100 thoughts on “Tanki Online 2 vs 10 | Juggernaut vs Railgun by Ghost Animator TO

  1. PORTES_S Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaKAS_SR4Qc
    Few tanki youtubers were gifted Juggernaut tank for 24 hours. I'm not using any hacks xD

  2. Great Vid Bro <3 Your mammoth test thingy xD what about that? You very lucky to get JGR for 24 hours. Cg. Mr_Strider

  3. Animator why you don't play with xp bp players with credit,spy are you fear for this…we want see battle with credit 1v1 serious match…no one is best player… Play 1v1 with famous xp bp players …

  4. Your juggernaut videos are amazing. Please make more. And by the way… How the hell do you make them? … Are you mod?

  5. Ghost animator I am a big fan of yours. I have seen a lot of videos of yours. I wish that tank online should beat the world of tanks game. Best of luck

  6. ghost animator thats so funny I liked the video and subscribed.thanks you for this video.andrew 10 years old

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