Surfing Workout: Become a Stronger Surfer : How to Practice Balance For Stronger Surfing

Welcome to Expert Village, I am Schell Michael
and in this segment we’re going to be talking about your surfers workout. OK, so balance
is very important, because your definitely going to be on a small little board or a big
board. No matter what you’re always going to have to balance out there in the water.
Something that you can use is called a balance board, where there is almost like a roller
underneath and then a little board on top. So it’s kind of like a little teeter totter
for your feet. And you can get on that and it really helps you. Sometimes they call it
an indo board. You’ll see that, it’s pretty recent. It’s what they’ve been calling it,
indo boards. And it’s great. You just, in your house spend ten fifteen minutes just
going back and forth, feeling it out. You might to maybe put on some like, elbow pads,
knee pads, maybe a little helmet if your clumsy like me. When you first get started, you definitely
don’t want to eat it on one of those balance boards and then you can’t even get out there
in the water just trying to practice on land. Also, you can also get like a long piece of
wood, you know a thin piece of plywood. Put it in your back yard and just like practice
you know, almost like a balance bean but it’s really low to the ground. And you know, just
practice doing different things like that. And if you can come up with some creative
ways to get your balance strong, that will be good too. But those are just some tips
for you.

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