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CYRUS: Wow, what? RYAN: Hello.
Hello there. CYRUS: Randy, I wish you luck.
I really do. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are playing
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet which is coming to
PS4 on February 23rd. I am joined by Cyrus and
Randy from Bandai Namco. Gentlemen,
welcome to the program. CYRUS: Hey.
How’s it going, Ryan? RYAN: It’s good
to see you again. CYRUS: Great to be here.
Great to be here. RYAN: It’s been a while since some Gundam recordings
that we had. CYRUS: Yeah. Now we’re back with a new game,
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. It’s coming out February 23rd. Really, really awesome Japanese
RPG from the Sword Art Online
franchise. And Randy to my left over
here is the brand manager on
the title, and he is absolutely running
through this map right now. RYAN: Randy, I think that’s
Cyrus saying you should slow down and take your time
and take in the sights. How is this different from a
standard RPG and where does it fit in in the Sword
Art Online universe? CYRUS: So do you
want to answer that? RANDY: Yeah. Sure. So this is the fifth game
in the video game franchise. It introduces a lot of
firsts for the series as well. So as you can tell this
is a third-person shooter, something that hasn’t been shown
in the previous video games. CYRUS: In all the other
Sword Art Online video games, usually you were using a bunch
of different weapons that kind of circulated
around melee weapons. So you had swords;
you had pole arms; you had axes, stuff like that. RYAN: Nunchucks.
Were there actual nunchucks? I don’t know. CYRUS: No, there weren’t.
No, there weren’t. But you can make a suggestion to
the Bandai Namco community team, and maybe I’ll send that in. Nunchucks. Okay. But in this game, you actually
have the option to do both, from melee weapons to a bunch of
different types of artillery, from rifles to
shotguns to pistols. But you also have the
melee weapon options as well, like a photon sword, which
Kirito is known for in the Gun Gale series. He actually has
this photon sword, and he’s able to
deflect all these bullets, which you can do in
the game as well. RYAN: Yeah. I think that’s an
important kind of anchor point that we should go through. If folks aren’t familiar
with Sword Art Online, obviously this is a
huge anime franchise, very well-loved to
a lot of people, but the third arc in the story
is kind of set in this sort of, I want to say, a projectile-based MMORPG,
right? So we’re kind of in the
third arc of the anime. That’s where this
game is set, correct? CYRUS: Yes. Exactly. And one of the big
things about this game, Randy alluded to it earlier
about this game having a lot of firsts, you’re actually your own
created custom character in this one. In all the other
Sword Art games, you were really following
Kirito’s story because as we all know, if you’re a
Sword Art fan like myself, Kirito was always
the hero of the story. RYAN: Oh absolutely. CYRUS: Every single day
it revolved around Kirito. RYAN: You’re saying every
single day was Kirito day? CYRUS: Every single
day was Kirito day. RYAN: All day, every day. CYRUS: All day, every day. RYAN: Right.
But not today. CYRUS: But not today.
We’re here. In this one you get to create
your own custom character, and all of your choices actually
will determine what type of story you’re going to have. RYAN: Awesome. And then tell me this, if
someone has not kept up with the Sword Art Online franchise — and I think this was actually
my question in our last recording for
Sword Art — can they kind of jump in here and get a sense of it since
they’re playing — you’re playing as yourself
as your created character, so I feel like that’s kind
of a fresh start for folks. Right? RANDY: Yeah.
Definitely. RYAN: Randy, do you
want to speak to that? RANDY: Definitely because
it revolves around you. It’s great because you get to
learn about everything within the world, and you get to meet
all the familiar characters, and they give you a pretty good
background to who everybody is. RYAN: Okay. Good.
Very good. And I like that the battle
system already seems very, very kinetic and
action-oriented, so that’s a fun
departure from other RPG styles; nice little
refreshing change of pace. RANDY: Yeah.
There’s a very — RYAN: Oh,
you’re slipping and sliding. You’re going all
over the place, Randy. Watch out. CYRUS: Randy, you are really
good at this game I must say. Maybe it’s because you
work at the company. There’s a lot of really dynamic
gameplay elements in Fatal Bullet that are newly
introduced to the series. Like you just saw, there’s this
little sliding shot that you can do which allows you to
slide under your opponent, slide under these robotic
enemies that you’re fighting and get to the other side and then kind of switch up your
style of gameplay. Randy hasn’t shown
too much of it yet, but there’s also this
technique that you have, or this tool that you
have, called the UFG. It stands for the
Ultimate Fiber Gun. RYAN: Heck, yeah.
