Oh man it looks good Hey guys what’s happening? You’re probably wondering
where I’m at I’m at Tatadohama beach In Shimoda city In Shizuoka prefecture I’m with my mates … Sho and Kauan and Toyo Just checking the surf
at the moment It’s pretty good It’s about stomach to chest
height waves Are we going to go surf? Alright let’s get changed
and go surf What should we eat
for lunch? Two plates of
Loco Moco please Sorry we don’t have cheese Loco Moco Makes me local Just had lunch I’m so full Think we’re going to go for a
third surf session In Shiraihama beach The tide is coming in So the waves are getting better Hey Sho how’s the waves? Better than before right? Yeah I think so The people increased as well That’s a problem This is the place we’re
staying at tonight It’s called COCO DE MER Oh! They have a bar This is our room Shall we go to dinner? We’re going to go eat dinner We’re walking to this restaurant It’s called White Beach Not the white, you know The swear word Three draft beers and one Tequila
for this guy A lot of people
like the meat lovers We just finished dinner and this guy ordered a lot of Tequilas That looks so good I like how they put it on a stand Thank you I’m in a mountain somewhere What is this place called? Ama-gi go-e It’s a bunch of shops in the
middle of a mountain somewhere I’ve eaten it before but let’s do it Is it good? Two mix soft serve
ice creams please How is it? It’s kind of like Wasabi Yeah it’s pretty good I think the full one might
taste really spicy More stronger right? Yeah You can tell right? The after taste is Wasabi Wasabi ice cream Party Surfing BBQ See you later! It’s nice to meet you! Let’s go surfing again Hey guys Hope you enjoyed my vlog Please subscribe to
my youtube channel And I’ll see you next time PEACE! Came to the station to eat lunch But We’re still in our wet suits! We don’t want to get changed It’s just annoying to Hopefully they don’t see That we’re in wet suits
and kick us out

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