T-Mobile CEO John Legere: Truth about Verizon #DontGetVerizoned | T-Mobile

Hey, everyone. I’m here at our customer
care center in Albuquerque, and I decided I needed to turn up
the heat on one of the duopoly. Have you seen Verizon’s latest
TV spots attacking T-Mobile? On the one hand, I’m flattered. Here’s a company that is the
biggest and fattest carrier of them all, dropping millions on primetime
ads to try to beat up on us. Yes, they’re attacking T-Mobile. That’s fantastic. On the other hand, I never thought
they would stoop to outright lies. I guess we really are
getting under their skin. Well, they finally got
frustrated that we’re showing their customers the light,
and they’re leaving for T-Mobile. How do you think that
could have happened? Maybe it was that they completely
lost the network advantage they had built their whole brand on. Yup, network advantage gone. Poof. Over the last couple of
years, we doubled our LTE, and now cover over 99% of
the people Verizon covers. By the way, we’ve also had the
fastest LTE network for like, forever. So yeah, it could be
the whole network thing. Or maybe it was their Q3
financial results last month, when they announced that tens of
thousands of post-paid phone customers had bolted from Verizon. Yup, they lost post-paid
phone customers. Make it one of their
worst quarters ever. Now, I’m guessing that got them pretty
worked up and feeling desperate. But still, come on, guys. Did you really think we wouldn’t
call bullshit on your ads? Like this whopper. Verizon says, “T-Mobile doesn’t
offer unlimited high speed data.” I mean, wow, very ballsy, because that’s
just a straight up, bold-faced lie. That was probably to
distract from the sad fact that Verizon will only let you buy
unlimited high speed data in 30 or 60 minute chunks. And it’s Verizon, so you know
those chunks very expensive. In fact, if you want a full
month of unlimited data from Verizon, 30 minutes at a time,
it could cost you $2,880 per person. Another one of their ads claims,
“No surprise overages on Verizon.” Dude, didn’t Verizon just see
a massive spike in complaints to government agencies about overages? In the thousands? And I read this week
that they’re claiming they don’t know the cause of
these skyrocketing customer bills their customers are receiving. Really? Verizon is the King of overages. Now, I don’t know whether
this ad is still on the air, but we all know everything
lives forever on the internet. And it just shows the lengths
they’re going to, blatantly lying to wireless consumers. But the ads I mentioned don’t even
start to cover their other bullshit, like “Verizon’s gut the
only next-gen network.” What they announced
this year– yes, 2016– they’re calling next-gen technology. We launched that technology in 2014. And we’ve rolled out a total of
seven LTE advanced technologies, more than anyone in the
US, including Verizon. OK, how about this one. “Google Pixel, only on Verizon.” Anyone can tell you this is 100% false. The Pixel is unlocked and works
great on T-Mobile without any limits. Oh, and customers can cut the cost of
that phone in half with us, up to $325. Finally, there’s this blatant lie. “T-Mobile hasn’t won any awards.” Well, I guess they’re not
counting our network being awarded number one fastest network by
Ookla, OpenSignal, the FCC, and Twin Prime. Or our rankings as highest
in customer satisfaction, service satisfaction,
likely to recommend, and overall best by companies
like Nielsen, Consumer Reports, and PC Magazine. Yeah, that’s the same as no awards. I mean, seriously. Look, we all know who’s changing
this industry for the better, and it sure as hell isn’t Verizon. The truth is, Verizon is
not only afraid of T-Mobile. They’re afraid of the future,
because the future has zero room for old telecom utilities. They’re desperate and they’re using
their massive ad budgets to spread half truths and outright lies. I’m calling bullshit. We can’t let them lie to
wireless consumers anymore. Now, if you’ve been lied
to or burnt by Verizon, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve been Verizoned. Friends don’t let friends get Verizoned. If you’ve been Verizoned,
you need to tell everyone. It’s your good deed for the day. Use hashtag #DontGetVerizoned,
and let’s put a stop to the lies. Don’t get Verizoned.

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  1. Still waiting for rural highway coverage and decent coverage, not fair signal, aka you might get a text outside but you're lucky if you can even get a signal inside.

  2. On average, I would use 10 gigs per month. Verizon releases new plans with unlimited talk, text, and your choice of 4gb, 6gb, 8, and not 10gb, but 12 and 16gb. WTF Verizon??? I gladly switched after 5 years to the Un-Carrier. I used to make fun of T Mobile and would call them "T Immobile". I've been un Verizoned.

