Surfing Surgeon Navigates Ocean and Operating Room

There is definitely for me a connection between
surfing and surgery. Boaz is a very innovative surgeon, by all
means. I think that is what makes him successful at UC Davis in our innovative environment. Missing parts, missing segments of the jaw,
missing, you know like the dogs we had from the Philippines missing the upper part. These
are challenging because they’ve never been done before. The day of the surgery, especially 10, 20
minutes before we go to the OR, it’s complete focus. It’s complete focus. Nothing else
matters. You leave civilization behind, and you go to the OR, and you’re completely
there. You’re 120% invested in your case. Just like in the water. We paddle in, it’s
complete focus. You are completely there. Nothing else matters. You know, civilization,
everything stays on the beach. You are now in with the ocean. You have the current, you
have the cold, you have the wildlife, you have the challenge. Mental and physical strength
that you need to bring together. And the bigger the wave, and the more challenging the ocean
is, the stronger the challenge and the more motivation and the more perseverance you have
to bring from the inside. Boaz does everything he does with passion,
be it his surgery, or be it his teaching, or be it his research, or be it his surfing. I love it here. It was my dream come true
to be able to do exactly what I like. The surgeries, advancing veterinary medicine on
one side, and to be not far from the ocean, that I can go surfing on weekends. You know,
just, everything connected really nice for me and I’m really happy about that.

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