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What’s up guys this is Nitin and you’re watching TechOcean. It is quite obvious guys that whenever you are connected with your Wi-Fi you surf freely to the internet but whenever your Wi-Fi is not with you you need to pay for the data charges for surfing the internet. Sometimes we wish that we could save all the pages we want to visit when it was connected to Wi-Fi and surf these webpages offline. Well… now you can. let’s see how. *SUBSCRIBE* channel for more.. 🙂 First of all go to play store and download this app offline browser. Once you are done with that launched it. See currently I’m connected to Wi-Fi and I will try to save the website i want to visit offline later. Now you have to add web you want to visit. Provide the link in the text box. You can also give the name for the website so you can keep the track later Now there are some important options to try. first of all whether you want to download the images or not. For example if you want to read some articles probably you don’t need images but if you are planning to check some latest movies over some website which contains images then you mark this option. Well, this is all up to you. Next one is that whether you want to download multimedia and flash content. Now this one is interesting. This options lets you decide the maximum depth of the link that how much in the depth you want to visit that website. Like maximum depth of the links will be two. so how much depth or subURK you you want to download, that is decided by this option. You can leave these options like the way they are. See, some websites redirect you to some other website if you allow this thing, you can tick this option. This one is also important. user agent.. For which browser this offline browser will use as an interface. I use chrome a lot so i will select this. Now you are good to go…….. Click here and you can see this downward progress in percentage. It’ll take a while I won’t waste your time i have downloaded this website .. which is for movies. Now i will disconnect my Wi-Fi so that I can show you that it could be used as a offline. so you can see there’s no internet connection or Wi-Fi or data but this website has been stored as offline along with all its links so you can see all the images as a i selected the option to download these images. You can click on different things to check if they work. I think they’re working fine. So that was all in this video guys if you liked this video keep motivating me by clicking subscribe button and I will see you in the next one Sayonara….

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