The Best iPad, iPad Air & iPad mini Accessories (2019)

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an
iPad Air an iPad Pro the mini or even the classic nine point seven inch iPad.
Having a great accessory that’s well executed can really elevate your
experience from good to great now but the problem is that finding a great
accessory is a little bit like Indiana Jones who’s looking for the
Lost Ark of the Covenant. That’s because you spent a lot of time bouncing from
site to site searching through what is a endless list of accessories for
your iPad and sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one that’s actually
great while other times you end up getting an accessory that feels
like it’s been cobbled together and lacks thoughtfulness. If you’ve been on the hunt for great
iPod accessories you are in the right place because in today’s video I’m
going to talk about all my favorite accessories for the iPad Air
and iPad mini. Let’s get started. What is going on everyone. I am Mike
and this is tech 24/7 TV where we bring you the latest and greatest in
unboxing and product reviews so you can make informed buying decisions. Here on this channel we do the legwork
so you could find the very best technology for your daily life. And if
you like iPad and iPhone videos just like this one, make
sure you are subscribe with notifications. Now there is an abundance of accessories
available for the iPad and like I mentioned in the beginning,
finding the best accessory is hardly easy. When I buy an accessory I’m really
looking for an accessory that can be confirmable because I’d like to use
it across many different accessories as possible. s should have good design and a high
degree of AKA it can’t really be ugly. And finally it should be high enough
quality where it last for a good amount of time and I don’t want
to replace it every few months. Now the accessories in today’s video
can be used with the iPad, iPad Air, the classic 9.7-inch or even the iPod Pro.
But if something is model specific I will make sure to make
note of it during the video. And if you’re interested you can click
on the card above here to go and watch the video from my favorite accessories
for the iPad Pro. Now there are links to all the accessories that
I talk about in today’s video right below the like button and timestamps
on all the products that a talk about our pinned in the first comment Now the core of any good set up is
going to be an iPad stand and that is especially true if your iPod is going
to be your primary computing device. All right or is gonna be
the desktop companion for your Mac. Now this is the KLEARLOOK tablet stand
and it costs $28.00 on Amazon. Now for me there are a few things that
I really like about the KLEARLOOK tablet stand. First the iPad is going to elevated
a good height from the top of my desk. It’s actually going to be 12 inches
from the sand to the cradle. And then from there it can be adjustable up
to another six inches meaning you can actually have your iPad 18 inches off
the top of the table. Now which is great because there is
nothing worse than getting neck pain from having bad posture. Second the cradle itself can be adjusted
to fit a device from an iPhone 6 all the way up to the current iPad
Pro 12.9 . Now it’s not quite easy enough to use one handed but it is
simple enough to open by pulling on the strong strings. The cradle can
be rotated allowing for the iPad to be used either in portrait or landscape
orientations and it can be tilted up or down for better view ability.
Now finally the base itself rotates 360 degrees with a single finger thanks
to the mats on the bottom of the sand. Plus I really appreciate the minimal
design aesthetic now from my perspective this makes a great stand to use with
you know if you’re using this as their primary computing device with a keyboard
in a mouse using it as a secondary monitor on macOS Catalina and sidecar.
Maybe when I used to play video games face time WebEx possibly even
in a kitchen. Except for me my cabinets are a little bit too low or
in a professional environment as like a kiosk check in or a point of sale stand. Now prior to this I was using this
a SATECHI R1 hinge which I really still find myself using but that use cases
are a little bit more nuance now since getting the KLEARLOOK I would go in
and still recommend the SATECHI. If you’re looking for a stand that
has great viewing angles, great fit and finish while being
ultimately more portable than KLEARLOOK. Now that you have a great stand for
your iPad and you really need an equally great hardware keyboard. If you want
accomplish some serious work I preview the first option in my last video about
the iPad Air 2 and iPad OS and it is the ultra portable Bluetooth
foldable keyboard from a iClever and it costs $37.0s. Now what’s great about this keyboard
is that it’s ridiculously compact footprint in ways only six point
three ounces. This allows her to easily fold into any backpack or briefcase or if
you’re a carpenter in your back pocket. Now the keyboard is compatible with iOS,
Android in Windows devices and can easily switch between the devices itself.
Keys are backlit and they have a sufficient amount of key travel
and it really has my favorite function keys which I talk
about almost every video. Now, the downside here is that it charges
with microUSB it’s not a deal breaker for me but I would love to
have seen you USB C charging. Now, on the other hand if you are looking for
a keyboard that is not as it is costly and is going to be kind of
fixed you’re just got a more permanent basis, there the JELLYCOMB wireless keyboard. I don’t know
where they come up with these names. It’s quite funny. This was me fifteen
