Christmas,
Kirito and the gang decide to pursue one of Alfheim
online’s mythical items, the legendary sword Excalibur. After Klein saves a goddess, Frejya, from the cage she’s trapped in, the heroes fight their way through a litany of
Norse gods and monsters. A lot of women trapped in
cages in this timeline, guys. Turns out Frejya is actually Thor, a pivotal NPC in this Excalibur quest, and when Kirito gets the
sword, he completes the quest. – [Adrian] If you can’t
tell, this was a side story. – I don’t even think he uses
the sword ever again, does he? By the beginning of 2026,
life is fairly peaceful. The survivor’s school
is working as planned, and Kirito, with Asuna’s encouragement, is developing his own VR tech. It’s even got a device which allows them to talk to Yui more easily. At this point, Kirito
believes the virtual world is as important as the real one, but he recognizes there
needs to be a balance. And that my friends, I think,
is some character growth. However, Asuna’s mother is
still putting intense pressure on her to perform up to her
family’s high standards. And, surprise, that doesn’t
include playing video games, especially not the ones that
almost killed her once before. Understandable, if we’re being honest. Like, for real. That’s actually good
parenting to be honest. Asuna gets into a duel with Konno Yuuki almost defeating her. After their duel, they become friends, and Asuna meets Yuuki’s
guild, the Sleeping Knights. The Sleeping Knights’ goal
is to defeat a floor boss and have their names recorded. The guild is made up of
players from another MMO, Serene Garden, used exclusively
by hospital patients. Many of its members are terminally ill, including Yuuki herself. But they don’t know that yet. The guild, Asuna and Yuuki, with some last minute help from Kirito, fights its way through the
27th, 28th, and 29th floors, achieving their goal and engraving their names
in the game forever, or at least until its
servers go offline someday. – [Adrian] Damn it, do we have
to put that line in there? It’s so sad. – That is sad but all
right, that’s appropriate. I think so. In the meantime, on February 1st, GGO’s first Squad Jam takes place, and Llenn emerges the victor. On March 29th, Yuuki passes away, held by Asuna and
surrounded by her friends and many admirers in the game. In April, the second Squad Jam occurs, and Llenn takes second place. Around this time, the Augma, an augmented reality technology,
becomes incredibly popular, replacing VR for many ALFheim players. Asuna’s pretty good at it’s main game, Ordinal Scale, but Kirito sucks because he has no real-life
strength or agility. And why does it feel so good to say that? Really though, I kinda, I
really don’t like him anymore. Probably the author’s fault for just putting me through this. The device’s popular idol,
Yuna is throwing a concert, and Kirito thinks that a certain Tetsu-hiro Shigemura is behind Augma. When the concert rolls around
it turns out he’s correct; Shigemura’s working
with a former SAO player to try and revive his daughter, Yuna. She died back in SAO, dude, really? You don’t know how this… Reincarnation? Okay. She died back in SAO, so Shigemura tries stealing
the memories of her from all the SAO players
invited to the event. What?
(Adrian laughs) That’s not how memories work, all right. We’re almost done. It doesn’t work, ’cause
that’s not how memories work. And Kirito and the crew ends up fighting what was originally going
to be Aincrad’s final boss. – [Adrian] Oh that’s pretty sick. I kinda like that.
– Yeah, I like that. Not the dumb idea to resurrect a daughter. We’re just doing video games,
bruh, this is video games, you can’t bringing someone from the dead. They even get some help from friends from the past, like Yuuki. (slow music) Whoa! (laughing) Wow! This is falling apart. She’s dead. Thanks to this, Shigemura’s plan fails and Augma quickly falls out of fashion. And that’s where I’m gonna leave off! With Alicization still airing, you can always go and check
out the rest for yourself. ‘Cause I definitely don’t wanna
hit y’all with no spoilers ’cause it’s actually getting good again. So, definitely worth the checking. I’m Curt, thanks for
watching Get In The Robot, your anime watch list. Ugh, Adrian, I’m so sorry.

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