49 thoughts on “Surf & Turf Cooking Demo | Season 10 Ep. 17 | MASTERCHEF

  1. how else do you think he gonna chose , subha did more harm than help everytime in team challenge . he did sabotage the team one way or another and he have been doing that ever since the first team challenge

  2. haha what the f is wrong with Micah? why would he chose Subha instead he should have focus on those strong cooks! what a waste!

  3. Idk why they're sending Fred home. He has been in the top for the last two challenges as well as others
    Subha NEEDS to go home

  4. I was expecting either Sarah or Dorian but maybe Micah is fed up looking at Subha's mistakes then he had to go

  5. Sarah finally get up on balcony during in the competition. Congratulation sarah! But really sad subha twice in team challenge actually he is win but not save.

  6. Funny guys…. cut EP16 to keep it interesting who from Red joins Blue. But then – in the preview they show who it is..

  7. Subha know its time to go home. He's discouraged at this point. People yelling at him. Treating him bad. Putting him up to go home next is the look alike doll that serve small portions like she's in a tea party

  8. why is everyone picking on Suba .. i read comments and it’s seems too unreasonable and not fair.. he’s bad at the team challenges that’s true but he’s a great cook and I heard amazing comments from the judges said to him that I’ve never even heard comments like that before in the show and obviously you are not better than the judges.. he probably not win or stay long if he did not improve in the team challenges but we have to admit also that he’s staying because of his talent.. when I see the judges reaction to his food it’s just you can feel how they’re impressed with his flavors .. i mean it is a cook show and i think flavor is the most important thing than anything else.. and finally i have a feeling that he will surprise everyone again in the next episode with his cooking

  9. Subah should go home. He is not a team player he is normally good with his flavors but at the end of the day a big kitchen requires team work and im pretty sure Subah will have a hard time working with others especially if it's under pressure.

  10. Subha needs to go… what are they seeing in him, he skirts by on the others success and his cooking is meh at best

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