  3. I've been a T-Mobile customer for well over a decade. I was so frustrated watching T-Mobile's CEO trash talk Verizon. T-Mobile claims on-device download speeds of 7-40mbps, but I rarely get them on my iPhone 6s Plus. Just now, I got 1.03mbps down, 0.04mbps up with 4 bars on LTE. And, no, it's not my device: WiFi at home is blazing fast at 50+ mbps

    Also, they claim to provide "unlimited" data, but once you hit ~28 you get "deprioritized" and others have reported that the speeds really start to suck even then.

    This is just more corporate grandstanding.

  4. Sir I have been T-Mobilized and LOVEING IT!!!!!!!!! No lies…no bullshit..no over charges..no throttling…THE BEST FOR THE MONEY SERVICE ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!

  5. While I will say Verizon is a little more expensive than T-Mobile is, and the fact that unlimited data for an hour is $3 dollars which is not so impressive as they might think. Verizon hasn't lost their network advantage, T-Mobile. You may say that you cover 99% of the coverage population Verizon has, but that's only population coverage. That's not actual square mile coverage which is a big deal especially for travelers. If you look at the T-Mobile coverage maps, a good 35% of their maps are roaming on a different carrier! Lets face it, roaming sucks! Last year I had your service T-Mobile. Within the first month of using your service I dropped a call and I had 3/5 bars. A month later, I dropped another call, and I had full reception! Throughout my entire four years of having Verizon I only had one dropped call, but that was because I was in an area full of trees where nobody had coverage but Verizon. Also, I'm not sticking up for verizon, I'm just explaining it how it truly is. One more thing, weren't you the one who got sued for 20+ million dollars not too long ago because you throttled people who were on unlimited data? Verizon wasn't fully lying about that. So yes, while T-Mobile has improved over the last few years, you still got a long way to go before you catch up to Verizon in terms of coverage and reliability, and everyone knows that, even you know that, and by that time Verizon would've already added a lot more towers and improved their network to the point where its almost impossible to catch up to them. So no Verizon hasn't lost their network advantage.

  6. As of a few weeks ago. I am HAPPILY Verizoned. I was with T-Mobile for nearly 3 years and over the last year or so, my performance increasingly has become very inconsistent. I live just outside of Northeast Philadelphia, PA. I could be in one area, and pull around 50 – 80MBit/sec. Go to another area, and be lucky to break 1Mbit/sec and having a nearly unusable connection and I'm talking about being in Center City in Philadelphia with a full signal getting these bad speeds, many times forcing me to switch to 3G/HSPA which ends up being faster. I get it, some towers are congested, but I've ran into slow connections more often than I was comfortable with. The final nail in the coffin was when I took a road trip around Vermont, New Hamshire, and Maine. T-Mobile was ABYSMAL in those areas, while in most cases roaming on AT&T with a monthly roaming limit of 50MB and throttled to 2G speeds. This is not to mention very spotty coverage/speeds outside of any metro area, whether it be most areas in rural NJ, PA, or NY states.

    What good is Unlimited Data when the service is hit or miss?! I've been with Verizon on a new Pixel XL for a few weeks now and it just amazes me how I have conditioned myself to accept a mediocre network before. My phone just WORKS EVERYWHERE. ALWAYS get fast and CONSISTENT speeds wherever I go. Yes, I'm paying a little bit more but at least I know that I can depend on the network, and I get what I'm paying for.

    Don't get me wrong, I give complete credit to John Legere for shaking up the industry and making Verizon get more competitive with better prices, but don't hype up your network. John speaks highly of his LTE advanced, claiming T-Mobile has been using better technology than Verizon. It's a joke because they use very thin bands besides their Band 4. Band 4 at 20×20 coupled with Band 2 at 5×5 and Band 12 at 5×5 for a total of 30MHz of bandwidth. Verizon's 2-Band Carrier Aggregation has been active since 2013 with Band 4 at 20×20 coupled with Band 17 at 10×10 for 30MHz. Verizon's LTE Advanced adds Band 2 at 10×10 for a total of 40MHz of bandwidth, crushing T-Mobile's LTE Advanced with 25% more bandwidth.

