The Best of Maeve & Aimee – Sex Education Friendship Goals

– Do you really think this
place has asbestos in it? – [Maeve] I don’t know. There’s worse ways to go, I suppose. – God, yeah. My auntie got eaten by wasps. – What? Was she stung to death? (chuckles) – No. She was eaten. Oh, he’s cute. – [Maeve] What is it with you and stoners? – Doesn’t he remind you of someone? – Adam? – No, I was thinking more
like a boiled Ryan Gosling. – [Maeve] No, Adam. – I deserve closure! – Everyone inside, now! Ruby thinks Kyle should
change the way he dresses. But I think he looks nice. I mean, he has been wearing a lot of trackie bottoms recently, but that’s only ’cause
he set his jeans on fire. – What? – He’s got second-degree
burns on his thighs, but he was blazed when it
happened, so it only hurt a bit. (whistles) I think he’s peacocking, but with words. Let’s do a mind map. – What’s that? – Oh, it’s just writing stuff down. It’s really good for hard decisions like, should I get a
fringe, even though Mum says it’ll make my face look chubby? Or should I tell Mum I hate
her and run away from home? – I don’t want a boyfriend. – [Aimee] I don’t get it. Having a boyfriend is the best thing. – What’s so good about it? – Last week, I got chased by a fox, and Kyle threw a shoe at it. It was so romantic. – What would you wear to
meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time? – Okay, right, whatever you
do, do not dress like you. My brother brought a girl home once, and she wore a Nine Inch Nails T-shirt, and my mom thought she worshiped Satan. Also, she did a massive
shit in the toilet. My dad had to break it up with a stick. So don’t do that, either,
’cause first impressions count. Good luck! So I think I need to talk to Otis. – Problems with Kyle? – Oh, no, I’m with Steve now. – Who’s Steve? – You know, Top-Heavy Steve? Built like a Chupa Chup. – [Maeve] Cool. – What the hell are you doing? – I’m dumping you. For her. (chuckles) – Are you mental? She’s a slag. – Yeah, you’re right. But so am I. (gasps) – I’m not a slag. – Me either, it sounded good. Just keep walking. – Why am I here? I hate fairs. – You’re here because
Steve is doing extra study for your stupid altitude scheme. You’re my date. – Aptitude scheme, Aimee.
– Yeah, that’s what I said. Can you win me a giant pig? – How you getting on with your form? – Everyone has a thing except me. I’m hoping this form is gonna
tell me what my thing is. – Your thing? – Yes, my thing. You have your feminine books. – Feminist. What’s your form say? It says I should be a baker. – Aims, I think it might be banker. Baker’s not on there. – I think I’m gonna stick with baker. I do really like toast. What you doing? He’s wanking on me! Can I get off the bus, please? – What happened to this cake, exactly? – Oh, it didn’t look so bad before, but then I was on the bus,
and a guy wanked on my leg, and I got a bit of a shock,
and I smushed the cake. – What? – Do you think it’ll stain? I love these jeans. – You you have to report it. – It’s fine, they were only cheap. – No, you’ve been assaulted. – I think he was just lonely, or not right in the head or something, which is weird ’cause
he was quite handsome. – Aimes, this is serious. – It’s silly. I’m fine, honestly. – Okay, I know what I want
to do for my birthday. I want us to go to the police. – Ooh. Hope I get my jeans back. – Do you really want them back, though? – Yeah, they’re the
perfect bootleg, Maeve. You don’t find that very often. – It’s true. – Do you think they’re watching us? – Yeah, probably. – (farts) Oh! – No. – Can I have my jeans back, please? I’m gonna go, I’m sorry to make a fuss. – Aimes, what if he does
this to someone else? I know you can do this. Please? – You’re doing brilliantly, Aimee. – [Maeve] Yeah. – Just take your time. Try to remember. – He was already on the bus. Sorry for ruining your birthday. – Weirdly, one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time. (slow pensive music) (sobs) (slow pensive music) (coughs) – [Bus Driver] Everything all right? – Sorry, wrong bus. (bus doors puff) – I didn’t try and steal
your boyfriend, Ola. I had to tell him how I felt. – You didn’t have to, Maeve. You chose to. Did you even like Otis? Or did you just want to win? You’re a snake. – [Maeve] Yeah? At least I don’t pretend to be so sweet and nice all the time. – [Maeve And Ola] You don’t
know anything about me! – Stop fighting over a stupid boy! – Aimes, why are you crying? – Because I can’t get on the bus. – Oh, Aimes, it’s okay. It’s okay. – What are you doing here? – Getting a bus. We’re all getting a bus. (energetic uplifting music) (bus doors puff) (energetic uplifting music) – [Bus Driver] Getting on or what? – Give her a minute. It’s just a stupid bus. – It’s just a stupid bus. (energetic uplifting music) ♪ Downtown harks back ♪ ♪ Halfway up the street ♪ ♪ I used to be free ♪ ♪ I used to be seventeen ♪ – I’m angry that a horrible
man ruined my best jeans and nobody did anything, and now, I can’t get on the fucking bus!
(glass shatters) (cheers) This is amazing! Gonna keep smashing stuff! – [All] Yeah! (glass shatters) – Scabby Queen. I win, I win! – No, you don’t, you have
to get rid of the queen. You lost, sorry. – I still don’t get this game. – Hand them over. Thank you. – Ta-ra, lad. – See you later, pet.

54 thoughts on “The Best of Maeve & Aimee – Sex Education Friendship Goals

  1. Season 1
    Eric: Can you wait for a second?
    Bus driver: That's one second
    Season 2
    Maeve: Give her a minute
    Bus driver: Okay you got me

  2. I honestly adore Aimee and Maeve's pure friendship. Despite romantic love arguably being more prevalent in the media, I also love portrayals of strong platonic relationships, particularly between females. Tra la, lad!💜😀

  3. Okay but like, I started baking bread for a while because I really do like toast hahah
    But yeah, Aimee’s storyline had me bawling because it took Aimee’s storyline for me to figure things out for myself after years that it had happened

  4. That bus scene was so fucking powerful, like each one of them were so different yet so supportive, I loved that!

  5. i really wanna know when aimee and maeve became friends.Before the show cause it's obvious they have known each other for ages

  6. I’m still waiting on the Ola and Adam friendship goals, even if is only a one minute video, I loved how they became friends✨

  7. Aimee: its just writing stuff down but it engages all sides of your brain
    Maeve: You mean both sides?
    Me: Smart Maeve
    2secs before this^
    Aimee: Lets do a MindMap
    Maeve: What's That?
    Me: O.O

  8. Maeve Eric and Aimee are my favorite. She is so dumb but so pure and genuine and cute and the same time. Thanks for this amazing series

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