100 thoughts on “Surf & Turf | Animated Horror Short | Giggles the Clown

  1. So glad I found giggles the clown recently X3 you are one of the greatest clowns I have ever seen X3

  2. My name is dino sonic aka dinosaur sonic aka zombie t rex sonic. you look beautiful and cute girl giggles the clown

  3. Why are people so afraid of her?! She seems like such a nice,fair and sunny/happy person… I don't get it ._. Don't judge a book by it's cover dude

  4. *grabs microphone and gigantic speakers inhales* WHEERREE AARRREEE HEERRR PPPAAAREEENNNTYTSSS????????!!!!!!?!!! BETTER QUESTION WHHOOOO AAARRREEE HHHEEEERRRR PPAAAAARRRREEENNNNTTTSSSS!!!!?????!?!??!??!??!?!?!??!?!!?

  5. Hello giggles I have seen your video with Colby and I just wanted to say you look really pretty and that prank video was funny

  6. I saw somebody make a cake of you and said ur a cute clown!even though you do things your killer wahy you actully seem nice!

  7. I'm bendy the ink demon im I girl and boy I don't know and I have a friend Joe drew who created me he's the studio of making my biggest house and making my ink family by drawing or I don't know…draw me type in YouTube bendy and the ink machine bye have a happy day!

  8. Oooh a shark restaurant
    Waiter:welcome what would you like
    Can i have shark fin soup
    Waiter:oh yeah giggles killed our shark hunters…

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