Here it is. CYRUS: That will actually allow
you to grapple onto different surfaces and basically
grapple from side to side, get to different high spaces
so you can snipe somebody. So there’s a lot of really cool
dynamic elements in this game to really leverage to show whatever type of
gameplay you want to show. RYAN: And it looks like there’s
some grenade play as well at work here, so that’s fantastic. I don’t know if you guys are at
liberty to speak a little bit about kind of
the more RPG systems: The leveling up, the
items, the unlocks. Is that something
you guys can speak to? How does that fit in? RANDY: Yeah. Let me take down
this guy real quick — [LAUGHTER] — and then I can
show you right here. RYAN: I’m a
little busy right now. CYRUS: We don’t want you to be
too worried about your gameplay, Randy. You are really doing great. RANDY: See, like most RPGs,
you can gain character points, and you can put them towards
different abilities, and that kind of dictates
your class, per se. So if you want to be like more
of assault or more of a tank, you can basically control how
you progress your character. RYAN: Absolutely. I like how you’re party is just
rapidly talking to each other as we’re going through the stats. They had no time to
waste in that conversation. Yeah.
That’s great. Do you want to walk a little bit
through — are these all buffs and de-buffs next to the
party list right there. CYRUS: Yeah. So next to the
party list — actually, if you want to speak
to that. It’s up to you. RANDY: Oh yeah. The thing in the right-hand
corner that’s highlighted in yellow is your gadgets. So here you’ll have
your first-aid kit, your grenades, and
other abilities there. And then you can switch the
palette here and turn it into your weapon specials. So each weapon class has its own
set of special skills that you actually get to customize. So the sliding one that I had
here is for my assault rifle. But if I switch over
to my photon sword, they have different
special abilities. RYAN: Awesome. CYRUS: For example, what’s the
strategy to taking out those shield automatons. I don’t know how to say that. RYAN: It doesn’t matter. You just need to slice ’em
up with that photon sword. CYRUS: But, yes. Those are buffs to the side
of the characters above that palette that you see there. And your characters — or your
allies are going to be buffing themselves as well as your other
teammates throughout the entire map, throughout
the entire mission. And, Randy, I don’t know if
you want to show as well, you can send commands to your
team in case you wanted them to prioritize healing, or focus on
support or not attack something. RYAN: Do not attack!
Do not attack! CYRUS: That can be useful for
being able to get certain items from different enemies. Actually, your Ultimate Fiber
Gun has a really cool special technique where if you’re able
to hit your opponent with the Ultimate Fiber Gun, you
can steal an item from them. So that allows you to get a lot
of really rare items as well. RYAN: That is my jam, just go
around hitting everybody with Ultimate Fiber Gun
and stealing stuff. CYRUS: Is that what you’re
gonna be doing in this game? RYAN: I mean, probably. You know, in RPGs when
there’s a thief class, that’s always a guilty pleasure
for me because I like to play a traditional hero, but if you’re
telling me that I can be a hero and also get sweet
loot along the way, I’m kind of into it. But, yeah. I love how much
there is going on here. And like the other
Sword Art games, we’re kind of playing in
kind of a simulated MMO. I mean, that’s part of the crux
of the story is that all these characters are playing an MMO. So what you’re seeing here are
the avatars of those characters from in their real life,
and they’re playing in-game. CYRUS: Right. RYAN: Yeah.
Go ahead, Cyrus. CYRUS: I just wanted to make
a quick comment about Randy’s avatar in this game. RYAN: Yes.
Looks exactly like him. CYRUS: Looks exactly like Randy if you haven’t seen him in
real life. But that mohawk is
so sweet, Randy. I don’t know how you did that. You can put in highlights in
your customized character’s hair. That is so cool. RYAN: Only the
finest mohawk for Randy. CYRUS: But, yeah. Like you were saying, there are
— when you jump into this game, you really are playing the
avatars of these characters. For example, Kureha,
one of your teammates, is really sitting
at her computer, sitting in her house with a VR
headset on and jumping into this world. And that’s why I love this game
so much and the series because I can see that happening
in our lives very soon. And I’m a big Sword Art fan,
so this game is truly something that I’ve been waiting for for
a long time as well as a lot of these fans. RYAN: You’re saying Sword
Art predicts the future, huh? You heard it here first, folks. CYRUS: I’m saying
give it two years. RYAN: Two years is an aggressive
timeline for full mental immersion in a game. CYRUS: I will call you.