dollars on Amazon. Now it has a similar feature set. Good typing experience
has IOW function keys still works with those trio of devices but you lose
on the portability and the backlit keys. Now if it hasn’t been entirely clear
yet I am a big proponent of flexibility which will extend to the way that I
charge my devices. Now for me I am all in and using your USB C
to charge my devices because I really want to minimize the number of cables that
I carry day to day and use USB C has a lot of inherent benefits because
it can safely charge my iPad or the iPhone faster with power delivery. Now for you USB C I’m charging with
a POWERPORT Atom PD 1. What a mouthful. They cost between $25 and $32 dollars
on Amazon depending whether it’s on sale or not. Like I just picked
up my last one for twenty one dollars $21 during Amazon Prime Day. Now let’s
compare the 30 watt charger from ANKER to APPLE’s 18-watt charger that comes
with the you know the newer iPads in addition to the 30 watt charger
that you can purchase separately for $49.99. You can clearly see that the ANKER
version is just about as big as the 18 watt charger and it’s apparently
baby sized when you compared to the 30 watt charger from Apple. Well that’s because ANKER is essentially
using a new manufacturing technique that shrinks the internal components
allowing for a much smaller footprint. Now the downside here is that
the plugs themselves are not foldable much like the 30 watt charger you see
from APPLE. But if you take in consideration that ANKER is delivering kind of the
same wattage as the APPLE version at 40 percent less the cost and you
can charge your iOS devices between two and six times faster. In addition
to having an 18th month warranty it’s a pretty compelling purchase. If you often find yourself digging
through a backpack pull of dangles cables and plugs without a way
of really corralling them. Let me introduce you to the TECH POUCH
from PEAK DESIGN. Now if you’re unfamiliar with PEAK DESIGN this is
the company it started several years ago focusing on making really just
great camera accessories and now they’ve gone into making kind
of great travel gear. The TECH POUCH is a top loading,
accordion cell pouch that features a waterproof shell in zipper meaning the contents
are gonna remain dry if it gets wet. It’s a large enough to hold
two liters of your favorite dangles cables and chargers. In addition having a
rear zipper pocket on the back that can fit my iPhone XS Max and a passport
and it has a cable parser to charge your phone. You want to go and use that MOPHIE
PowerStation PD XL inside of the pouch. Now that in addition to having a middle
zipper pocket for all the delicate items like memory cards air pods and
whatever else you can think of now there’s no doubt it’s expensive because
it cost you nine. But it does have a lifetime warranty and if you’ve been
looking for a new travel bag or backpack. This integrates very nicely into the
PEAK DESIGN kind of eco system of bags. So you’re going to get
high reuse out of it. Now on the opposite end of spectrum
if you don’t need to carry around all these things maybe like I do. You could
be looking for a way to keep your apple pencil safe and secure now. This is the Small Zipper Pencil Case
that holds kind of pencil you different dangles from Cosmos and a cost
a very nice or very attractive $7.99. Last but not least you probably want something
to keep your iPad protected while it’s not in use or during kind
of transport, I have two options for you depending on if you want something
a little more luxurious or something until a bit more practical. Now first this is the INOTEK tablet
case and it’s 15 dollars. The interior is lined with faux fur it’s got a
large exterior pocket that’s actually kind of large enough to put in the iClever
keyboard when it’s folded, the ANKER charger the USB C cable and the Apple Pencil. I’ve been
using this for about a month now and I’m say it’s going to be my go
to travel case for my iPad instead of my Tom Bihn because I like to leave
that inside of my combat bag. Now in addition that if you want to build
a bit more luxurious Apple’s iPad cases that makes him the best leather products
I’ve seen now here. As a bonus tip if you have a small child with
an iPad. This is the top site I’ve had keys for the nine point seven inch
iPad and it saved my son’s I pad several times from four halls three plus feet
up so the entire case is made a silicone. It has three handles allowing you to
kind of grab it anywhere you want it come to the strap. But I found that’s too cumbersome for
a small child. There’s kickstand on the backs which can be propped up
for watching movies or TV shows while you’re on a long flight intent and
it’s available in lots of colors that kids love. Now that’s going to wrap
up my favorite accessories for the iPad Air and the iPad Mini but
I want to know what your favorite accessories are and what you would change from
my list. Now let me know in the comments below you can follow me on Instagram
and Twitter for more content with the user name at Caputo and
I will talk to the next one.

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  1. 🤟🏼Timestamps:

    KLEERLOOK Tablet Stand – 1:55
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    Inatek Tablet Case – 7:30

  2. The ipad mini is a beast. I have been making all my videos on it and love the portability. Great vid, thanks for the accessory ideas!

  3. Wow! Your video and content is amazing! I really like that stand tho – very clean and minimal. I was actually looking for something like that since I use my iPad as monitor when shooting. Great share! You got yourself a new fan/sub for sure. Catch you on Twitter 👍🏾

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