    I did NOT want to switch to Verizon. I was rooting for T-Mobile most of the time I had them. I've contacted their support many times because of the issues I was having with slow connections in random areas, mostly crowded cities like Philadelphia, PA and Trenton, NJ and after a year of complaints, the issues were never resolved. My phone was a Galaxy Note 5. I just couldn't take it anymore.

  7. I had T-Mobile for 8 months, happy to announce I left.. I live in the city.. constantly no service or very poor service. 5 bars of Verizon at my home and 1 with T-Mobile..

  8. #john I agree verizon was killing my wallet when I was with them I was paying like $340 for 2 lines and $15 every time I went over mu gigs.

  9. No it is ACTUALLY PROVEN that Verizon has faster LTE speeds AND the best coverage. Plus their upgrade program doesn't in the end cost a lot

  10. The absolutely worst customer service on the planet…T-Mobile should be leading the way. However, arriving in any location is a nightmare…..

  11. Had Verizon than switched to T-Mobile. And it was the WORST decision I made! They lied, and they have the worst coverage and the worst customer service! Went back to Verizon and I'm happy again don't care how much I pay because I get the best of the best. And T-Mobile isn't so fuck you tmobile 😊

  12. I use to have Verizon long time ago and yes they are expensive that is the problem so I left and went to Sprint terrible customer services and they are asshole too than I went to At&t just like Verizon they are expensive but the customer services which I am happy they don't give me headaches and always be there to help your ass. Now I got T-Mobile but the customer services are bunch bitches it ok cuz' I can be a bitch sometime lol but it cheap and I can watch YouTube/Netflix/Games, etc without worrying about data unlike AT&T or Verizon which I got 2GB of data. Out all the big carrier my favorite will be
    1. AT&T (Expensive, Excellent Customer Services, Best Coverage even outer space,
    2. T-Mobile ( Cheap save you money, Unlimited, Bunch of bitches customer services, Ok Coverage even if you taking a shit on the ship sailing from Bahamas your shit will be fine lmao
    3. Verizon ( AT&T spoil brat brother, Great Customer Services, Best Coverage even if you are in another Galaxy.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>999. Sprint ( Asshole customer services, the price was alright, coverage drop when I was in the mountain no services thank you asshole, They will fucking sell their shit on the store even if your shit from your phone are way better phone case.

  13. you can't fight lies with lies. -and nobody offers unlimited data except ISP's. -and even some of those have resorted to the same scumbag tactics as the phone companies. 28GB of slow data isn't unlimited data. no matter how you cut it. unlimited means unlimited. unlimited doesn't mean limit with restrictions. how you people ever got away with this kind of lie is beyond me, but there needs to be a major class action lawsuit for all the people you've ripped off with that terminology.

  14. Yeah but you offer video streaming at 480p dvd quality like we still live in 1999 and charge extra for a hd hall pass like we're in grade school lol. T-Mobile the standard is 1080p not 480p so stop charging extra for a standard because Verizon don't. #1080pistheway2betmobile

  15. this guy is the Trump of the telecom industry. i LOVE him!!! i am a happy T-Mobile customer! i have the 40$ prepaid plan. i was TOLD it was 3gb of data unlimited talk/text. i was fine with that, i dont use much data and this is my work phone. as it turns out its UNLIMITED data!!!!! its 3gb of "high speed" and the rest at 2g. they UNDERSOLD their product!!! these guys are great. i LOVE T-Mobile!!

  16. While John Legere doesn't answer people's questions when you a him. Here's a question I asked him we have so many soldiers overseas this Christmas why doesn't Tmobile send them phones and get a tax break, it's great public relations. John won't answer that question I asked him. I guess he's too busy with his pink clothes he wears.

  17. TMobile hasn't worked for us check this video and please share it.We have paid Insurance and they wont honor it! https://youtu.be/9VSdleTZVrI I know Ceo is great but he has to make sure promises are kept & honored.

  18. I've been with T-Mobile for 13 years and I'm on a grandfathered plan and I've been paying $130.00 per month for 5 lines. No one could beat that price. extremely happy with them.

  19. it's not every day I get sucked into watching a ad. Verizon used to be awesome, the first with unlimited data. It was expensive but worth it when it was new. Now it's just too expensive and they throttle you if you still are locked into unlimited data.

    T-mobile had and still may have issues, but I still find them to have the best value and the customer service is fucking awesome. My biggest issue was when I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get data when staying at my girlfriends and the coverage map said I should be good. Well apparently my phone was outdated, It would have been nice to have t-mobile send me a message. It took a little bit for customer service to figure it out, but as always they were very serious about making sure the network was working as advertised. They always seem to take there time and do the job right the first time. So the next day I got a new phone and wouldn't you know, I got better coverage.