I will call you when it happens. RYAN: Hit me up on Twitter. I’ll be like, “Told you.
I’m fully immersed. I’m messaging you from
the Sword Art servers.” CYRUS: So what are
you doing right now, Randy? It looks like one of
your characters is down. RANDY: My ArFA_Sys is down, and
I don’t want to leave anybody behind, so I’m
going back to get her. RYAN: No ArFA-Sys left behind. CYRUS: And what is an ArFA-Sys? RANDY: So she or he,
depending on your choice, is your partner AI. And in addition to
customizing your own character, you get to customize her
skills and abilities as well. She’s kind of like a
rare item within this game, so there’s a lot of people after
it and wanting to get a hold of her. RYAN: So not every character
in your party has their own AI companion. This is specific to
you as the player. Are you going to
the final boss area? Is that what you said? Okay.
Now Randy’s got to focus. CYRUS: But, yeah. The ArFA-Sys is actually another
one of the really special things about this game. In the very
beginning, you’ll find her, and it becomes this big thing
within the story that you have this rare item,
this rare NPC really, and she’ll do everything from
helping you with your banking system to helping you store
items to also just being there to give you tips on the game. And if you are ever stuck, you
can ask her for some help or ask him for some help. Wow! what? RYAN: Hello.
Hello there. CYRUS: Randy, I wish
you luck; I really do. RYAN: You’re not supposed to
talk to Randy during the part of the recording, Cyrus. CYRUS: I’m sorry. RYAN: Oh god. The toenails need to be
clipped on this thing. It is not very good at
grooming, self-grooming habits. Look at that tail.
Holy smokes. CYRUS: Does it say “Ghospet”
there as in this might be a pet of somebody? I don’t think I could
have that in my house. RYAN: Also, are you just trying to hint at
what’s to come, Cyrus? I think so. Cyrus, there’s just
a lot going on here. I don’t know. Are you guys talking about
the grand scope of the story, like what’s at stake here or
what the setup at the beginning of the story is that gets
players on their journey. CYRUS: Yeah.
Right now — RYAN: Unless it’s all secret. CYRUS: — there’s not
too much to say there. We want to leave much of it
for the fans to find out. But I will say that the ArFA-Sys
is a big component of that. RYAN: Okay.
There’s your hint. CYRUS: Yeah. There’s your hint.
There’s your hint. Jump into the game and let us
know if you enjoy the story on February 23rd. It’s coming out so soon. RYAN: Yeah. At the time of this
recording, that is, like, really perilously close. So I want to ask Randy,
and Cyrus I don’t know
if you can speak to this, there’s that power-up on the
top left that says “41.” Is that something that I need
to know what’s going on there? RANDY: So those are — RYAN: Oh, Randy’s going to talk. RANDY: I’m going
to try and do both. But those are
tied to your medals. And you gain medals by doing
specific abilities and specials within game. So if one of my
characters will heal themselves, I can give them
encouragement points, and that raises up
their percentage. And by getting the
percentage up to 100 percent, it allows your weapon to
gauge another special. As you can see, the little
square box is starting to go up. RYAN: Yes. RANDY: And once that is full, you’ll get to see a
special ability. RYAN: Okay. CYRUS: And those encouragement
tactics have actually been a theme within these
Sword Art games. You’ve actually always been able
to encourage your teammates and your allies in order for them to
know what they’re doing is the right thing to do. And that helps build
comradery with your team. It also allows you to get
certain items or certain power-ups. What just happened? Did he yell at you and stun you? Wow. RYAN: That’s like some
of my family members. They yell so loud, you’re just
brought to your knees in fear. CYRUS: I hope your family
members aren’t watching because they might be upset. RYAN: I’m going to
send it to them now. It’ll be like sub-tweeting. I like at least that you have
enough room in this giant room to move around and get some
good work in on this Ghospet. Ghospet’s got a laser tail. Randy, did you know
about the laser tail? RANDY: Sadly, I did.
