Symphony of Science – the Quantum World!

[Morgan Freeman]
So. What are we really made of? Dig deep inside the atom and you’ll find tiny particles held together by invisible forces. (held together by invisible forces.) Everything is made up of tiny packets of energy born in cosmic furnaces. [Frank Close]
The atoms that we’re made of have negatively charged electrons whirling around a big bulky nucleus. [Michio Kaku]
The Quantum Theory (Quantum Theory) offers a very different explanation of our world. [Brian Cox]
The universe is made of twelve particles of matter four forces of nature The universe is made of twelve particles of matter four forces of nature that’s a wonderful and significant story. [Richard Feynman]
Suppose that little things behaved very differently than anything big. (anything big.) Nothing’s really as it seems. It’s so wonderfully different than anything big! The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things! It’s hard to believe [Kaku]
That Quantum Theory (Quantum Theory) is so strange and bizarre even Einstein couldn’t get his head around it. In the Quantum world, the world of particles, nothing is certain. It’s a world of probabilities.
[Kaku] The Quantum Theory offers a very different explanation of our world. [Cox]
The universe is made of twelve particles of matter four forces of nature The universe is made of twelve particles of matter four forces of nature that’s a wonderful and significant story. [Feynman]
It’s very hard to imagine all the crazy things that things really are like. (are like. are like.) Electrons act like waves. No they don’t exactly. They act like particles. No they don’t exactly. [Stephen Hawking]
We need a theory of everything (need a theory of everything) which is still just beyond our grasp. (still just beyond our grasp.) We need a theory of everything (need a theory of everything) perhaps the ultimate triumph the ultimate triumph of science. [Kaku]
The Quantum Theory (Quantum Theory) offers a very different explanation of our world. [Cox]
The universe is made of twelve particles of matter four forces of nature The universe is made of twelve particles of matter four forces of nature that’s a wonderful and significant story. [Feynman]
I gotta stop somewhere… I’ll leave you something to imagine! (Subs by Sam Timmins.)

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  1. So if you see a miracle today you see the miracle of this this is how blessings are sent as quick as a thought im not einstein but this is the truth i truly believe as quick as a good thought you have sent positive energy

  2. Ooooh, this is really AWESOME! I wish there were much more song's in our modern global culture about eternal true stories instead of different silly unnecessary things! Thx to you, authors, very much!

  3. Thank you very much! Your videos and music are amazing really. Everyone is looking for the perfect combinations of good music and good meaningful lyrics.Your videos sure give that!

  4. What does wave of probabilities mean???

    Let's look AT facts!! We are extensions of God… We create our own reality.. double slit experiment proves this!! What Else do we have to learn,,???

  5. Okay, 8 years ago I listened to this song and I though it was an amazing song, I mean, i think 522 views of it is just mine. Anyway, today I'm in physics graduation and I want to work with quantum mechanics. I'm just talking seriously here, this video just saved my life! Thank you all!

  6. i thought this was gonna be a full morgan freeman video way to throw a curveball and make it educational… BOOOOOOO !

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  9. Перекажите создателю субтитров на русском, что они чертовски корявые…

  10. Brian Cox: the universe is made of 12 particles of matter, 4 forces of nature 🎶

    *me watching form 2019*: haha noobs

  11. Чё за хуйня с субтитрами? Но все равно спасибо, их наверняка сложно делать

  12. i got a video link from my teacher to listen to this and anwser a few questions and the snwser would be in the video. well pretty good song tho haha

  13. I'm so glad I got to grow up with these. Really changed my views at a super young age and set me up for a stable life thank you so much Melodysheep

  14. I'm both a music (sound engineering/music production) fan, as well as a complete science nerd (biology, astronomy, etc.).

    what you guys have done with all your videos, is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KEEP IT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Your on The Right track.. now keep using science , it's magnetism , either And energy… You know this , your almost there.. no falling to the Elite..
    Or evolution or religion…

    You got IT puppy… Tesla knew This And made The world possible.. common sense.. you know this… Fuck the Elite.. they are Annunaki.

  16. I played this in my science class, now it's educational
    I mean our teacher literally said astronauts live in the Hubble Space Telescope
    Btw who here 2019

  17. Morgan Freeman is wearing a compression glove on his left hand due to injuries he suffered in a car wreck on August 3, 2008.

  18. you know how your like watching a group of chimpanzees and one of them picks up a stick and shoves in a termite hole to get some to eat and you go "Aw look it's using a cute!"
    Well every time an advance race does a flyby of our planet it's the same deal "Aw look they have integrated circuitry and cell cute!"

  19. I love this – but these guys work too hard. We'll be skull smashing each other with rocks again before captain kirk fans get a transporter built. But its the vain dreams of science that keep us going, to arrive at somewhere anyway. When we are bored and morose, we're more skull smashy….

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