Surfing champion rides the waves with his dogs

While most people struggle to get their dog
into a bath, a champion surfer in Australia has taken to the waves with his. When they’re on here they are not allowed
to move. He’s looking for birds right now. See how he’s looking around. He’s allowed
to be curious but not move. So, when we’re surfing with the dogs, they’re
allowed to look around but not do what they want to do. Rama and Millie join their owner Chris to
ride the waves after he rescued them from a shelter. He gets the dogs to perform tricks, jumping
on his shoulders and back. Travelling up and down the Australian east
coast with four dogs, all rescued from shelters, Chris uses the method as a way of teaching
owners to build healthy relationships with man’s best friend. We’re travelling the coast, not only surfing
but we are also going to rescue centres and educating the volunteers and staff to not
just give love but give love and structure. The champion surfer says he does this because
so many of the countries rescue centres are overwhelmed with dogs that people cannot control
or be bothered to keep properly. And it seems he’s had a positive response
with many dog owners apparently taking to the waves alongside him, while there are those
who prefer to train their dogs on dry land.

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  1. i got abused by all this skippys on my beach for surfing with my dog. thought about pleaching my hair.. if i had any. sold up instead. surfing on skip great stuff.😎

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