Surf and Turf Seafood Beef Burgers by the BBQ Pit Boys

(fire crackling) (jazz music) ♪ I’m going down to the house of sausage ♪ ♪ I got my barbecue shoes on ♪ ♪ I’m going down to the house of sausage ♪ – [Narrator] Welcome to Today we’re cooking up some surf and turf burgers on the grill. And they’re real easy to do. Alright, you’re gonna
need some smoked bacon. That’ll be for your sea scallops. We’ve got some shrimp there. And then we’ve got some nice sea scallop. Got some ground chuck. Here we’ve got some unsalted butter. Got some garlic cloves. Gotta have garlic with this. And here we’ve got some seafood seasoning. Use your favorite seasoning. Alright, now what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna take the shells
off these 16-20 count shrimp. Yeah, oh yeah. Of course, don’t forget the lobster. Surf and turf burgers. So here I’m taking off the shell of these 16-20 large jumbo shrimp. And that’s kind of easy to do. Alright. What we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna chop up this seafood. We’re gonna saute in a
little bit of butter. And we’re gonna stuff ’em
in some ground chuck, man. And if you’ve never had a
surf and turf burger before, definitely gotta check this out. Alright. Just peeling away here. You know all about that. We really don’t need to show
you how to do that right? (upbeat jazz music) Alright, the shrimp have been shelled. Now we’re gonna go after
some of this lobster meat. He’ll get the meat out of the shell. Man, wait til you taste these
surf and turf lobster burgers. Man. Alright. We’ve got the tail meat here. We’re gonna go after
some of the claw meat. You know how to get the
meat out of there right? Man. Now you can go right ahead and just eat the lobster just like this, right? No man, we’re gonna be
saving it for these burgers. (upbeat jazz music) Alright. Got the lobster meat. Shrimp is peeled. Here we’ve got some of that smoked bacon. Gonna chop it up, cause we’re gonna add it to the scallop burgers. Alright. Now what you want to do is
take a black iron pan here because we want to saute up, very briefly, alright, all this seafood here. And we’re gonna start with maybe a tablespoon or two of butter. This is unsalted butter. Add a few cloves of garlic. Garlic butter, alright. And here we’ve got the ground chuck. It’s about 80/20, alright. 80 percent lean, 20 percent fat. And you need to use
about that consistency, alright for these burgers to work. And you’ve gotta make
yourself some big burgers. At least one pounders,
one and a half pounders. The reason we’re gonna do that is because we’re gonna put large chunks of this seafood in there. And this is the only way to do it. Alright. I’m gonna do three burgers. Man. Alright, melting that butter
in that black iron pan there. Now, you gotta take some of your favorite seafood seasoning, alright. Kind of basic seasoning might
have celery seed in there, got some salt, a little
garlic, a little onion powder. Use your favorite seafood seasoning. You want to put about maybe
a quarter teaspoon in there. Not much more, right. You don’t want to overpower the taste of this great tasting seafood. Now, I’m gonna take
these jumbo shrimp here. We’re gonna cut ’em up a little bit. You don’t want to cut ’em up too small. You want big chunks when
biting into these burgers. Alright. Get that shrimp on there. Now we’ve got some scallop here. Put those in the pan. Only takes a couple minutes man, You don’t want to overcook ’em. Just a couple of minute over the fire. And here we got that lobster meat. Yeah. The reason why surf and turf is so popular is because the flavors of seafood
and beef go well together. Alright. We’re poaching in butter. Not too long, right. Just a couple of minutes, you
don’t want to overcook ’em. Alright. For the food police, we’re
gonna clean this board. Alright, a few minutes has gone by. And this is done. See that? You just firming up a little bit, that’s all you want to do. And now we’re gonna stuff some of these chuck burgers right here. Now we’re gonna start
with a scallop burger. These big chunks of scallop
going right in there. Oh yeah. Now, you fold it in. Now like I said, the
reason you want to use an 80/20 ground chuck burger is because you need the amount
of fat for this to bound up. You watch. Alright. Got those scallops in there. Now let’s make a lobster burger, yeah. Alright. Here we got nice big chunks
of cold water lobster. Just throw it right in there. Look at that. Fold that meat all around that lobster. Just form it. And now let’s make a jumbo shrimp burger. Yep, same thing. Now when you bite into
these burgers later… Alright, form it up. To this scallop burger here, we’re gonna add some of our smoked bacon. Of course, you set your
burgers up the way you like. You’ve gotta give this a try. Now here’s the trick. You have to do this indirect,
opposite to hot coals or these burgers will fall apart. And that’s the trick. You do it this way, and the ground chuck will grab and hold all those big chunks of seafood like that. Opposite to hot coals, yeah. Put the cover on. We’re running about
350 degrees fahrenheit. It’ll take about a half hour to do. Alright, through the miracle of time, these surf and turf burgers are done. Take a look at that. See how that came together. Oh yeah. See, didn’t fall apart, that’s the trick. Indirect, opposite to hot coals. Alright, I’ve got some fresh rolls here, we’re gonna toast ’em just for
a minute or so over the fire. Yeah. Alright, they’ve been toasted. Let’s put these burgers together. You getting hungry or what? Oh yeah. Alright. Let’s put this burger on this
fresh toasted roll right here. That’s that jumbo shrimp burger. Here we’ve got the
scallop and bacon burger. Oh yeah. And here we’ve got that
lobster burger, man. Now. Condiments, use your favorite condiments. Here I’ve got some cocktail sauce. Man. Add it to this shrimp burger right there. Here I’ve got a little bit of tartar. Put a little bit on that lobster burger. Like I said, use your favorite condiments. This works really well,
definitely gotta check this out. Man. Do you smell that? It smells good. Oh yeah. I say it’s time to eat. Of course, as always we do apologize for eating in front of you like this. But man that’s pitmaster privilege. Mm hmm, it’s good. (upbeat rock music) So the next time you’re looking for a burger recipe for your barbecue, you check out

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