Sword Art Online : Alicization – Niji no Kanata ni (ENDING EPISODE 19) FULL

Slowly, slowly, spilling out, red, red, the shade of rust I am a soot-covered tin man In this empty body, there is something beating You are the one who broke this bad spell, right ? Good night, until we meet again For a long, long time, the hole in my chest has been empty Now, it hurts, it hurts so much Deep, deep, inside me, the pain that you left It’s my heart, isn’t it? Fluffy mane, swaying cowardly in the wind You’re the one who made me weak Time flows really fast, it’s the opposite for my heart Even though I can wave my hands while smiling, my legs are trembling For a long, long time, I was trying to be brave But the truth is that I’m so, so afraid But I’m going to go on, the way you taught me That not showing your weakness isn’t the same as courage I can’t see anything, I can’t hear anything If I had gone on existing as a scarecrow, saying nothing I wouldn’t have had to experience this ache or anything else For a long, long time, my heart was frozen And now, as it starts to thaw, it hurts, it hurts so much But I’ll keep going until I reach that place Even though it is not the end of the rainbow It’s okay, because I’m sure that we’ll meet again Until we meet again, Good night

100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online : Alicization – Niji no Kanata ni (ENDING EPISODE 19) FULL

  1. Eugeo will forever be in are hearts he watch's over kirito and Alice he goes to were he is at peace with his Alice. a boy with black hair a boy who becomes like a brother to him a boy named kirito helps him save his friend. but the cost of it was his own life we will stilll remember him as a kirito's long lost brother and Alice's friend forever.

  2. SAO, some of the most sad soundtracks. Imo Sao has some of the best soundtracks in Anime. Mystery, Sad, Exciting, Calm vibes all expressed from soundtracks they have. This song and "A tender feeling" are beautiful.

  3. Eugeo's death is very sad but the way he died must be a joke. He could die more heroic death, maybe as Kirito hero who save him from death. Or Alice Hero. But he must die in so stupid way. That is the worse thing

  4. Beautiful and sad song, brings back the memories of my home town. I wonder where everyone is now (no, they're not all on Facebook).

  5. Boii Eugeo was my favorite LN chara. God, the pain I had to change my Laplace M paladin avatar because I made my chara look like him 💙💙💙💔💔💔💔 when the ep of him dying aired.

  6. Had a long distance fight with a friend then sat down to episode 24. It's just..feels…right? Things will get better….right..?

  7. reminds me of see you again by charlie puth type of song were it feels like someone you were close dies and you want to see them again soo much emotion is pouring in this song

  8. Lenta lentamente derramandose rojo rojo el color del oxido yo soy un maniqui de hojalata cubierto de hollin en este cuerpo vacio hay algo latiendo Tu eres el que rompio este hechizo maligno ¿verdad? buenas noches hasta que nos encontremos Desde siempre siempre el agujero en mi pecho ha estado vacio ahora duele duele mucho profundo profundo lo que dejaste dentro mio es es el dolor de mi corazon ¿verdad? Mi suave suave pelo ondea en este viento cobarde tu eres el que me hizo debil El tiempo fluye muy rapido…Aunque es lo contrario para mi corazon Y aunque te saludo con una sonrisa en mi cara me tiemblan las piernas desde siempre siempre estuve tratando de ser valiente pero la verdad es que estaba muy muy asustada pero voy a seguir adelante porque eso me enseñaste No es valiente mostrar debilidades no podia ver nada no podia escuchar nada si hubiera seguido como un espantapájaros sin decir nada no habria experimentado este dolor o cualquier otra cosa No habria experimento este amor Desde siempre siempre mi corazon estuvo congelado pero ahora empezo a derretirse y duele… duele mucho Pero ¿sabes que? seguire hasta llegar a ese lugar y aunque no sea el final del arco iris esta bien estoy seguro de que nos volveremos a encontrar hasta el dia que nos reunamos de nuevo Buenas noches

  9. i dont usually fuckin cry over ANIME but. BITCH. HOW DARE YOU KILL EUGEO. quinella how dare u still be alive for like 2 seconds

  10. Idc whether its because im a kid but…

  11. Holy f4ck
    I've just realised something.
    I have just watched both eps 1 and 2 of sao war of underworld and if you watch this video with the sub on after seeing the two eps…..

    Holy sh1t

    The song basicly spoiled that after this, alice will be in a journey full of hardship as she was in so much trouble yet the only one who she can lean on (kirito) now in a state of coma(silent as a scarecrow) and she need to make her own decision on how to proceed the bleak future. (Plus her heart is also in the verge of crumbling because eugeo death)

  12. When Eugeo says: Kirito Stay cool. Oh my heart <3 Anyone came back here after listening to the latest ending – Unlasting?

  13. Eugeo: Kirito , watashi no yusho ( my hero)…….
    Stronger than anyone….
    Loved by everyone….
    Maybe even Alice loves you….
    After sometime ..
    Sao alicization war of underworld ep 1
    Scene:Alice sleeps with Kirito and hugs him in his crippled state..😧😧😧😧😧😧

  14. No song like this can hit me this hard in the heart. He was my favourite character. Even though he isn't real he'll always be real in our hearts. 😭

  15. I know that they are just AI programs in a game
    But if you’re human you will feel sad about it
    Great anime and the song is perfect

  16. wear headphones…
    close your eyes..
    and feel the feeling behind the song…

    i assure you, you'll feel so relaxed yet so sad too at the same time <3

  17. I don't know why but I couldn't really feel sad for Eugeo / old Alice being gone. I never really liked Eugeo in the first place, and I think it's for the better for Alice to move on from her past. Altho I would have preferred if she and her old self became one again but with her keeping her current personality / feelings etc.

  18. Hitahita koboreru akai akai sabiiro
    Watashi wa susuketa buriki no hito
    Karappo no karada ni tokun tokun myakuutsu
    Anata ga warui mahou wo toita no deshou

    Oyasumi mata aeru hi made

    Zutto zutto ana no aiteita mune ga
    Ima wa konna ni itai yo itai yo
    Fukaku fukaku anata ga nokoshita
    Kono itami ga kokoro nan da ne

    Fuwafuwa tategami okubyou kaze ni nabiku
    Anata ga watashi wo yowaku shita no

    Jikan wa ashibaya kokoro wa urahara
    Te wo furiwarau kedo ashi wa furueru

    Zutto zutto tsuyogatteita dake da
    Hontou wa nee kowai yo kowai yo
    Dakedo yuku yo anata ga kureta no wa
    Yowasa misenai yuuki nanka janai

    Nanimo mienai kikoe mo shinai
    Mono iwanai kakashi no mama iraretara
    Kono uzuki mo nanimo kamo shirazu ni sunda hazu na no ni

    Zutto zutto itetsuiteita mune ga
    Tokedashite aa itai yo itai yo
    Demo ne yuku yo tadoritsuku basho ga
    Niji no kanata janakutatte
    Iin da kitto mata aeru kara
    Mata aeru made nee oyasumi

    Sing along for the extra feels

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