100 thoughts on “The Anime With Zero Clips or Screenshots Online | Hana no Asuka Gumi 2

  1. Holy e-shit, I downloaded this off of #WareZ on mIRC back in the day and just found the copy I bootlegged back in my old IDE hard 60 gig hard drive that I bought for 220 dollars back in 1999

  2. Well hope the anime get archived then, for being so rare and such.
    getting a remastered and sub would only happen if fans or media preservers
    want to "restore" and subtitle it.
    with today's technologies like esrgan and ai upcalers, it could work.

  3. I guess since you did this video these folks decided to post it online, lol? https://lonelychasersubs.blogspot.com/2019/11/hana-no-asuka-gumi-2-english-subbed.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svno2ROqOmo just a few days after your video here.

  4. Well, I found this on kissanime, it's called
    Hana no Asukagumi! 2 Lonely Cats Battle Royale.
    It's even subbed.
    Still it was a good video, I learned a few things from it.

  5. I would love to see this! If anybody out there has a copy and wants to trade dvd-r I have some equally as rare "lost" anime available. Comment below and I will reply with my Google hangouts address

  6. "Oh and spoliers for this anime that no one on planet earth besides me is ever going to watch"
    dude, you've spent almost 50% of the video hyping this anime. now, i want to watch it too

  7. Young woman kicks a leg up on a park bench, lights a cigarette and takes a snort of whiskey from a flask; "being 14 is tough".

  8. You can find the whole anime on youtube now with english subs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svno2ROqOmo Also found the VHS for sell in Japan pretty easy (all 2nd hand stores and online shops). Then again I live in Japan so not as hard for me. This show was huge, most of my Japanese friends have at least heard of it.

  9. It is crazy that some Anime, cartoon and TV shows become lost media

    See YouTube that why you should not copyright people for publishing 20 years old Anime you destroy the history

    YouTube : I don't care about history I want money

  10. Someone uploaded the full thing with English subs, and they're actually good subs! Looks like it was uploaded about a month after this video was made and lots of people are mentioning and crediting this video for that sub happening at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svno2ROqOmo (apologies if someone already commented with this link, didn't read the comments that far back)

  11. Hahaha jokes on you ive already watch this i saw this 5 years ago when im just doing some stuff in the internet i even found the manga and the movie and anime hahahah

  12. You're not alone in liking yankee school girls who beat each other up. Majisuka Gakuen ftw! One of my favorite dramas of all time!

  13. thats always the fucking thing isnt it? lost media been looking for it forever and then when you actually ingest it its "meh"

  14. …. it haan't been seen by a human eye before.

    Me: Are you picking on me?…
    A fan of the 90' animes canot be challanged by a mortal.


  15. This man really thinks he has the only existing copy of this tape, and he doesn't even digitize it and put it online for everyone to see.

    Major dick move bro.

  16. I need more anime of girls in modest school uniforms not being ecchi in any way, only badass and maybe blood thirsty.

  17. For the love of God, please upload this somewhere. I'm happy to find a host and take care of all the hosting stuff you may not wanna be involved in. This deserves to be remembered.

  18. the anime was drawn, produced, released, & then pulled from shelves for an “inappropriate” scene. that’s my theory.

  19. I actually really love that the girls in this anime have real length skirts, and not the ass-high ones that we see in all the rest of anime. Not that I normally mind, but it's unique. I truly appreciate your effort to help us otaku dig deeper into our hole of obsession, kenny! Subscribed.

  20. This OVA is also on archive.org: https://archive.org/details/hananoasukagumi2ova/[Lonelychaser]+Hana+No+Asuka+Gumi+2+[3Cb00aba].mp4

    I'm looking at it right now, and it's really damn good; besides having great voice acting from veteran VAs of the time like Hiromi Tsuru, Toru Furuya, Yumi Touma, Yuriko Yamamoto and Masako Katsuki, a good story, lots of action, and nice animation/art (though nothing spectacular), not only is it a hell of a lot better than the godawful dumpster fire Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka despite only being 53 minutes, but it shows that itfanservice and sexual content was something that it did not need; I wish this manga got licensed in the US, it's cool to see how there was a sailor suited girl kicking ass long before Sailor Moon.

  21. It's not just you, but admittedly, the sailor-suited sukeban thing is definitely mostly limited to internal domestic Japanese fandom in 2019-2020 (I am amongst it).

  22. I have both Hana no Asuk-gumi OVAs on VHS tape! I love this series with a fiery passion. (I also have the YajiKita Gakuen Douchuuki OVAs.)

  23. https://kissanime.ru/Anime/Hana-no-Asukagumi-2-Lonely-Cats-Battle-Royale/OVA?id=163969&s=default

    you're welcome, looks like shortly after someone posted it to Kissanime. and this is a case where watching it for free online is a good thing, good luck watching it legally.

  24. So it's a anime about a Badass and independant Tomboy that beat the shit out of a bunch of bitchies. Ok, you had me at Tomboy anyway, im definitly gonna watch it.

  25. Just the right man for the job. If you do get back there's a lost Demon Lord Dante ova in the year 2000 and I was wondering if you could help out with this to see this can be found.

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