I still ran into it. RYAN: But still, you almost got
that power up to 100 percent. Watch out. CYRUS: What’s really
cool about this game, just going back to the idea
of it being set in an MMO, is that there are all these
little things on the screen that remind you that
this is an MMO, right? Like the little text box
in the left-hand corner. You’ll see that you’re
getting this action log, and it’s constantly telling you
what’s going on in order for you to have an idea of what just
happened or what you need to do next, what your
allies are doing. So there’s really a lot to take
in at all times in this game if you really want to be
that technical with it. RYAN: Absolutely. That’s such a classic
MMO thing, isn’t it, you know, the dialogue, chat,
or action log in the corner. That’s great. You see that and you just — I
think a lot of the MMO players just immediately recognize that, and it brings them into
that theme. CYRUS: And you love it because
this is what we’re all trying to get into in two years when
Sword Art Online is real life. And, Randy, I see that you’re
attacking a certain part of his body or at least trying to. Is that a theme in the game that
there are certain aspects of the enemy characters that you kind
of need to focus on in order to really succeed? RANDY: Yeah. I mean, most of the enemies have
some type of weak spot. It’s up to you to kind of find
it — RYAN: Laser tail to the face. RANDY: — find it and
just take advantage of it. CYRUS: Yeah. We actually did a live stream
on this game a little while ago, and we’ll be doing another one
on launch day or the day before launch. But with that enemy
that we’re facing off, the location that you had
to hit was on his back, so that sliding shot we would
use in order to go underneath the legs and then hit the
back before he would turn back around. RYAN: Easy there. RANDY: Are you
guys ready for this? BOTH: Yeah.
What are you about to do? RANDY: Special. RYAN: Oh snap.
What’s going on? CYRUS: Whoa! RYAN: Light it up. CYRUS: That is a treat. RYAN: Light it up. CYRUS: That is a treat. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
coming to you February 23rd. Oh no. But, oh, you’re not dead.
I thought you were dead. RANDY: I’m still here. RYAN: “I’m still
here,” still working, doing good work. CYRUS: So is your
special still going right now? RANDY: Yeah.
It’s almost out. CYRUS: Okay. Okay.
Okay. RYAN: Man, oh, man. That Ghospet did not stand a
chance against the special. CYRUS: Give it up for Randy.
That was impressive. I need you on my
team when we go online, which we haven’t
actually talked about. This game has a lot of
online functionality as well. RYAN: Ah. Tell me more.
Tell me more. CYRUS: I will. I will. Just like the
other Sword Art games, you can go online and
play PVP, play PVE. You know, if you’re losing to
some boss and you want to jump in with your roommates or your
friends or your enemies to show them that you’re better
than them at this game, you can do all of that. RANDY: Yeah.
You can. That’s why I’ll be
taking down Cyrus. CYRUS: Wow. I thought that we
were going to be a team. RANDY: PVP. RYAN: Either great
friends or mortal enemies. There’s nothing in between. CYRUS: That’s true. Randy, can you speak to one of
the online modes a little bit where you have to — I remember
that you have to deal the most damage to a certain boss. RANDY: Yeah. So the PVP kind of works like a
King of the Hill mode where it’s 4V4, but there’s one giant enemy
that both teams have to take down. And while you’re
shooting the enemy, you have the other opposing
team shooting at you too. So it’s really about strategy
and communicating with your teammates and trying
to get the most points. RYAN: I like that we’re going
to end this episode on nice robo-scorpions. No greater period to the
punctuation mark than a robo-scorpion in a
beautiful forest. CYRUS: In a beautiful forest. RYAN: Beautiful forest with
an interesting tower structure looming off in
the distance there. I don’t know if that’s set
dressing or — CYRUS: Maybe that’s part of the
story. Maybe. RYAN: I don’t know who’s saying?
Nobody’s saying here. CYRUS: But jump
in February 23rd. RYAN: You’re
plugging that date hard. Cyrus and Randy, parting
thoughts to the Sword Art community and to perspective
gamers that might be looking to pick this one up. What do you think? RANDY: You know, I think for
any Sword Art fan or any RPG, JRPG fan, I think this is a
great turning point for the series because it’s introduces
a lot of new abilities and mechanics that allow you to
just jump in and be your own character and be the
hero of the story. RYAN: Awesome. CYRUS: Yeah. I will say that this has the
best character customization we’ve ever seen in
a Sword Art game, and that’s one of the things
that people have wanted for so long within the
Sword Art community. And for me as well,
I’ve been really, really excited about just
how awesome the character customization is in this game. Because that’s one of the
biggest points of an MMO is to be able to show your own
personality in this game. So, yeah.
Pick it up. We’re really excited
for everybody to have it. And we want to hear what
you guys think of the game, so let us know through
all of our social channels, @BandaiNamcoUS. RYAN: Beautiful. Cyrus, Randy,
thank you, gentlemen, so much for being here today. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet,
out February 23rd on PS4. Thank you for watching us. And until next time, we will see
you on PlayStation Underground. CYRUS: Bye guys.

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