Surf, Spaß und schmale Straßen in Indien | Roadtrip mit dem VW T3 Syncro | Folge #42

In this episode we visit an Indian Surf Festival. We get stuck, find an empty camping spot and end up in Rameshwaram. We leave the touristic Goa. Go shopping for one more time in our favourite supermarket. And continue driving to Mangaluru. There was an Indian Open Surf festival, and it was a lot bigger than we expected. And we thought, if everyone is surfing and skating we also have to do something. So I went out with a 12 sqm kite Steffen followed me later with a 14. Same as in Goa, we had a little too little wind but it was still fun. Then we gave our Skim board to a young talented Indian guy. This was pretty frustrating. This is pretty good for the first tries. When we do it, it look more like this: I think Luke hat most fun during the festival. So many people, always action. A beautiful empty beach? That would be boring. In India everything is hectic, full and loud. Here we had for the first time the feeling that people simply enjoy their Free time and have fun. This should not be unusual, but for us it was something completely unusual at that moment. Also it was nice to see so many people doing their Hobby. During our trip it made us realise that it is a Luxury to have fee time and to be able to have a hobby. After Cricket Star Steffen was finished taking pictures. And a pretty long award ceremony. The festival slowly came to an end. The night was actually quite quiet for being in India, but Luke saw this different. He was barking the whole night. I am sure he had his reasons, and someone has to keep watch. You were pretty loud tonight. For it it was also time to leave the beach. We took the tree surfers and surfboards to the train station and we ended up driving south. Steffen had to honk a lot in India. The honking is somehow part of the traffic regulations. But I was always filming when nothing happened. Then we saw our first Indian elephant. Despite the fact that this looks peaceful and stunning, unfortunately most elephants that are held in this kind of captivity are often tortured. elephants that are used for work or for tourist attractions like elephant back rides it looks peaceful, but it is brutal for the animals. Young elephants are often beaten, to make them obedience. Also many of them ar tied on short ropes for most the most time of their life’s. We drove through the hills and tea plantations. The temperature dropped and the air got cleaner and cleaner and the streets emptier. But also a lot narrower. Finally a police officer arrived with a thunderer whistle and saved the situation. Both busses had finally passed each other. there was only one bus left. This was our first cold camping spot in India. We even got our winter sleeping bags out. And Luke came into our bed at night because it was getting too cold on the floor. It was our first empty camping spot in India. But we were not completely alone at night. A park ranger came over to tell us that we had to park 200 m further away. In this area are a lot of Leopards. That could come at night. On the other spot it was supported to be a bit safer. So we ended up relocating the car at night. And after that it was finally really nice and quiet. I know, I look a bit worn out in this video. But lets face it, how do you look after camping in the morning? I am sure you look a lot better. But teats ok, I am not blaming you. 🙂 Then we finally made it to Rameshwaram. A corner of India, that almost touches Sri Lanka. The Adams Bridge almost connects the two countries. Sri Lanka was so close at that time, and yet so far. There no boats, no ferry, no train, no bridge, nothing to get to Sri Lanka. The only way to get legally to Sri Lanka is by air plane. For us, a air plane was with dog and car a bit difficult. We heard about people that kited from India to Sri Lanka, then they went to an Indian Police station to get the immigration stamp. But this didn’t work so well since they had emigrated Sri Lanka Illegally and immigrated to India illegally. We stayed in Rameshwaram at a kite surfing school, they also had a small hotel. We camped in the garden and it was very nice to have a camp spot with no people around, and where we could just feel comfortable The Kitespot in Rameshwaram was great! We had wind almost every day, the people there were super nice and we could finally go kiting as much as we wanted to. Maybe this raisers the question, why we wanted to go to Sri Lanka so badly. The reason was because we wanted to do our Kite Instructor License there. After that we wanted to start looking for a job. Kitesurfing Tourism is quite big in Sri Lanka. And many Europeans go to Sri Lanka, that is why there are quite a lot of Job offers for German speaking instructors. At that point, we had two options, either we would find a job, or we would have to go back to Germany. We really wanted to take our Syncro to Sri Lanka and that is why we were working on organising the shipping. In the end we went to Sri Lanka and we also got a Job there. But we didn’t take the car. The way to Sri Lanka ended up being completely different then we planned it. But that’s something for the next episode.

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