Stoked On Life, Jesus & Surfing | A YWAM DTS Story

Freezing as, I was already knackered as it
was but the waves were pretty gnarly so that was sick, yeah got out there first wave was
just radical, it wasn’t that good I got wiped out bro it was so funny, just crashing out,
doesn’t even matter cause the water is better any way so you just diving in for a bath which
is pretty sick. Sweet as, then next wave was just like sweet, just so stoked to get into
any wave you can catch and so every wave you catch is like a whole new experience and oh
every time I love it so waves are always amazing. Earlier on I’d had an encounter with God,
earlier on in my life, probably I dont know, I was 16 and that really changed my life radically
which was sick, got me out of a whole lot of bad stuff but yeah then kind of faded away
back into my old lifestyle and then came back my chaplain just pretty much said that like
why don’t you try a DTS with Newcastle with YWAM and I was like sweet sounds alright,
might as well, just give a shot and see what happens, came along and like just crazy God
just worked so amazingly within two days, I just wanted to know Jesus so much more.
God like pretty much put this crazy love into my heart and it’s just gone viral, chronic,
it’s just spread like a disease pretty much it’s so contageous it overflows, so this overflowing
love is able to spread out to anyone I kind of talk to, yeah it’s just changed me from
this person that would try and hid from other people or try and just shy away and not talk
to people that I didn’t know because I didn’t want to know them kind of thing but now I
don’t even care, I just want to love everyone. Watching him work cause that’s crazy and I
love watching, it’s like watching a movie of your own life, He’s just putting everything
out and as long as you have faith it’s gonna happen and you know it’s gonna happen cause
you’ve watched it happen like as soon as you become a Christian and just everything starts
aligning perfectly and God just starts working everything out so well and so I’m just so
keen to keep watching that movie pretty much. You just want to share love yeah and Jesus
never approached people with lectures or anything He just approached them with love and people
would ask him questions and I think that was a big thing that taught me like just to approach
people with love no matter what I’m doing, which is definitely a mad attribute from God
that I’ve got.

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