  20. Yeah t mobile has "unlimited" I am okay with 480p video, but when depriortization kicks in, it is unusable unless you are in a location with an uncontested network. Also, their kickback program gives you $10 back if you use less than 2 gbs which totals on $60. Verizon has a 5gb plan for $55. WTF?

  21. Only if t-mobile would extend there coverage to my area (a very rural area) i wouldnt have to have expensive verizon ):

  22. I just switched to T-Mobile today after being with Verizon for the last 11 years and IT FEELS GREAT. $100 for unlimited on 2 lines, INCREDIBLE. I was paying $146 after taxes and fees for 2 lines with 1gb of data on each..

  23. Hey douche bag when you're going to fix the towers the Internet connection is worse than MetroPCS lately I've been so frustrated that I've been thinking about the change phone company

  24. a CEO saying bullshit on his official T-Mobile channel unsensored I'm sold 😂 this guy resurrected T-Mobile 💪

  25. it happened cuz you lie about your coverage and the fact that you lied about you having 4G when you only had 3-g it also happened also because you had class 11,000 people class action lawsuit thrown out of court and also that you had fraudulent charges that you had to pay back top of that you screw people out of the transfer fees like me took me 2 years to get it ever want to come to Phoenix Arizona and talk to me about it please do

  26. Maybe I’m in the 1% margin. I just switched from AT&T to T-Mobile because I have a T-Mobile Tower right by me. However, when I get closer to my home? My signal drops like a rock. I can’t stream shit & get dropped calls. So I opted out of T-Mobile One (I love t-Mobile 30 day Opt Out free) and I got Verizon PrePaid. No Capped Speeds like AT&T & I have an awesome signal. In the end? It all depends on where you live. As T-Mobile expands? I’ll consider switching back.

  27. #Don'tGetT-Mobiled. The one thing that I do agree with is that Verizon Sucks. Less populated networks are usually better because the cell-towers aren't overworked. In the new york met area, Sprint outperforms T-Mobile.

  28. Look, I had T-Mobile but it did not work in my town. That is exactly why I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon. Once T-Mobile fixes the service in my area I will switch back but for now I am with Verizon.

  29. Just switched to T-Mobile. My bill went from $263 a month with Verizon to $100 a month with T-Mobile. Super impressed with T-Mobiles service.

  30. Verizon is always last one or very slowest service to get Samsung One UI Update for S8 and Note 8 so T-Mobile Wins the Android Pie Game.

  31. T-mobile has a lot of fan I hope that apple releases the new iPhone but only on T-Mobile for a while T-Mobile is the apple for phone carriers

  32. Beung a CEO and saying bullshit just won me over. No fake personality just chill hill. I've been looking to switch recently and you got me sold.

  33. I watched it and was like "this is meh" until @1:21, "did you really thing you would call bullshit on your ass"


    ps, maybe i like profanity.

  34. I and everyone in my city of over 100,000 must be the 1% because my area is still mostly 2G/3G with speeds below 0.3mbps. Speaking of the devil, Verizon is the FASTEST carrier in my area!

  35. They take care of their customers they go the distance to make you happy and I'm a very difficult person to make happy just asked my husband lol lol in any case they have T-Mobile Tuesdays where you get 10 cents off a gallon on gas at shell and other things like free pizza ice cream come on in I love my T-Mobile I had everything but Verizon Sprint is the absolute worst but I hear Verizon is really fucktard up

  36. When T-Mobile says something..their is 4 real!
    My son and I are always streaming and my son is on my plan and I have the plan for 55 year olds. their shits for real !… It's really unlimited and they don't slow your ass down.
    Make that switch

  37. When you call their customer care they're not always foreign people that you can barely understand and you get a customer care person very quickly you don't have to push all these options only To end up at the very beginning ,customer care is excellent

  38. Yes but only small problema is tmobile loves to ignore rural areas it sucks that ha ing a big Network still cant get service in areas where verizon rules

  39. Verizon never had a network advantage – I had them back in 2008 and nothing but static and dropped calls and TONS of deadzones !

  40. T-Mobile is horribly congested. It can't deliver the fast service advertised. It's even slower with all of the migrations from Sprint. Get Verizon or AT&T. Verizon is still the best.

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