100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris New Character & Battle System Trailer | PS4

  1. Wow, this actually looks a bit impressive for a jrpg. Usually environments in jrpgs look so boring because of how empty and bland they tend to always be, you know kinda like ps2 graphics. But this actually looks like it got it's foot in current gen technology. I would love to play a jrpg in the same level as GoW but I know that's somewhat impossible. 😔

  2. Would have liked to see this game on the PlayStation Vita, but since won't be releasing it on the Vita I won't be buying it.

  3. Well it have English 😅 voices, I dnt mind the Japanese voices but gets annoying while in battle like FB, sounds like to many lewd stuff happening as we battle 😂😂, English voice pack please😊.

  4. finally character creation and i hope we get a lot of weapons or we can make weapons from the world like the anime (like from a vulcan, sunlight, mamuth-tree, lake, flowers, etc)

  5. Ну хер знает… Графика (в плане Рисовки не лучше и не хуже чем в Wow Тупа одно и тоже)… Как-то всё сыровато…, но если это не окончательный вариант… То ля задумка классная! Буду ждать.

  6. 誰がそのゲームを作ったのですか? そのゲームはどこから来たのですか? いつだった 教えてください!

  7. お?自分のアバター作れるのか、既存のキャラの外見を変えてプレイ出来るのか、どっち?

  8. I think that people who stay behind SAO games don't know about VR or maybe they are stupid.

    This Is a message full of love.

  9. Are we ever going to get a SAO mmo? Where you can make your own character, choose a class, guild, & go online with thousands of players, do the story, side quests, guild battles, and such like the anime? It could really blow up knowing how popular sao is

  10. But is character creation only for MP.
    Cause i would love a Fatall Bullet type of SAO game, were i have my own character and my own story and i find Kirito and the others during it, it's not as much fun when i am Kirito.
    Fatal Bullet was amazing cause of that.

  11. 😤😡 WHERE IS ASUNA! Don't get me wrong I like alice but with out Asuna Kirito will not survive. They are like peanut butter and Jelly

  12. Why is that i feel like they’ve just released fatal bullet week ago? It’s just the same old sao only with AI🤷‍♂️
    I had enough.

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