Surfing in Colombia’s El Chocó | Positive Footprints | World Nomads

Not lying, here the
Pacific Chocoano is one of the best places in the world
to learn how to surf. [MUSIC] Surfing for me,
is my goal, a way to come out ahead and become a good surfer, for the sport. We’ve been working with sports here
for three years already and honestly we’ve had some very,
very good results. Every club member
must be studying, if they aren’t studying,
then they can’t belong. And, well, that’s the only
motivation we have to educate the children. [MUSIC] We come from a place
where it’s very hard to stand out. But in the sport, we can
stand out very quickly and very easily. The children here
are very talented as well. [SPEEDBOAT MOTOR] I’m going to Peru to compete
in a World tournament for minors. And, well, my goal is to win,
give it everything I’ve got, and represent Colombia. If I go to Peru, and they say,
here we have a boy from Choco, he surfs well, then I can become
an example to the other kids here in the club. I think it’s a nice way
to keep the children entertained so that they
don’t take another path. It’s a great way
because apart from that, apart from practicing surfing,
they learn the values of of coexistence,
living together and sharing. If this club didn’t exist
here in the community, many kids could be
a completely different person. They wouldn’t have a goal. [CONVERSATIONS] When are we going to surf again? You want to play tomorrow? Let’s paddle, Sofi. One, two. OK, the wave got here. Time to get up. Up, up, up. Up. That’s it, surf it. [IMITATING WAVE SOUND] [LAUGH] That’s my— It’s one of my
biggest goals, to have a surfing culture here. That this town
turns into a surf culture. Since children don’t have
much to do here, they leave this little town
off to bigger cities and populated areas, and adopt other habits
and they get lost. I lived in Medellin
for about nine years. I left this beautiful beach,
I was working there. I did a little bit of everything. It helped me a lot
because, as a person, I became very aware,
let’s put it that way, of what a beautiful place
this is, it’s paradise. Surfing is a great tool
to teach all these things, from studies
to taking care of nature. We’re peeling
this piece of coconut. The culture that our
ancestors have is very good. And my fear is that,
with the new civilization coming in, we might lose all those things. And I know that through surfing
we can sustain many of those things. Good! Well done!
But go lower, man! Paddle!
Paddle harder! That’s it. Harder, the wave’s coming. If they are here surfing,
they can keep watching how to fish in an artisan way, how to
cut down a tree with an axe, or a machete,
how things are done here. We’re poor but in our minds. There’s much to be done here. We can do things here
without the need to leave for other places. We have everything here. [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [SANDING SOUND] It’s a sport that
takes place at sea and we’re privileged of being born
in this town where we have the sea in front of us. [MUSIC] We want to open
another door for the tourists, so they can come here and surf,
and learn how to surf with us. Yeah. We’re preparing ourselves for that,
to welcome tourists and to keep spreading surfing
here in the community. They get rid of many bad things,
like becoming a thief, or a bad person. And surfing guides them
towards being a good person, a new person. [MUSIC]

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