Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale – “Break Beat Bark” / Yuna

The alarm is blaring I’m surrounded and trapped On the brink of Checkmate how I hate that Countdown! Even if I get trampled by my own selfish desires By my theory, my answer is “No! Are you kidding me?” The memories I carved into you— The reality I created with you— Don’t let them get robbed by irregularities Break Beat Bark! The future is still out of sight It’s not all that simple, just like a dungeon, Can’t see.. But Head up! It’s right there “Never give up” That’s good enough for a password You can’t throw away that too-pure ideal of yours and mine, can you? Heartbeat So cry out as long as you wish Getting tripped up in the time it takes to say “I’m not joking” I pretend to be K.O’ed, getting a “YOU LOSE”… I’m just fooling around! Even if you run away from what’s fair and square, I’ll still be here It’s already too late, isn’t it? “Yes, you are kidding me!” The promise you’re supposed to keep— The hope fostered from it— You mustn’t let them get violated Break Beat Bark! As it grew far away The route to tomorrow seemed like a loop again, Long way round… But Wake up! The morning is here “Hello, my hope!” If you have an inconvertible will Then you’ll get excited about the wall that you and I face, right? Heartbeat So I’ll cry out with my prayers The sound of falling tears is still echoing in my ears now I’ll go help you at the speed of sound Be strong, this vibration is for saving someone, for fighting to the end Break Beat Bark! The future came into sight It’s not all that simple, but it isn’t a dungeon, Let’s see! That’s right, Head up! It’s right there “Never give up” We don’t need a password anymore You have to fulfill that too-pure ideal of yours and mine, don’t you? Heartbeat So cry out as long as you wish

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  1. is it just me or does the start sounds so much like KanColle's op?
    P.S. it was so worth it watching the movie in 4D a few years ago

  2. Eiji spends the whole series kicking ass. Kirito trains once, instantly beats Keiji with one hit, despite him being at full hp since he never got hit once in the fight. This series is entirely without logic, but damn if the animation isn't on point when it comes ot fights. The weird faces the characters sometimes make aside lol.

  3. Best KiriAsu moments after Aincrad, Fairy Dance, GGO, Mother rosario is ordinal scale
    Edit: I hope for more KiriAsu moments, all kiriasu moments are great. I watch sao for Kiriasu daily

  4. This movie and song, a masterpiece. Citizen Kane, Return of the King, 12 Days a Slave, Casablanca, Silence of the Lambs. PIECES OF FUCKING SHIT compared to this masterpiece of cinema. Sure the Boss Baby was an underrated anime gem but honestly aside from being not nominated let alone not winning best animated feature at the 2018 Oscars, SAO Ordinal Scale should have won best picture at the Oscars 2018. Who wants to watch wank like a 3 and half hour film based on a book without pictures, some woman walking around in the dark with nightvision googles while being scared of some old guy in a prison cell making noises or a film about slavery (bitch please I want to be entertained not educated, this ain't high school)? SAO has everything every movie goer wants, young interesting characters, cute anime grills, catchy and happy songs, fan service and very colourful cough looking at your Casablanca and Citizen Kane cough fight scenes. I hope my review has inspired all these hipster movie reviewers who think their opinions hold the most importance. Moviegoer420 signing out.

  5. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍SAOO

  6. Idk why but everytime I hear this song, I'd imagine myself in a huge war and all hope was lost but suddenly this song came up and all of my friends come to help me to defeat an evil lord with his armies somewhat like Thanos is Endgame.
    Somehow ,I can imagine myself a good storyline like I was in a movie haha

  7. Keihou ga hibiite houimou de ganjigarame
    Checkmate sunzen Countdown ga iyarashii na
    Katte na yokubou de fumitsuke raretatte
    Boku no seorii ja kotaeha "No! Are you kidding me "

    Boku no kizanda memorii o
    Kimi to tsukuri agete kita riaru o
    Iregyuraa ni nante ubawa seru na

    Break Beat Bark! Mada mienai
    Mirai tte tanjun janai danjon mitai
    Can' t see…
    Dakedo Head up! Sugu soko sa
    "Never give up" pasuwaado wa sore de juubun'na nda
    Kimi to boku no pyua sugiru risou
    Sute rarenai ne? Heartbeat
    Sakebi dase negai no kagiri

    Joudan janai tte iu ma ni ashi o torare
    Nokkuauto gisou de "YOU LOSE"…
    Seiseidoudou o nige tatte boku wa koko sa
    Mou teokureda ne "Yes, you are kidding me!"

    Mamorubeki hazu no koudo o
    Sono Chuu de sodatete kita kibou o
    Paioreeto sa secha ikenai nda

    Break Beat Bark! Touzakatte
    Ashita e ruuto ga mata ruupu mitaku
    Long Way round…
    Dakedo Wake up! Asa ga kite
    "Hello, my hope "
    Konpaato funouna kokoro ga areba
    Kimi to boku de tachimukau kabe
    Atsuku narudesho? Heartbeat
    Sakebi dasu inori o komete

    Namida no ochiru oto ga shita
    Ima mo mimi ni hibii teru
    Oto no hayasa de tasuke ni iku yo

    Tsuyoku nare kono shindou
    Dareka o sukuu tame tatakai nuku tame ni

    Break Beat Bark! Miete kita
    Mirai tte tanjun janai danjon janai
    Let's see!

    Sou sa Head up! Sugu soko sa

    "Never give up" pasuwaado wa mou hitsuyou nai nda
    Kimi to boku no pyua sugiru risou
    Kanaenakya nai ne? Heartbeat
    Sakebi dase negai no kagiri

  8. :36 when her voice fade that part gave me the feels haha i love this anime. Ive had held onto shaman king as my top 1 anime of all time for the longest time but i think sao is the new champ. The relationship of asuna and kirito is prob one of the most romantic in an anime ive ever watch ❤️❤️

  9. Just a portuguese comment, don't mind me.

    Eu não sei quem finalmente colocou uma legenda em português para essa música, mas saiba que eu sou eternamente grato 😀

  10. Such a shame that a crap series like this has a banging soundtrack that it definitely doesn’t deserve.

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